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82.84% Reborn in Naruto As Madara's Grandson / Chapter 194: 187. Springtime of Love

187. Springtime of Love - Reborn in Naruto As Madara's Grandson - Chapter 194 by ForgottenLife full book limited free

Chapter 194: 187. Springtime of Love

A/N:- This chapter was a new experinece for me as this is my first time writing this type of chapter. I have neglected his family for a long time. Some new family interactions will appear in the future. Also, please write your feedback on this chapter. There is always a room for improvement. :)


Mei follows Izuna to the Uchiha compounds.

Izuna enters his house.

"Onii-san… you are back."

Ayaka runs towards him and hugs him. Izuna pats her head.

"Mom… Dad."

He calls his father and mother.

Aiko and Akira walk out of a room and stand in front of him.

"What's the matter Izuna?"

Aiko questions him.

'Mother… remember the girl I talked about."

Aiko nods her head.

"Yes… you told us about the girl from Kirigakure. Her name was Mei, right?"

"Yes." Izuna nods his head.

"So… what's the matter?"

Aiko curiously stares at Izuna.

"Well… she is in Konoha right now or to be exact, she is in front of our house," Izuna informs them.

"WHAT!… what are you waiting for? Bring her inside." Akira pushes him out of the house.


"I would also like to see the girl our Izuna is chasing after."

Aiko has a smile on her face.

'That smile…'


Izuna gulps his saliva as he walks out.

'What is going in Mother's head? The thought process of a woman is a mystery to me.'

Izuna shakes his head and signals Mei.

"Come in… Mother wants to meet with you."

Mei nods her head and enters the house.

Akira and Aiko eagerly wait for her.

"Finally… our Izuna is showing some interest in a girl." Akira crosses his arms in front of his chest.

"Yes… I am worried about Izuna's future. This boy… he had no interest in anything besides training. I am proud of his achievements as one of the strongest Ninja of the shinobi world, but deep down I am concerned for his well-being. Now my only wish is for Izuna to marry a girl and settle with a family. He is already 20 years old."

Ayaka shakes her head.

"Mother… she is here."

Izuna and Mei enter the house. Mei has a worried expression on her face as she whispers to Izuna.

"Will they accept this? Bloodlines are an integral part of a clan, even more so for a distinct clan like Uchiha."

Izuna shakes his head as he convinces her.

"Our relationship may bother others, but my parents are different. Besides, if anyone has any problem, we can always sit and have a pleasant chat over tea."

He smiles at her.


Mei chuckles as she calms down.

"I am not nervous anymore. You always have a way with your words. I wonder where you learned such things."

"Well… I was a natural-born smooth talker." Izuna scratches his head.


They enter the meeting room as Aiko and Akira are sitting around a table.

Both of them raise their head as their eyes meet with Mei.

"Ara… what a cute girl?" Aiko inspects Mei.

"… he is my son after all." Akira nods his head.

"Oooh!… a new Onee-san." Ayaka curiously stares at Mei.

"Go… introduce yourself." Izuna pushes Mei slightly as he lifts Ayaka upon his shoulder.

"I… I am Mei Terumi. I am a member of the Terumi Clan from Kirigakure. It is nice to meet you… Mr. and Ms. Uchiha." Mei introduces herself with a flustered expression.

"Ara… don't be so nervous." Aiko stands up and walks up to Mei.

"You are the girl our Izuna gave his heart to and…"

Aiko circles around Mei.

"…. I have to say he has made the best decision ever." Aiko nods her head.

"Good job… son." Akira gives a thumb up to Izuna.


'Was he always this active?' Izuna stares at his father.

"Come… come… why don't you sit with us and talk about yourself?" Aiko pulls Mei away.


Akira curiously stares at Mei as he ponders.

"Why does it feel like… I have seen her somewhere?"

Mei sits beside Aiko as she talks with them. Izuna sits with Ayaka.

"Ne… Ne… Onii-san, who is that pretty Onee-san?"

Ayaka tugs his sleeves.

"She is…"

Izuna closes his eyes as he reminisces his past.

'The past is nothing but distant memories. I am no longer the medical student Rudra I used to be… now I am Izuna Uchiha, the Genius of the Uchiha clan.'

Izuna shakes his head as the memories of his previous life fade even more.

"Onii-san… Onii-san…" Ayaka shakes him.

"Oh… Ayaka… where were we? Ah yes… yes…"

Izuna gets out of his thoughts as he gently pats her head and replies.

"She is the girl I fell in love with."

"Mei-chan, is it? Tell me more about yourself, Mei. Your hobbies… your likes… your dislikes and how you came to fall in love with this dense son of ours." Aiko curiously inquires.

"Well…" Mei turns towards Izuna, who nods his head.

"As I told earlier… I am a member of the Terumi clan of Kirigakure…"

"Terumi clan… I remembered… Terumi clan members specialize in Lava Release Kekkei Genkai. I fought against them during the Second Shinobi War."

Akira freshens up his memories of the past war.

"She is not an ordinary member of the Terumi clan. She is the princess of Terumi Clan." Izuna reveals to his parents.

"What?… She is the princess of the Terumi clan." Akira and Aiko's eyes widen as they stare at Mei.

"Wait, a sec… If I remembered correctly…"

Akira takes out a small book from his pocket and skims through it.

"Recently, Kirigakure had a new Kage from the Terumi clan. It is a female Kage."

Akira skims through more pages as he stops at a certain page. A picture of Mei in her Kage outfit is imprinted on the page.

"Got it."

Akira lifts his head as matches the picture.

"This is…"

His eyes widen even further.

"What's the matter, dear?"

Aiko tugs Akira's sleeves. Akira silently passes the book to Aiko as he mutters.

"This is the most recent issue of Bingo Book."

Aiko stares at the picture and identifies Mei.

"Oh! look it is Mei-chan." She reads the details of Mei written in the book.

[Name: Mei Terumi

Age: 23 years old

Affiliation: Kirigakure

Ninja Rank: S-Rank

Info: Mei Terumi is a fearsome kunoichi of Kirigakure. She is a proficient user of Lava Release and Boil Release. During the recent Kiri Civil war, she led the revolution against the rule of the Noble clan and dethroned their dominance, thus bringing an end to the age of 'Bloody Mist'. After the civil war, Mei Terumi took on the mantle of a Kage and became the first-ever Female Kage or to be precise the Fifth Mizukage of the Kirigakure.]

Aiko finishes reading the information in Bingo Book as her expression also changes.

She silently stands up and walks up to Izuna and grabs his ear and chides him furiously.

"What's going on? Why didn't you tell us earlier? She is a Kage… a respected and renowned shinobi and a guest of our Village."

"Ouch… ouch… that hurts Mom."

Izuna is surprised to see the violent side of his mother.

'Looks like I have neglected my family in pursuit of power. I never got to see this side of my mother. I have to spend more time with them in the future.'

"Mom… I wanted to surprise you. So, I disclosed nothing." Izuna replies helplessly.


Aiko releases him and turns towards Mei.

"We are sorry for troubling you… Mizukage-sama." She bows in front of Mei.

"No… no… please don't." Mei hurriedly stops her.

"But… you are the Mizukage. You are a leader of a village." Akira shakes his head.

"Please don't. I came here to meet you… not as the Mizukage, but as a girl who fell in love with your only son."

Mei smiles at Aiko and Akira as a gentle breeze flows through the window and flutters her hair.

Akira and Aiko calm down.


Izuna takes a deep breath.

'It worked. Another of my underrated jutsu Wind Style: Gentle Breeze-No-jutsu."

"Can I call you mother?" Mei hesitatingly asks Aiko as she bit her lower lip.

"My mother died when I was a child… so I never had a chance to experience mother's love. Father took care of everything for me." A teardrop flows through her eyes as the memories of her mother come flooding.

"Of course, you are going to be our daughter. So, call me mother from now on." Aiko hugs Mei and comforts her.

Akira stands up and walks up to Izuna and pats his shoulder.

"Son… you have made me proud today. You even stole the heart of Mizukage. You are my son, after all. Haha…"

Akira laughs loudly.


"You two… what are you dawdling there for? Come and help me with the work. Tonight is going to be a feast." Aiko chides them.

"Also… don't forget to invite other members of our family." Aiko adopts a serious expression as a figure of Onii appears behind her.

"YES, MAM." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-grandson_17734262306741205/187.-springtime-of-love_51999537698496474">;s-grandson_17734262306741205/187.-springtime-of-love_51999537698496474</a> for visiting.

Izuna and Akira nod their head.

"I will invite Uncle Yagami and Uncle Fugaku."

Izuna flickers out of the house. He turns around and stares at his house.

'Looks like a new chapter has begun in my life.'

"This springtime the love has finally blossomed."

A voice falls in his ears. He turns around and notices a middle-man selling movie tickets.

"Grab this last ticket while you have the chance. The movie featuring Princess Gale is about to premiere tonight."


Izuna shakes his head and disappears from the place.

ForgottenLife ForgottenLife

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