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57.63% Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System / Chapter 82: Why can´t I divide your power?

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Chapter 82: Why can´t I divide your power?

Jason and Vali faced off. Jason felt weird when facing the 12-year-old boy in front of him. Vali seemed so fragile that Jason did not want to attack for fear of breaking it.

That thought faded when he felt the dominant devil power emanating from Vali Lucifer's body. Jason activated his Fire Dragon Mode to the max.

Red flames covered Jason's body, traces of gold appeared in the red of the fire.

"So the White Dragon Emperor. I don't know if you're the strongest or not, I haven't had the pleasure of fighting other Divine Dividing users. I hope you don't disappoint me, descendant of Lucifer".

Vali grinned wide when he heard Jason's words. Some people used to fear him because he was a descendant of Lucifer and at the same time, the bearer of Divine Dividing. His father abused him for fear of his power.

The other part was people who despised him. Being a hybrid between human and devil, the devils who hated the hybrids despised him, and the humans who were afraid of the devils did not accept him as one of their kind.

Only his mother, Azazel and a few members of Grigori like Slash Dog treated him sincerely well and treated him as one of their own.

This made Vali a power-seeking person who could personally kill his grandfather and father. In his quest for power, he found enjoyment in the battles, so he has been seeking to face increasingly powerful enemies as he continues to increase his power.

He had never met a person like Jason. Vali could see it in Jason's eyes. He could see that his new brother was looking for the same thing he was looking for.

The desire for power, Vali didn't know why nor did he care. It was enough for Vali to know that Jason was looking for power just like him and that already formed a bond that related them.

He could also find something else in Jason. The desire to fight, the same willingness to fight that Vali had felt since his first victory.

Vali's eyes lit up, and he grinned widely. Jason seemed to understand what Vali was thinking, as he also smiled wide as he increased his pressure to the maximum.

Jason carried his flames, and Vali did the same with his Devil power.

"Fire Dragon Roar" Jason fired a flare from his mouth.

Vali unloaded his great Devil power. The two attacks crashed into each other, creating a large amount of smoke.

"Huge Devil Power as well as Ingvild. Your Devil Power is even more powerful than when I first met her, although I don't think you'll be her rival right now if it depended only on your Devil Power" Jason commented as the smoke disappeared.

"Is she strong?" Vali asked.

"Yes, she's strong" Jason smiled as he thought of the significant improvement Ingvild had suffered after these years of training.

Jason wasn't lying when he was praising Vali's Devil Power. Having that power at such a young age was incredible even for the descendant of the original Maous. It should be remembered that Ingvild was already over the100 years when Jason healed her.

Jason had used 50% of his total firepower in that attack. Vali had rejected the same power he had used to defeat Tobio without many problems.

That's right, Jason had only used half of his power in his Fire Dragon Mode to finish off the leader of Slash Dog in his Balance Breaker, while Vali had managed to stop the same amount of power just with his Devil Power.

What Jason didn't know, was that Vali had used more than 80% of his power in that attack and had also retreated slightly.

Jason decided to increase the power of his fire attacks. Rising to 60%.

Vali noticed that Jason was preparing for another attack and he was again preparing to defend it. Vali believed Jason's previous attack was the most powerful he had long-distance, so he didn't worry too much. As long as he could touch Jason, Vali could divide Jason's power and take part in his.

Jason repeated his previous attack but increased his strength. Vali, who trusted that his last attack would be the strongest, used the same power as before to defend himself.

Vali was surprised when he saw that the flames were winning against his Devil Power. The Devil Power receded until the flames were close to burning Vali.


Vali touched the fire with his hand. The already weakened fire due to the wear and tear of his fight against the Devil Power was divided and eventually disappeared. But it didn't disappear without first leaving a small burn on Vali's hand.

Vali looked at the palm of his hand. The mark on his palm and the smell of burnt flesh was the only thing on Vali's mind at the time.

"I'm sorry, Jason. I'm sorry I underestimated you." Vali bowed to Jason.

Jason frowned at Vali's reaction. This reaction was not something he expected from the young chuuni.

"I can't keep anything from you. Vali Lucifer will give everything to defeat you."

With a long-distance attack overtaking his Devil Power and being unable to make physical contact because Jason was faster than him, Vali knew he couldn't beat Jason without activating his Balance Breaker.

"Balance Break," Vali shouted.

"Vanishing Dragon Balance... Breaker" Albion's voice sounded from inside Vali.

A silver armor with blue orbs covered Vali's entire body, increasing his power, abilities, speed, and defense.

Jason didn't know whether to get serious about Vali's power surge or laugh at his image.

The image of little Vali in his Scale Mail was too funny. He looked like a child-sized mecha, not something someone could take seriously.

On the other hand, Vali's increase in power in his Scale Mail was remarkable. Similar to Tobio, Vali's powers had multiplied as he wore his armor.

Vali didn't waste any time and ran to Jason, looking to connect a hit with him so he could start dividing his power.

Although Jason knew the limitations of Vali's sacred gear, he ran towards him without hiding from close combat.

Vali was surprised to see Jason attacking him directly. He clenched his fist tightly and hit Jason.

Jason also prepared his fist to hit Vali. The fire surrounded his arm as he threw the blow.

Both fists collided. Vali's armor broke in the part of his arm but was quickly repaired. Jason was surprised when he saw how quickly the armor recovered.

Although he was far from the almost instantaneous speed at which Jason could heal while absorbing the negative energy in the magical formation, Scail Male's recovery speed was undoubtedly one of the fastest Jason had ever seen.

It's not like he's seen many either.

Vali wasted no time when his fists crashed. Forgetting the pain in his arm as he crashed into Jason, he began to make use of his characteristic skill.

"Divide, Divide, Divide, Divide, Divide, Divide!" Albion's voice sounded repeatedly.

Thanks to his Balance Breaker, Vali could ignore the 10-second rule and divide his opponent's power quickly.

Vali opened his eyes in panic and backed away quickly. The helmet that covered his head withdrew, showing his incredulous face. He pointed his finger at Jason, unable to say anything about what had just happened.

"What's the matter, has the dragon eaten your tongue?" Jason asked him with an innocent smile on his face.

Azazel looked curiously at the combat. It was the first time he had seen Vali panic and wondered what had happened for the boy to have such a reaction.

The governor was quick to know the reason. His reaction was no less than that of Vali.

"Why can't I divide your power?!"

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