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5.74% Reincarnated As a Fox With System / Chapter 50: Chapter 50: The True Queen of Blue Flame's Birth!

Chapter 50: Chapter 50: The True Queen of Blue Flame's Birth!

The deep blue flame was burning extremely fierce! Not only it spread around very fast but it also capable to burn anything into ashes in less than a second.

Strangely, Tang Li Xue did not felt hot at all even though she knew that this deep blue flame emitting an extremely high temperature.

On the contrary, she felt that she actually had some kind of strange connection with this deep blue flame!

Tang Li Xue concentrated her mind and she tried to control the deep-blue flame make it fly toward some specific direction.

'I can't believe it… it is a SUCCESS!'

The deep blue flame floated on the air and formed a giant fireball then shooting toward the direction where Tang Li Xue thought!

'This is crazy! THIS BLUE FLAME… IS… SUPER… AWESOME! Muahahaha… From now on I, Tang Li Xue am the True Queen of Blue Flame!'

Tang Li Xue tried to control the deep-blue flame once again in excitement! This time she made the deep blue flame swirling around, the blue flame dancing around her while she keeps giggling happily.

The scene looks astonishing beautiful but the deep blue flame itself was extremely lethal and dangerous so while it dancing around, it also burned everything it touches into nothingness even the puddle and mud completely evaporated the moment it gets close to the deep blue flame!

The most bizarre thing was the deep blue flame actually did not produce any smoke! It burned everything it touched into nothingness completely including the poisonous gas that lingering on the air!

Tang Li Xue also tried to spurt out the deep blue flame from her mouth and she managed to spray it out like the flamethrower.

'Hmm… Not bad at all! Let's call it [Fire Breath] from now on!'

Tang Li Xue also tried to shot the fireball without using her [Fireball] skill that she got from copying the Hell Hounds before and she managed to do it without any difficulty.

In fact, she only needs to focus her mind and she can easily create a fireball out of thin air! There was no need for her to imitate the Hell Hounds to open her mouth and shot the fireball out from her mouth.

'Fireball sounds so common… Ummm… My version is also a bit different from Hell Hound after all! First, I summoned my deep blue flame out then compress it down to the limit to increase its destructive power… so let's just call it [Fire Bomb] from now on! Uwehehehe…'

Tang Li Xue threw her newly made [Fire Bomb] toward the Green Seed Flower area to test it.


The horrible explosion occurred almost in an instant, the strong shockwave hit Tang Li Xue's tiny body, it broke her [Ethereal Form] and made her flew backward several meters! In the end, she crashed onto the thick glass wall.

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue's toughness stats already quite high so her defense also increased along with it making her body very resilient so she did not take any significant damage.

'Holysh*t! This [Fire Bomb] is amazing! As I expect from the skill I created! OH NO, THIS IS BAD! The explosion sound just now is too loud! All of those guards would certainly come here in a few seconds! Not good! I must hurry…'

There was no need to be said anymore the Tang Li Xue's current [Fire Bomb] power already surpassed Hell Hound's [Fireball] by many times.

Moreover, her flame of pride was the high-ranking flame so whether in the terms of heat, ability, or strength, it completely surpassed the Hell Hound's normal flame by the countless margin!

Tang Li Xue stopped playing around with her new ability and swiftly turned off her [Enhanced Sense of Hearing] passive skill to minimize the damage that she would receive from those hateful mandrakes later.

Tang Li Xue felt relieved when she checked her current Health Points and find she already recovered more than half of it thanks to her [Self-Healing] skill.

'I always thought this [Self-Healing] is sucks so badly since it can only heal 1% of my HP every 10 seconds but it looks like I am too narrow-minded before. If I count carefully this [Self-Healing] skill only needs 16-17 minutes to make me fully recover from critical condition! That was freaking fast compared to any medicine!'

She activated her [Ethereal Form] back and dashed deeper toward the Herb Garden but not long after she entered the deeper area…




Tang Li Xue only felt a bit dizzy and nausea but that was all of it. Unlike before, she already turned off her [Enhanced Sense of Hearing] and made her hearing senses several notches worse.

She also has her toughness stats increased more than doubled from before, her cultivation level also increased by 5 ranks, adding her[Innate: Toughness] divine ability into the equation, these kinds of screams will never harm her mind again like before.

'Is that your best shot, little critters?! Now it's my turn! EAT THIS! [Fire Breath]!!!'


Tang Li Xue started to spray the deep-blue flame from her mouth!

Her majestic figure was like an almighty dragon from the legend, unfortunately, her tiny size ruined everything…

'SHUT UP! It's not my fault, okay?! Let's speed this up! I am afraid some guards already arrive at the herb garden's entrance!'

Her action was like a farmer spraying the pesticides in the herb farm but the Flame of Pride with its unmatchable lethality and the extremely high temperature was far more dangerous than any kind of pesticides! It swept everything cleanly into nothingness, even all the mandrakes that planted deeply into the ground was not spared!

The deep blue Flame of Pride spread more and more in the Herb Garden but it did not hinder Tang Li Xue at all since the Flame of Pride itself already become something like a part of her own body.

Her body already tempered by the Flame of Pride before and completed its assimilation made her completely immune to her own flame; the flame of pride could no longer hurt her anymore!

Tang Li Xue was moving swiftly and entered deeper into the herb garden.

She concluded that this herb garden planted several layers of plants like mandrakes or poisonous purple grass as the defense mechanism!

The most valuable precious herbs should be planted in the center of these defensive mechanism plants!

She also concluded that the one planted all of these plants as the defense mechanism should have left one specific safe route for himself to enter the core area.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue did not have any time to waste to find this safe route so she decided to broke through forcefully all the way into the core area using her fire-type attack!

She already thought to do so since the very start and now with the Flame of Pride's help, her job became a lot easier!

Tang Li Xue almost burst out laughing each time she thought that she would rob all of Elder Lin's valuable herbs from his herb garden using his own flame spirit.

Mandragora… '[Fire Breath] BURNS!'

Giant Rafflesia…. '[Fire Breath] TURNED THEM TO DUST!'

Ghost Fungus… '[Fire Breath] SEND THEM TO HELL!'


'Okay… cough… cough… hah, hah, hah… Let me… Let me take my… breathes first… this thing is… quite tiring…'

Tang Li Xue was already panting in exhaustion, she even lamented that her [Stamina Pill] had run out just when she needs them the most right now.

As Tang Li Xue still lying breathless on the grass with her sweat keep pouring out crazily, the ground started to shook violently as if something big and heavy coming toward Tang Li Xue right now.

'Dammit! Can I take some rest peaceful…ly… What… the… hell… is… THAT… THING?!'


godadi godadi

Another trouble is coming one after another! What she would be facing now? Stay tuned to know it~~

Also which one do you like more? the new cover or the old cover? XD


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