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63.63% Reborn in Eleceed / Chapter 7: The Klein Brothers

The Klein Brothers - Reborn in Eleceed - Chapter 7 by monarch_of_fanfics full book limited free

Chapter 7: The Klein Brothers

the next day jiwoo went to school while i stayed at home to practice jisuk's force control, from my birth in this world i had always avoided going to school only going there for giving exams, form my previous worlds knowledge i had always aced in all of the subjects and due to me being an awakned human my brain evolved much faster then the normal human making me even more intelligent

i always skip school from my birth to practice my abilities, right now i need to do just that, if i can manage to combine jisuk's wind with my lightning or sonic ability it would increase my power by leaps and bounds

after healing kayden i went to the basement to practice my force control, or jisuk's force control to be exact

i sat down and started practicing his force control, it is easy to grasp to it will be a problem to merge it with the other force control without triggering evolution

according to kayden evolution needs to be slow and it happens every time we practice kayden's force control but due to me accelerating the process of evolution my body needs to stableize before starting the evolution again

kayden's force control have evolution in it but i have to just practise the circulation part of it just to learn the lightning ability or else my body will transform and turn beserk due to exessive evolution

due to my eye's evolution my body is stabilising bit by bit but it's still not fully stabalised, if i push my body to over evolution then the body itself will break

so i just practiced the force control of jisuk, my wind ability is increasing bit by bit, it will not be long when i will also be able to use the wind ability to jisuk's level

today i practised jisuk's force control till evening, until jiwoo came home, i am now familiar with the wind ability to some extent, i haven't merged it with my other force control though


the next day jiwoo brought jisuk and wooin home, he introdused wooin to me and asked me to hang out with them, i agreed to them though, this suprised jiwoo the most, the reason is that from birth i have always stayed alone practising my force control, i have never socalised with anyone in this life

due to my looks, intelligence and atheletic ability many girls as well as guys had asked me to hang out with them but i have always declined them, this is the first time i have agreed to it

this whole time when jisuk tried to talk to me i just nodded and didn't said anything, reason, i was thinking of how to effectievley use jisuk's force control and creatre some cool attacks

last night i was able to merge jisuk's force control with my sonic abiltiy's force control, i coudn't merge it with kayden's force control but it's still a progress

soon the klein brothers incident will begain, according to the manhwa the brothers will enter this country illegaly and try to eliminate Dr.daelin, but they actually kidnap wooin

i need the force control of the klein brothers, last night i learned that two abilities that share a similar process of manifesting can be combined, their force control though, like jow jisuk's wind and my sonic ability are similar and so they can be combined and just like that fire and lightning is similar in nature, i can merge kayden's force control with the klein brother's force control

if i were to merge two abilities of different nature into one then it will merge but also trigger the evolution, like what happened when i merged healing, sonic and lightning abilitys

another thing i learned is that evolution can be done forcefully, like how a person who is physically weak but mentally gifted can work out to force their muscels to evolve and become physically strong, the same could be said for the awakned humans but the process is faster

once my body stabilises i will merge the force controls into one and create a new and improved force control

after our hangout we came back to our home in evening, jisuk came to our house while wooin wen't to his house, he is gonna get kidnapped anyway

"i am going outside to the convinence store" i said to jiwoo

"huh, but why" jiwoo asked

"i forgot to buy something when we were there earlier"

"oh, ok" jiwoo agreed to it

i got out and wen't to wooin's house, the place where wooin is going to be kidnapped, i saw the klein brothers going to fight wooin, luckly i made it in time, i took out my cell phone and messeged inhyuk to come to wooin's place ASAP

the klein brothers were fighting wooin that they didn't noticed me using my preception ability to see their energy circulation, i created a spear of sound waves with a red aura enveloping it

the spear dashed towards the brothers from their back, they both sensed it and jumped sideways to dodge it but then many windblades erupted from the spear to the brothers injuring them

"damn it, who is it now" the one with the long hair said

i used my sonic speed to dash toward them and engage them in close combact, i dashed and striked the hooded ones stomach, he fell to the ground unconscious, guess he wasan't that tough that he says

"you bastard"

the other one however conjured sevral fire balls and threw at me, they were about to me, i knew that and so i had prepared to dispell it with my soind waves but wooin used his telekenesis to dispell it first

after that it wasan't even a fight, i took out one of the two brother beacuse it would be trouble to fight them both, me and wooin fought with full coordination and got on equal footing with the long haired one, i could finished the fight earlier if i wanted to but if i were to do that then i can't copy his force control

now i have enough information about their fire ability, i decided to finish this but then the sky turned like a broken mirror, well it's kayden's spatial isolation, he had arrived now

"causing a trouble without even isolating the surroundings, you brothers are a bigger fool then expected" kayden said

kayden came, in full cloths, and beat the shit out of the long haired one, after that he just threatned wooin and left, soon inhyuk arrived with his companion from the union

we told them that we bot coordinated to defeat the klain brothers and somehow made it beliveal, later we left for our home and rested while wooin is taken to the union head quarters


<third person POV>

inside shinwa's head office, inhyuk handed a tablet to jiyoung and said

"there was traces of spatial isolation and when we arrived both of the klaien brothers were knocked out" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"if it is kayden's work then it is understandable but if it is the work of those two then they are more gifted then we thought"



"you know i have been watching your fight with the klaien brothers, wanna explain why you didn't kocked him down right off the bat" kayden asked to me

me and kayden are in the basement, when i returned home i told jiwoo and jisuk that i ran into him and saved him but kayden knows the truth

"you see, the truth is..."

then i explained to kayden how my eyes evolved and i just wanted to copy the klein brothers force control

"that's some overpowered ability you have, well as expected of the student of the great kayden"


well i have no words for him now

"so how did you know that wooin is going to be attacked" he asked

cause i know this from reading the manhwa, but of course i can't say this to him

"i have sensed someone tailing wooin when we were hanging out today, my senses have became better, i can sense awakned ones easily"

"oh, very well, use the force control well" he said

"of course"

monarch_of_fanfics monarch_of_fanfics

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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