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Chapter 18: Mikealson's Meeting Qetsiyah

Mikealson's compound

Elijah and Niklaus could be seen having a little fencing match while Freya and Kol were writing something on a piece of paper.

Kol: "why can't I seem to get this right, even with my enhanced learning speed"

Freya: "don't be hasty Kol, if you must remember it took Viktor a decade to create this spell and we just started learning it a month ago, so let's not rush it"

Freya and Kol were trying to learn the flying thunder god technique/spell. It took Viktor a decade to master the spell because of the difference of energy. In naruto world, they used chakra, but here they use magical power, so he had to derive a new method to use the technique as a spell before he became successful. Kol seeing his new spell begged him to teach him with Freya, so he agreed after much persuasion.

Sometime later, Viktor and an unknown woman could be seen coming inside the yard making Niklaus and Elijah stop their fencing challenge.

Viktor: "where is everyone?"

Freya: "they went out for a walk, who is she"

Viktor: "oh she, she is the crazy witch, I was talking about when we were at the island 100 years ago, remember?"

Qetsiyah: "my name is Qetsiyah, it is nice to finally meet you"

Niklaus: "I'm Niklaus Mikealson, he is Elijah, Freya and Kol, the rest of my siblings are out with my father and it's also nice to meet you"

Elijah: "not to sound rude or anything but how are you still alive if you are who Viktor says you are"

Qetsiyah looked at Viktor with a smile on her face when she thought of something.

Qetsiyah: "what can I say, your brother here took a fancy to my humble self and decided to resurrect me"

This caught the attention of all the Mikealson's present making Kol used telekinesis to bring chairs for them to sit.

Kol: "of all my years, I have never seen my brother have any form of affection for any girl making me take if he was interested..."

Before Kol could finish his statement, Viktor silenced him by covering his mouth.

Viktor: "don't you dare even think of completing that statement"

Qetsiyah: "hahahaha, that would have been true if he did not meet me"

Freya: "how did you two even meet if you were dead as you said"

Qetsiyah recounted what happened from her time with Silas to her, meeting Viktor to resurrecting her while omitting some things like her deal with Viktor.

Qetsiyah: " so that's all to it"

Kol: "you created a whole purgatory for supernatural being just by yourself, how powerful were you to be able to do that?"

Qetsiyah: "well you can say I'm just too damn talented"

Kol: "forget it, I've just got myself another magic teacher"

Freya sighed at Kol, he loved magic so much that he wants to learn everything related to magic.

Freya: "have you forgotten that we have not learnt the teleportation spell we are currently learning right?"

Elijah: "so are going to stay with us Mikealson's or live on your own"

Qetsiyah: "I guess I will be tagging along, why do you say?"

Elijah didn't like the idea of an outsider joining them but he couldn't tell her to leave, so he just nodded and walked away.

Viktor: "give him some time, he will come around"

Qetsiyah: " I know, even I wouldn't trust me on the first time"

Freya: "just so you know, if you ever have any thought of harming my brother or any of my family, what you did to Silas will be little compared to what I will do to you"

Qetsiyah: "yes mam, I will never have any Ill intention towards your family"

Freya: "good, then welcome to the family"

Qetsiyah: "thank you"

Kol and Freya went back to what they were doing while Viktor and Qetsiyah went out leaving Niklaus all by himself.

Viktor: "I have to say I'm impressed by the stunt you pulled back there"

Qetsiyah: "I know you don't want to tell anyone about Silas being alive and all that, so I had to say that"

Viktor: "should I thank you for that"

Qetsiyah ignored him and went to the room Viktor prepared for her.

Viktor: "sigh, I should start getting ready, Katherine from the tvd series will come to England in 1492 and I might have turn her myself or if Elijah have feelings for her, then he might turn her. I should start making preparation for the future, let me see, Lexi, Stefan and damon, they will make good first bloods and Katherine, if Elijah don't have feelings for her. Ok, who else, Malachi Parker, damn it, I've forgotten most of the characters in the series, well I still have a lot of time in my hands"

Viktor said as he decided to check his stats after 100 years.


Name: Viktor Mikealson

Title: Reincarnator, The strongest Mikealson, Original vampire, Vampire Progenitor

Age: 231

Species: Original Tribrid (Vampire+Werewolf+Witch)


10× learning speed

Sword fighting - lvl max

Hunting - lvl max

Hand to Hand combat - lvl max

Acting - lvl max

Blood Manipulation - lvl 90

Shadow Manipulation - lvl 50

Illusion Casting - lvl max

Flying thunder god - lvl max


Werewolf Transformation

Partial Werewolf Transformation

Fear inducement



Mind compulsion

Weather Control

Animal Control

Healing Factor


Super Senses

Shape shifting

Super Speed

Super Strength

Super Stamina


Telekinesis: [the host can move objects with their minds, choke people without their hands and even lift people; the host can even go a step further to pull or push objects away and some like throwing their blades towards enemies and then calling them back]

Dream Manipulation - [the host can mentally create and control dreams of both humans and weaker vampires. It is easier to get into a vampire's head if they don't drink human blood or convince humans to become a vampire]


5× increase in strength every ten years.

Viktor: "blood and shadow manipulation are really hard skills to master quickly, but I have all the time in the world"

Qetsiyah: "what are you planning or should I say plotting"

Viktor wasn't surprised by her presence as he has already sensed her coming.

Viktor: "is it that obvious?"

Qetsiyah: "of course, with the way you kept your face, anybody who did not know is a fool"

Viktor turned to her with a grin.

Viktor: "I guess you have been busy spying on me these past 100 years to know me this well"

Qetsiyah had a hint of red shade when she heard him but quickly recovered.

Qetsiyah: "Humph, I have better things to do than watch you through out the years"

They both smiled and looked up to see the stars in the sky when Qetsiyah remembered something.

Qetsiyah: "I have a message from your mother, Viktor"


I hope you like it, sorry of the late release, I had an internet issues so I was unable to edit the chapter earlier, so pardon me if there is any mistakes and do well to help me point it out.

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