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98.11% Reincarnated Emperor in the xianxia world / Chapter 49: Cosmic Forces

Cosmic Forces - Reincarnated Emperor in the xianxia world - Chapter 49 by Christopher_who full book limited free

Chapter 49: Cosmic Forces




"Check mate"


A white knight took a black king on a chess board atop a field of emptiness, one of no colour yet colourful at the same time. Two figures sat opposing each other while playing. One was a young man in his early twenties, he wore a long black trench coat over a plain white shirt. The young man was very handsome at around 1.65 metres and had messy untamed hair that was a bit longer then average hence why t covered his temples. He wore round spectacles that gleamed under the arcane glow of his deep green eyes.

"You always win at this" lighted off the other figure. This one was very strange, he was covered head to toe in a long grey hooded robe. All his facial features was covered by a mist of black haze. This person lightheartedly laughed off his loss at the hands of the glasses wearing man.

"It's not like you try too hard" bit back the man, his green eyes glowed under his spectacles as he took a sip of his drink. "Thirteen billion games over the span of forty-thousand years. How long have we been here" the glasses got up and stretched his limps while the hooded figure sat back.

The two were sitting in what can only be described as the boundless void. An ocean of flickering stars passed by them followed by another and another. Waves of starry space passed by the two while one stretched and the other relaxed.

"By the way, the final victim has appeared by now right?" The green eyed man inquired. The hooded figure nodded, "That is correct magus ancestor, the newest victim of the temporal anomaly should have appeared several centuries ago".

"Are you interested in meeting him by chance?" Asked the hooded figure. The green eyed magus sensor shook his head, "No, unless he reaches the rank of Quasi Dao realm or equivalent he'll be of no consequence".

"You shouldn't look down on people just because they aren't on the verge of transcendence" scolded the hooded figure while the magus ancestor scoffed.

"Fine, I guess Chaos Immortals are also major players" he made a so-so gesture. He closed his eyes for a little while before opening them again. No time seemed to have past yet eternity had also gone by. The magus ancestor looked confused yet focused, completely unguarded yet able to annihilate all creation at the snap of a finger.

"Well well, he hasn't done much on the grand scheme of things but in his little bubble he actually encountered so much" stated the magus ancestor in slight awe. The hooded figure tilted his blank face, "What? What has he done so far?" He asked curiously.

"He's actually managed to conquer an upper realm as a Human Immortal and held power for many years. He's best friend is a descendent of the primordial first dragon as well" replied the magus ancestor.

"Impressive" mutter the hooded figure. Magus ancestor nodded, "Indeed, he lives in such a small corner yet has also encountered a key to one of the deva's astra, the god killing dart. That's not even mentioning a descendent of the Zi Wei emperor of the North Star".

"Man, Tongtian may have done a lot of harm but he sure made the world a lot more exciting" laughed the hooded man. The magus ancestor nodded, "I also have to thank him, without him I will not be here".

The hooded man nodded, "Yes how can I forget you, the first victim in all this. The man who rose and forged the path of magic outside of the Heavenly Dao. You've sure come along way from that abused timid boy you were back then".

"Don't remind me" bit back the magus ancestor. "That boy died in the wilderness. I'd like to consider myself a new man".

"Always so edgy" the hooded man shook his head, "Have you ever thought about returning to earth? Your earth I mean". The magus ancestor shook his head, "I try not to think about it".

Standing up to his feet the hooded man looked at his robed arm as if checking a watch then at the endless garage of colourless colourful emptiness. He looked up, his eyes transcending all fabrics of existence. "The grand one is expanding again" he stated.

"If that's the case I should return, farewell Dreamwalker" the magus ancestor turned around a disappeared from the void leaving Daoist Dreamwalker alone. "Bye Harrison" muttered Daoist Dreamwalker.

The man looked into a certain universe then at the thirty-three heavens, specifically he gazed at the 23rd heaven. "System huh? Beneficial in the short term but ultimately hindering in the long term" he scoffed and shook his head in disappointment then proceeded to lie down again.

Perfected Anime traveled through the void under heavy illusions, invisibility, spells, and other trinkets that all but made him invisible. The war effort had calmed down since he last traveled but he still needed to be very careful.

"Where am I going to find a subject with a strong will" he wondered. He had only recently begun searching again in the last four years but to no avail. He needed someone with as little understanding into Dao as possible but also someone with a creative imagination to share the power gifting device as well as mentally strong enough to resist brain damage.

He actually didn't specifically need someone of strong will, someone with an incredible ego will also do but preferably the first one. Perfected Anime had to complete this task soon as the demon army may have retreated after a recent intervention by the mages but they're no doubt mustering.

The magus ancestor and his two disciples can only keep the grand one occupied for so long. That ancient crow was an unbelievably powerful monster who survived since time immemorial. He can easily destroy if creation if he so wishes. That is of course without considering the defensive stabilising factors left by the three pure ones, triumvirate, goddess Nuwa, Gautama, and YHVH.

All beings who achieved Dao have long since transcended. Wether they choose to stay or leave is up to them but one thing is for certain. They are all monsters of a transcendent calibre, unrestricted by the Heavenly Dao.

Perfected Anime can never compare himself to those beings. He can only slowly traverse the multiverse looking for his new test subject. To be honest he was very desperate. Many of the heavens were subjugated in the ongoing war against the demons and the high heavens have been silent.

The nominal king of the 23rd heaven is also desperately searching for any way to bolster his forces. Sadly Perfected Anime's idea was not only the best but the most promising. The man was certainly a genius when it came to crafting but he would love nothing more then to go back to his tv.

"Let's see if… Oh? It's that universe again" the immortal looked curiously at a certain floating ocean of stars admits the void. He scratched his chin, "Ah what the hell". He outstretched his arm and tore apart the fabric of reality entering one of the many universes in the chiliocosm.

As he bursted through into real space he quickly masked all his presences and shut down his immortal senses to a minimum. After flying by and scanning several planets he continued on his path carefully covering his tracks.

He repeated this process for upwards of nine years before he decided to take a break. It was a small world, one quite similar to planet earth. Though wether by coincidence or purpose most small worlds end up naming themselves earth or terra. They even discover similar cultures with similar religions.

It has been long theorised by scholars in the heavenly courts that this was due to the vast imprint left behind by the chaotic primordial era. The ancient godfiends who ruled the lands and eventually became gods and demons must've impacted the then still forming Heavenly Dao so profoundly that living beings who appeared since eventually mimic those godfiends.

Small worlds like upper and lower realms aren't indicative of their physical size. Rather it has to do with Qi density and quality. Small worlds had so little Qi that cultivation was all but impossible beyond a few rare exceptions. This was why experts rarely took interest there aside from vacations.

One benefit of small worlds were the eventual rise of technology. It certainly made living a lot better compared to upper and lower realms. This was also why Perfected Anime loved visiting small worlds. The entertainment methods were just so profound.

Currently the tired sloppy looking immortal was drinking a smoothie while wondering down a busy street on New Stork City. He had decided to take a break for a few months before continuing on his search. Besides he had discovered a few new shows to add to his collection.

The neon lights glittered in starless night. If Perfected Anime had to complain about one thing was that the universe was often invisible in these large cities. Across from him a large billboard broadcasted urgent news.


"Kai?" Perfected Anime thought aloud. The news proceeded to elaborate on the recent activities of Kai and his/her various crimes including hacking into government secure facilities and bank vaults while stealing billions. He was a wanted criminal in over 50 nations for having do so while mocking the governments with childish remarks and cruel jokes.

Till this day Kai had still remained anonymous but his deeds were too much. He'd even hacked into nuclear missiles and bombed some third world countries known to be in cahoots with terrorists. He'd even bragged about it while unreasonably denying responsibility while on a video interview. Perfected Anime scratched his head in confusion at the anonymous part.

He looked at a distant mansion larger then the government red house. It was massive and decorated in gold dragons, anime characters, and descriptive carvings of Kai. It was the known home of child genius turned entrepreneur Danny "Big Brained IQ" Radd.

"Gee, I wonder who Kai is" snickered Perfected Anime. He took a sip of his smoothie while a truck behind him swerved suddenly and the impact of steel against flesh was heard.

Legendary hacker, true name Danny Radd. A child prodigy with a staggering IQ of 300 at the age of 5. A legend of planet earth who became a millionaire at 6, billionaire at 10, trillionaire at 16 with his own private jet, mansion, building, amusement parks, whildlife reserves and countries.

The so called "Big Brained IQ" Danny Radd was living the dream. Full of rare exotic anime figurines, action figures, shows to watch, and of course the massive harem of exotic maids he hired to serve him. One could easily say that Danny here is the most influential person on earth, a pseudo king of earth.

So why was this legendary genius lying dead in the middle of the street in a pool of his own blood and piss!

You see earlier that day, Big Brained IQ Danny Radd discovered the new Naruto action figures were on sale in the city. Hence he hastily ran out of his mansion, despite his many sports cars being available, and into the city at break neck speed. Hands behind him of course, Naruto running was how he exercised.

As he ran across a busy street, he did not stop to see the red light and was thus slammed into with explosive force. He bled profusely and even the full bladder he was holding in exploded.

'Man, I didn't even get to read the next chapter of Wondrous Tales of Gods and Demons' he thought. His mind faded into nothingness, his soul leaving his body and began it's journey into the netherworld.

Then he woke up Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"What?" He yelled out. He just died and woke up in a vast empty black space. "Am I dead? Is god here? Am I about to be isekaied? Ah this is too much! My Anime!" He cried and hyperventilated and thrashed around in the black space.

Perfected Anime stood behind him and sweat dropped. 'Well his ego is certainly strong enough to substitute a strong will' he thought. "Ahem" coughed Perfected Anime.

"AHHHHHHH!" Cried Big Brained IQ Danny Radd. Then he stopped and began to speak more calmly, "Oh thank god, you must be god right? Or YHVH, or brahma, or zeus or whatever? Anyway, I want 13 wishes which I'll list now"

To be honest Perfected Anime was really hating the tone of this mortal but unfortunately desperate times calls for desperate needs. "Why don't you introduce yourself first" suggested the immortal while rubbing his temples.

Danny seems to have realised something and scratched he back of his style, "Ah, mama, gomen'nasai"he apologies in broken weeb Japanese. "Ahem, well then god" he pointed at himself with his thumb like Vegeta before he gets destroyed, "Watashii Wa, Big Brained IQ… Danny Raddo".

Perfected Anime faced hardened struggling to hold back his laugh at the pathetic introduction displayed by the so called 'Big Brained IQ' Danny Radd.

"I'm also known as legendary awesome amazing, criminal hacker Kai" finished Danny. Perfected Anime paused for a second and looked at his smartwatch and realised that Danny's Facebook profile was literally 'legendary awesome amazing, criminal hacker Kai'.

'So much for Big Brained IQ' he thought. He took out the new glowing power gifting orb nicknamed system. 'Well time to test if this new version works'.

During the whole explanation Danny Radd was brimming with excitement. He really hoped he'll be reincarnated into his favourite 'most hated' novel wondrous tales of gods and demons. This ROB here can enjoy watching his journey as he steal everything from Nie Jian.

Within the netherworld kingdoms, a large commission was going on. The white palace of one of the ten kings of hell was shaking in it's owners unbound furry. The undead workers and managers of reincarnation were called petrified knowing the report which just came in.

"Ah sir, a soul went missing again" nervously announced a professional Chinese official bowing to a seat giant toga wearing semi naked man. Six pairs of golden wings fluttered behind the toga wearing man and his two horns glowed in red. His face darkened and the official exploded into a pool of blood and flesh.

"Again? AGAIN? This is the 15th time in the last several hundred years! Check the book of life and death again" commanded the horned winged man.

"Yes lord Lucifer" the officials in the room bowed and got to work whilst Lucifer sat back down on his throne. One of the ten kings of hell, favours son of YHVH, Lucifer Morningstar buried his face in frustration.

"Ah, Hades will never let me live it down" he complained.

Christopher_who Christopher_who

And this is the introduction of the second SI character Danny Radd. He probobly won't appear again for quite a while.

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