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81.81% Reborn in Eleceed / Chapter 9: The Academy

The Academy - Reborn in Eleceed - Chapter 9 by monarch_of_fanfics full book limited free

Chapter 9: The Academy

we arrived infront of the academy, everyone has been given their own room, my room is just beside jiwoo's and kayden is in his cat form

even in the academy i continoued to heal kayden, i have healed kayden 60%, the fact is that in the manhwa when kayden fought kang soopil, the leader of bakedu he was only 10% healed, he is a true monster for the awakned ones, maybe his power increased due to him practising my force control

well, my force control is the improved version of kayden's force control and as more abilities are merged the more it will improve

right now not only kayden but jiwoo as well is stronger then their manhwa counterparts, now kayden have no fear to show himself to the world beacuse his condition is better and it will get even better when he practise my force control

he may practise my force control but he teaches us many thing about awakned ones and how their body's evolution works

right now my body is fully stabilised from the evolution back then, i can go for another evolution but i have to wait, it took time for my body to stabilise beacuse it was my first evolution but if it happens again i will recover faster then before

we rested for the day when we arrived at the academy, our classes would begain at the next day, and so i practised my force control for the day

the next day we were introused to instructor jang and four other unaffiliated awakned ones, one of the awakned one with the grey hair is as arrogant as he is in the mahnwa

his name is jeongsu lee, he challanged jiwoo to a battle beacuse jiwoo was trying to make friends here and that annoys him, well jiwoo kicked his ass, later they accecpt jiwoo as their friend thinking he is powerful as well as humble

then the instructor made us spar with each other while i just observed their abilities, i copied everyones abilities, now the instructor called me to spar with him, i basically agreed thinking i can copy his abilities but reality is different

his control is too good that i can't copy it, well he is one of the top 20 awakned ones in korea though, how ever i think he have a strengthning ability

back to the fight, a green aura enveloped instructor jang, i can't see his energy circulation but i can tell that the aura is actually strengthning his body

i dashed forward to punch him inthe face but he blocked, i expected this though, i punched and kicked him various times in various places using my super speed but he just blocked all of them, but then i crouched and kicked both of his legs to disbalance him but he just did a back flip to balance himself

i also jumped back, a distance is made between us but the fight is still not over, i got into a punching stance and dashed forward once again with my super speed, this time i am going to punch him in the chest

he made a X sign with both of his hands trying to block my punch but that won't work, my punch hit his hand and he is sent flying back and creashed into the wall, cracks appeared on the wall, he got up in suprise while looking at me meanwhile jiwoo rushed at him to help

"are you okey mr.jang" jiwoo said

<third person POV>

inside the unaffiliated students traning ground everyone have a suprised face except for jiwoo who expected this while seeing his brother and kayden spar, seeing his brother's progress also gives jiwoo motivation to be more strong as well

and the other one who is not suprised is jinwoo himself

'what was that last punch, my body became numb for a second there, how can someone like him stay under the radar for so long' instructor jang thought

'he is powerful enough to beat an instructor' the grey haired one thought (the one with strength enhancement)

'what the heck, is his brother also that that powerful' the red haired one thought

'was his brother just playing with jeongsu' the girl thought

'his brother is not suprised at him beating an instructor, he must me just as strong as him' the one with the analysis ability thought

'he is kayden's student after all' wooin thought

<first person POV>

"you are quite strong, but what did you do during the last punch, my body fell numb for a second" the instructor asked me

"what do you mean, i don't think my punches are that strong" i said

the instructor gave up on asking me and said all of us to run 10 laps of the traning area, well what i really did with the instructor jang is i just transfered my soundwaves into his limbs and muscles whenever i hit him

and at the time of the last punch those soundwaves made his body numb, removing all of the buffs he had and so he got defeated by a student, and an unaffiliated one no less

soon classes for today is over, i voiced my concern about teaching us something real then making us do some shitty exercise, the class agreed with me

this time the instructor stayed silent unlike in the manhwa, well the first part of my plan is executated, i actually beat the instructor up intentonally beacuse i wanted him to think hard about unaffiliated awakners

in the manhwa he was told about the abilities of jiwoo and wooin by seonga park and inhyuk goo and then he proposed the affiliated vs unaffiliated students battle, but now due to me showing my power he is now thinking that is jiwoo and wooin are just as strong as me or not

there is a high possibility for that and so he will propose the battle today, due to my intervention the battle will happen early and i will be able to copy the abilities of others

the classes for today ended and now begains the second part of my plan, we went to the cafeteria in the evening to eat our fill, then later comes the gray haired dude all beaten up

jiwoo asked about him in concern but then sucheon enters the cafeteria, he tries to bully the grey haied student but then jiwoo stepped up for him

sucheon tries to grab jiwoo's coller when i grabed his wrist Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"what do you think you were trying to do" i said

"let go of my hand" he said

i got a bit angry and applied more pressure and said

"not until you apologise to my brother"


he started releasing his purple aura, in response i activated my precision ability and released some killing intent, the moment i released my killing intent his face showed a bit of suprise but he increased his power even more

i am right not holding myself back, making him think that he can beat me easily if he gets serious, but before he could increase his energy even further inhyuk came to the cafeteria

he stopped us and said sucheon to go back beacuse it is the unaffiliated kids cafeteria, sucheon obyed and he is going back but then i said

"wait, you haven't apologised yet"

"what did you say you bastard" he turned back glaring at me

"what do you mean" inhyuk asked

i explained everything to inhuk and the other unaffiliated kids agreed with me except for that grey haired guy

"sucheon, you should apologise to jiwoo" inhyuk said

"but why should i apologise to an unaffiliated one" he said

"it's not about affiliated or unaffilitated one, it's about right or wrong" inhyuk said

well he favours jiwoo very much so it's unlikley he will let him go without apologising

"then shoudn't that bastard apologise to me for holding my wrist" sucheon said

"i was defending my brother" i said

"he is right, you started first, besides you shoudn't even be here, in the cafeteria of the unaffilitated awakned ones" inhyuk said

sucheon glared at me with intense hatread but i just smiled at him increasing his anger even more

"fine, i am sorry" he said and ran away

"thank you inhyuk" jiwoo said

"no, problem"

well, second part of the plan is finished and that is provoking sucheon, i asked inhyuk to stay near our cafeteria before on purpose beacuse if it were some other instructor then they would have just let sucheon go without apologising to jiwoo

i wanted him to apologise to jiwoo beacuse i want to crush his pride, when the fight will happen he would definetly want to spar with me so that he could humilate me and that's when i will execute the third and final part of my plan

that is humiliating sucheon of course.

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