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28.19% Reincarnated as both God and The Devil / Chapter 63: Chapter 62: Change (2)

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Chapter 63: Chapter 62: Change (2)

The wound on Charlotte's back completely healed in a matter of minutes, and for some odd reason, the blood that also stained her inner robe was also gone.

Charlotte could only sigh as she gently tapped where the wound used to be on her back just a couple of seconds ago.

She first discovered that her wounds healed at an alarming rate when she first cut her hand while cooking for Guard Leader Bai a few years back.

But she knew when this really started, it was 5 years ago. When a huge wound covered her back and she was bleeding all over the place, she knew… She knew that she should have died then.

But now, not only was she alive, she was much more resilient than before, abnormally so. To the extent that a broken hand heals in a manner of seconds, a chunk of flesh that was torn from her back will heal in a manner of minutes.

It was just a pity that she couldn't really walk the way she did before. But some would say, that she shouldn't even be walking. The physician Guard Leader Bai brought Charlotte to mentioned that it was due to the injury on her back, she wouldn't be able to walk anymore as a wound that big would have definitely damaged a nerve or two.

But here she was, able to walk, albeit clumsily. Not even her husband knew that she was already able to walk.

But she put those thoughts aside as she once again thought of Viel.

She just met him today, but he already managed to injure her not once, but twice. Are cultivators really that strong that they can't control their strength?

But the girl called Diao Mei also swatted her hand, and she didn't feel any force at it at all.

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She really was intrigued by Viel. She felt a sort of longing and connection for him for some reason.

She then started to indulge the idea of what if Viel really was her child?

As soon as she thought of this, she couldn't help but chuckle to herself for thinking something as ludicrous as her having a child.

First, Viel was already five years old. 5 years ago, the only relationship she had was with that monster, Li Zhao. She suddenly felt irritated the moment Li Zhao came to her mind.

A man that threw her away after giving him her virginity. How foolish was she to even be so enamored by him that she ignored the warnings of the people around her?

As if that wasn't enough, that same monster abducted his husband. Her blood boiled just thinking about it. To the point that she did not realize that her hair and the dust around her were floating in the air. She swears, that if her husband was not returned to her alive, she would kill Li Zhao herself even if she has to drag herself a thousand miles to Azure Fist Sect.

But wait, even as having a westerner blood in him… Viel does bear an uncanny resemblance to her brother, Chandler.


And then, Charlotte could not help but suddenly stand up, to the point that she tripped to the ground. But she didn't seem to mind as her eyes widened in shock with this revelation.

Viel… Viel was his brother's son!

Charlotte covered her mouth. This was it, she finally had a goal. To find out whether her assumptions were true.

But of course, all she could do for now was to wait news for her husband's return. General Diao assured her that if Li Zhao wanted him head, Guard Leader Bai would have already been dead. She just had to wait and let the General's men to track them. It wouldn't take long, they should be back before sunrise.

With that in mind, Charlotte carried herself to the bed. What she should do now is freshen up, so that when her husband returns, she will welcome her with a smile on her face.


A few hundred meters outside the city walls, Viel was standing in front of a small house.

His house.

He escaped from Diao Mei because he wanted to avoid doing chores he didn't like, so he decided to go back home.

But Viel has been standing outside his house for more than half an hour now. Grandpa Ling's grave was also behind the house, as General Diao arranged for it while Viel was unconscious for 3 days after his rampage more than a week ago.

Everything happened so fast. In just a month, everything changed.

His Grandma Ling died.

His Grandpa Ling was killed.

He killed people.

Weird letters started to appear in front of him.

Strange flying beasts destroyed his city.

He was transported to another world.

Met new friends.

Lost a friend.

And once again, killed people, a lot of people.

In a span of less than a month, all of these things happened to him. When all he really wanted to do was have fun, and maybe gain new friends along the way. But, perhaps for Viel, a month may already be a long time. He is, after all, only 5 years old.

Viel… doesn't really understand what he was supposed to feel anymore. Grandma Ling told her that killing was bad, even if they were bad people. But he did so either way.

He did not feel anything. Was he a monster like those in the stories that Grandpa Ling told him every night?

If he really is a monster, then how would he proceed now? No one was there to teach him.

No one was there to guide him anymore.

To teach him what is right and what is wrong.

Viel sat down and closed his eyes. He wanted to speak to the 3 people inside the dark place, or even to Mr. Voice. He just wanted to find someone to talk to and tell him what to do.

"Please… Mr. Voice… Miss Lu Yi…"

But even after a minute has passed, all he got were the mysterious letters that were appearing in front of him.

[Viel, HP: 100%, EP: 100%, Lv. ?, Job: Superhero Trainee!

Skills: Walk of that Lightning God, Hell's Gate, Dominion… etc…]

Viel was about to push the words away but when he read the first parts of the mysterious words, he could not help but widen his eyes.

He did not really bother to read the words the first time it popped up in front of him. But this time, there were a set of words that really intrigued Viel.

Superhero Trainee.

But although they were a set of words, Viel only really focused on one thing.


That was right, he almost forgot. He had a goal.

To rescue Miss Xianying.

A monster or a hero, what did it really matter?

All he wanted to do now was to rescue Miss Xianying. He needed to rush back to the other world, to the dungeon. He was sure that Miss Xianying needed his help.

Even if he had to do it… alone.

With his newfound resolution, Viel stood up. And maybe, perhaps, for the last time, he looked at his house and smiled.

In the end, he didn't really have any reason to go inside.

There were no Grandma and Grandpa Ling to welcome him.

There was nothing left for him here. No one to cook for him.

No one to give him the bed-time stories he was looking forward to every night.

In the truest sense, this was no longer his home.

And with that, he waved his hand.

"Goodbye… Grand-"

"Agh. Why is this thing so heavy!"

But before he can bid his goodbyes, he heard a voice from behind him. Viel turned around to see who it was, but only managed to catch a glimpse as it passed by from beside him.

He then heard the door to his house open as he once again slowly turned his head back towards his house.

"What are you doing just standing there?"

And there, on the other side of the door… was Xing Cai.

"S…sister Xing Cai, why are you here?"

"What do you mean why? I am here to sleep, of course. We had a long day"

"Eeh… But…"

"But what? And what are you still doing outside? You should get some rest, we'll talk about how to return to the other realm tomorrow"

"But this is my house?"

"This cheeky brat. I am your sister now! Your house is my house!"

And there and then, all Viel could do was run towards Xing Cai and hug her.

"Eh!? Why are you hugging me again?", Xing Cai was bewildered. It would seem that Viel already gained the habit of hugging people. Sure, it was okay now since he was still young… and not to mention cute as a puppy. But what if he grows older and still remain this way? He will surely be treated as a pervert no matter how good looking he would grow up to be.

Xing Cai was about to reprimand Viel, but she was interrupted by Viel's next words.

"I…I'm home"


"Welcome home, Viel"

Romeru Romeru

So as some of you may have guessed it, Volume 2 is about to end. I will try to finish it before... Friday? And for that, I request your stones like how Goku wants to fill up his spirit bomb.

Will he be alone in his adventure to rescue Miss Xianying? Or will he be with his friends, or Miss Xing Cai?

Will Viel actually fated to be alone by Volume 3 like what Lord God Lu Yi feared?

Well, find out in the next few chapters.

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