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66.66% Reincarnated as a Dog with System / Chapter 16: The scary sister Min

The scary sister Min - Reincarnated as a Dog with System - Chapter 16 by Yolohy full book limited free

Chapter 16: The scary sister Min

Qin Hua in a last-ditch attempt started jumping up and down in Su Yan's arms.

She needed to warn him ASAP that the nurse lady sitting like a doll in front of them was dangerous!!

But unfortunately, her desperate actions were merely regarded as restlessness.

Su Yan nuzzled the cute puppy and murmured to comfort the poor thing.

"Don't worry, Little white. Soon this will all be over."

Rrrrrr… Woof. Woof.

[You are absolutely correct. If we don't do something soon, then this will all be over indeed. Fuck.]

[Arghhh… Why are my masters so stupid?!]

Qin Hua immediately regretted not selecting the Hell hound evolution option that could have given her more fighting power right from the get-go.

While Su Yan was petting Little White, Lu Chen walked over and extended his hand slowly to tap on sister Min's shoulder.

The woman's body was surprisingly cold and frigid.

As soon as he touched her, Lu Chen yelped and took his hand back.

"Did I just get electrocuted?"

The next instant, the previously frozen and statue-like sister Min slowly started turning towards the intruders.

Correction. Only her head turned, her torso for some reason did not follow the head's lead.

Normally, a human being's head would only turn until the shoulder, but Sister Min's head continued to turn further causing the bones in her neck to crackle.


The four screamed, seeing the completely turned head and eerie fixated eyes, that were glowing and fluorescent copper sulfate blue in color.

Sister Min's face was pale.

Her vacant eyes suddenly locked on to Lu Chen and she opened her mouth revealing sharp canine teeth that shouldn't belong to a human.

"Why the hell are we in a fucking horror movie scene???" Lu Chen screamed and scrambled backward.

"Sister Min, please turn your head back. This is way too scary!"

Su Yan, Alex, and Xu Meilin were also screaming.

As if it was responding to them, the monster in front of them screamed as well, as it sprang forward towards the weaklings.

Xu Meilin instantly fainted, collapsing on the floor unconscious.

Alex too lost her balance and plopped on the ground with her knees shivering.

Lu Chen was already halfway to the door, trying to get the hell out of the house.

But unfortunately, Su Yan, who was holding Little White, was still standing frozen in a state of shock.

His mind was still processing the events occurring in front of them.

Human beings turning into monsters? Giant rabid animals? Superpowers?

Suddenly, the world he lived in did not make sense anymore.

Upstairs… The thing that was banging on the door… Could it possibly be another monster like this??

There were more than one of them?

How on earth were they supposed to deal with something unimaginable like this?

With his mouth wide agape, the trembling eighteen-year-old boy dropped the puppy in his hands and blankly stared as death appeared to be right in front of him.

Sister Min's monstrous hands were swinging towards him at full force, determined to claw his pitiful weak body to shreds.

Qin Hua who was mercilessly dropped on the floor whined from the pain but she quickly got back up on all her fours.

She glared at the monster in front of her and bit down on its leg with all the force that she could muster.

Leech Bite!

She screamed inside her brain, hoping that was enough to activate the skill.

This was currently her strongest weapon.

But alas…

The monster kicked her aside as if she was a harmless bug and then proceeded to claw at Su Yan with full force.

At the sight of the monstrosity in front of him, Su Yan's brain whirred into motion and he shouted.


"Use your powers and freeze the monster." Su Yan screamed at Lu Chen with his eyes bloodshot.

Lu Chen stopped in his tracks and turned back.

He saw that the monster was about to kill his best friend and his heart tightened.

In the heat of the moment, he had hastily started to run out, without considering the people around him.

Tears streamed out of his eyes as he raised his hands towards the bedroom and tried to activate his freezing power. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He tried again and again. He shouted and screamed and tried again.

But nothing was happening.

Activating the power was not yet in his muscle memory and the dangerous situation they were in did not help with it.

Qin Hua whimpered on the side. [Damn it]

It was all over. She was just not strong enough yet to help her friends.

Her eyes glistened as she watched the monster bring down its strong powerful arms directly aimed at Su Yan's muscular chest.

Alex and Lu Chen also blankly watched as a bloody massacre was about to be unleashed right in front of them.

And soon, it would be their turn to be cut down and torn apart into pieces!

Yolohy Yolohy

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