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Chapter 1: The End of a Beginning

Thousands of dead men lay strewn along with dozens of swords stuck into the ground. Blood and water pooled like a red pond, and the sky was gloomy, shedding rain as if they were weeping at the sight.

A man in a long black robe, standing among the scattered corpses, seemed to smile as he felt the beads of water hit his pale face. He had long white hair that flowed down to his waist, and his shiny red eyes like ruby gems stared at the sky.

As he was enjoying the rain, suddenly the clouds parted, and a light appeared illuminating the field. A smile spread across his face, he knew what was coming.

An army of angels sent by the gods had finally descended from their lofty perch in the heavens to punish him.

One of the angels flew down. That angel looked so beautiful as the golden halo above her head shimmered. She held a flaming sword with silver armor wrapped around her body.

Hovering with a bright light in the sky, the angel said, "Klaus Mors! You live only to bring death and destruction. Too many lives have perished at your hands. We could no longer tolerate you. For your sins, God sentenced you to death."

Instead of being scared, the white-haired man chuckled. "They tried to kill me. I warned them that it was easy for me to kill them all. I gave them a chance to leave, and I always do. But they chose blood and slaughtered. And they got it. Now, God is punishing me for their stupidity?"

As that angel raised her sword and pointed it at him, thousands of angels immediately shot down to earth.

They were after Klaus, trying to overwhelm him with their numbers, but Klaus simply stood his ground and the dark aura crackling around him.

The approaching angels did not seem to faze him in the slightest, despite their holy power and shining armor.

As he snapped his fingers, the thousands of corpses scattered around his feet burst into darkness. The bodies of the dead human warriors rose in the form of black souls along with the resounding voice of cries and screams.

Klaus ordered his ghostly warriors to charge when the angelic host drew closer. The ground shook with the impact as the two forces collided.

He waded into the fray with his dark power, blasting his enemies with bolts of shadow and fire, and the angels fought back with holy light and divine power.

Klaus moved with an almost lazy grace, cutting a swath through their ranks, tearing apart their physical bodies and dragging their spirits screaming into the void. He seemed almost bored as he took their lives with a wave of his hand.

He and his ghost warriors were too powerful for the angels to overcome. They fell left and right. Some were crushed beneath the stampeding feet of the ghost warriors while others were torn apart by Klaus's power.

The air was thick with the stench of blood and the sound of clashing weapons. The battle raged on for hours, with the angel's side getting slaughtered. It was only a matter of time for them to lose. Their numbers were dwindling rapidly like a burnt field.

As the sun began to set, not a single angel appeared to be standing. The field was quiet once more, except for the distant chirping of crickets. The ghosts of the fallen soldiers dispersed, their duty to their lord fulfilled.

Only Klaus was left in the middle of the field. He spread out his hands and looked up at the sky.

"O God! Come to me! Is this what you call justice? You did nothing when they were killing each other, just watching it all from up there! Now, you want to get rid of me because of those stupid things?!"

He shouted at the top of his lungs, his voice echoing in the sky. It had been a long time since he last vented his anger.

But then, just as he thought he had won, he felt a sharp pain in his back.

Klaus turned around but it was too late. The last remaining angel had snuck up behind him and plunged her sword into his back.

"You were once a great human, Klaus," she said. "But your greed and lust for power have turned you into a corrupt man. You're too dangerous to live. Your soul will no longer exist in this world."

Klaus's eyes widened in shock but he did not scream. Instead, he smiled and simply slumped to the ground. His dark aura faded away with his life.

The remaining angel watched as Klaus breathed his last breath, his eyes staring sightlessly at the sky. For a moment, there was silence, broken only by the soft rustle of the wind.

"So, I lost in the end, huh. Live alone and die alone. What a miserable life."

Klaus Mors was dead, but his desire to live remained. Memories that resided within his soul began to resurface.

He was born into a poor family; misfortune, violence, and injustice had plagued his life. Klaus endured the harshness of life for hundreds of years, having lost count when he turned 800. As time passed, the cruelty of the world shaped him into a being who was both powerful and cold-hearted.

The reason Klaus was able to live that long was his life goal, which was to gain as much power as possible to become the strongest one in the world. After seeing the way the world worked and how humans lived, Klaus realized that as long as he was weak, he would be trampled.

Only power could stand against power.

Although possessing common sense and conscience, humans based their morality on self-interest, and they did not hesitate to sacrifice others. Their justification for doing so was often that it was for the greater good, but in reality, it was merely an expression of their power.

To Klaus, being the strongest one meant standing at the peak of existence, where no one would dare to try to determine his life.

However, after living for hundreds of years, he found the opposite to be true. Humans viewed any existence greater than them as a threat. They tried to get rid of Klaus, and of course, he killed all those who dared to draw a sword on him.

He left destruction and blood wherever he went, and everyone wished for his death, but they were unaware that he was the embodiment of death itself.

Because of his cruel deeds, people called him the Death Bringer.

Unfortunately, the heavens were not on his side, and God punished Klaus for his merciless killings.

His journey had come to an end, and Klaus resigned himself to his fate. His soul sank into infinite darkness, and he felt only emptiness.

However, his story did not end there. As Klaus sank further, he began to feel warmth, and his senses slowly returned. He felt a soft touch and heard strange voices.

Opening his eyes, he saw a beautiful woman in front of his face. Curiously, he reached out to touch the woman but found his hands had become very tiny.

It took time for Klaus to realize that it was not just his hands that were shrinking, but his whole body.

At that moment he realized that he had been reincarnated as a baby.

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The first few chapters may be boring, but please give this novel a chance. Thank you :)

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