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Reborn in my hero academia with rinnegan Reborn in my hero academia with rinnegan original

Reborn in my hero academia with rinnegan

Author: Code09hk

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Chapter 1: Death and resurrection

Sakí was very confused by what was happening, she was sure that a truck had run over her and suddenly she found herself in this completely dark place.

 perhaps this is what there is after death, there is no heaven or hell, only an eternal limbo where my soul will be condemned to this infinite darkness.

 That would be really boring, I was not the kindest person in the world, I must admit, but I don't know if I deserve it. In fact, I think I deserve it after everything I did, I was a murderer for 15 years, I killed a lot of people without feeling the slightest bit of remorse.

 Hhaaaa (sigh) this is bad, my mind started to wander, I'm really going to go crazy.

Repentance? Ha I don't think so, the world is not as sweet as TV shows and movies paint it.

 The world is a place to kill or die, if you do not have a family that has an arranged position in society, it will not give you a good life and you will be forced to commit criminal acts to survive, this is my case.

But let's stop talking about the past and enjoy what is happening right now.

"That might be a good idea."

 What? Who said that? It's very dark in here, they could turn on the light or something, I don't see anything, I wanted to say that but I better keep my mouth shut.

 'aa sorry, turn it on right now'.

What, wait, did you read my mete?


It's very unpleasant, I don't want anyone to see my deepest and most embarrassing thoughts. Although I don't think I need to worry about that right now.

'Don't worry about it, let me introduce myself, I am what you would call an evil god.'

 Dramatic light spilled over onto a figure, though I couldn't make it out, as it was literally a shadow covered in light.

 Wait, he said, evil God? That doesn't sound very encouraging, I guess another benevolent god wouldn't come for the soul of someone like me.

 'Indeed, you have committed many bad acts in your life, but I am an evil god, so what you have done really benefits me.

 Really? I never thought that my actions would help an evil god. But I keep asking myself something, why are you telling me this?

 'It's quite simple, I want to reward you'

Will you reward me? It sounds suspicious coming from an evil god, but it's not that I'm going to reject it. Yes, I definitely want the reward, haha, I'm quite greedy if I may say so. So what kind of reward will Evil God-Sama give me?

'I will reincarnate you in another world'

Really? Very good, and in what world will you make me reborn or can I choose it?

'You already know this world, it will be reborn in the world of my hero academia'

My hero academia ee? I do not like this world very much, everyone believes that being heroes they do good when they do not even understand what is good and evil.  

But I guess I have no other choice, so I will have to accept.

'very well, it would be very complicated if you didn't want to be in this world'

what do you mean?

'I mean that it would break the divine balance if you wanted to be reborn in another world that is more peaceful.'

Divine balance? What do you mean by that?

'I mean that divine balance is the energy of living beings on one planet, if it wanted to be reborn in another world, the amount of energy that would be needed would be the equivalent of 10,000 people.'

That's a lot of people, do you mean that the energy you use is the energy of death?

'something like that, but thanks to the fact that the world I'm taking you to has a high mortality rate, I can reincarnate without any problem'

That sounds very complicated, but if you say it I suppose it is true, but not everyone has peculiarities in this world, right? Will you give me one or will they choose it when I'm born thanks to genetics?

'I will give you one, as I said before, your actions benefited me with energy that I can use freely, and they will use little of it to give you a particularity that you like'

Really? Very interesting, but did you say that my actions benefited you?

The people I killed turned into energy that you can use.

'is correct, you have a particularity in mind'

My mind started working like a supercomputer thinking about a particularity that I liked until an amazing idea crossed my mind, hehe I can be very intelligent at times.

I can choose a power from another anime or world.

'very scary, actually you can'

Perfect, then could you give me the (rinne-Sharingan) from Naruto's world.

'That would be very problematic since at the moment of waking him he would die from not being able to support all the energy he uses'

I thought it would be easier but it is no longer more complicated than I initially thought.

'Although I can't give you the (rinne-Sharingan), I can give you a less powerful version of it'

Really? So yes, please, what version will you give me?

'I'll give you the (choku tomoe rinnegan)'

Alright, it's the (rinnegan) with 6 tomoe if I remember correctly, although there is not much difference from the original, this should be a more powerful variant.

'in fact it is more powerful than the common (rinnegan), although not too much'

Alright, then make me reborn with this (rinnegan).

'I will, although I will have to explain a couple of things first, as there will be drawbacks to using it if I don't explain it properly.'

Disadvantages, like which ones?

'As you know, the (rinnegan) can be used with Chakra, but in the world you go to, this energy does not exist, so you will have to use another method.'

This is getting more and more complicated, although I'm not complaining, after all, it is making me reborn with incredible power.

So how will I use it without Chakra if it doesn't exist in the world I'm going to?

'the solution to this problem is to use the energy of your own body, the vital energy that is within you to be more precise'

Life energy, huh? I see, but wait, I won't die if I use too much life energy.

'It is a latent danger that could happen in case of excessive use, but I will solve it by giving you a large amount of vitality, this will give you a high regenerative factor, although not so much to regenerate a limb, it will be enough for broken bones and that kind of things '.

That's very unbelievable, as it is very likely that I will get in trouble and end up seriously injured if I am not careful.

'Another thing I should explain to you is that you won't be able to do summons in a conventional way'

Won't I be able to do them? You mean I won't be able to invoke the cervero or the great bird and all that.

'You can but in a different way, since these animals simply do not exist is the world of my hero academia'

Well it's true, I don't think it's possible to summon animals that don't exist in the first place, what a problem.

'the solution to this is to find your own invocations'

Do I find them myself? So I can only control small animals?

'Not necessarily, the cervero for example is a large dog that can be divided, the way to invoke it would be to find the corpse of a dog or kill it yourself and place black receptors created with your (rinnegan) and it will transform into a cervero of the size of the original corpse, the way to make it bigger is to give it more vital energy or in its case more corpses, in essence you will have to feed it with a large number of corpses to make it grow and that happens with the other invocations, first find an animal similar to one of the summons and decide which one it will transform into and then feed it until it reaches the size you want, then you can stop feeding it.

That was extremely exhausting but acceptable considering how amazing all the summons Nagato used were.

That reminds me, what about the (Six Paths of Pain)?

'It will work as you recall, although you will not be able to use them in their entirety until you get used to having your mind divided into 7 parts enough and are skilled enough, remember that you will not be able to use the full power of the (rinnegan) without training and capes, just you will be able to show its full potential once you have reached sufficient strength '

I was expecting it, (Six Paths of Pain) shouldn't be easy to control since you basically control 6 bodies in addition to yours at the same time, although you can disable them and enjoy a specific one for better control.

And being strong enough to control the full power of the (rinnegan) is logical, you shouldn't have the power of a god overnight so it's easy to accept.

Thinking of all this, a rather important question occurred to me.

What about the (King of Hell) and the (Gedo Mazo), if it will definitely be difficult to invoke that there are two, aaahh what a headache, I want to end this now.

'The (King of Hell) will work without problems, as for the (Gedo Mazo) you will not be able to use it, but if you can use (the external path) to revive the dead, but if your vital energy is not enough you could die'

Wow, that was really shocking, the (Gedo Mazo) thing doesn't surprise me that much since there are basically no tailed beasts, so there shouldn't be (Gedo Mazo) either, the (King of Hell) will certainly be helpful in curing the ( six paths of pain), but what strikes me is that I will be able to revive the dead, I mean, it's amazing and all but I'm not willing to die to revive another person no matter how important it is, if I definitely won't.

'Well that should be it, the other skills you must learn to use, now I will reincarnate you, good luck in your new world, I hope you provide me with death and despair like you used to do before you died.'

Without further words, everything around me blurred until my consciousness faded.


Code09hk Code09hk

This is my first fanfic and as it is the first chapter will be very boring but I want to build well the consepto so as not to make mistakes afterwards.

Sorry for misspellings, English isn't mpi first language, I'm not even good at it so an apology.

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