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100% Reincarnated into The Walking Dead!?! / Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Camp

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Camp

For the rest of the drive, Lucy had put down her backpack on the floor and placed her head onto it, pretending to sleep so she could avoid any questions.

After 13 min, the truck finally came to a stop and the blaring alarm from outside was finally turned off.

Someone shook Lucy awake.

Lucy slowly opened her eyes. Trying to pretend she was sleepy. Just on time to see everyone getting off and Rick waking her up.

He just smiled at how tired she looked and said with a kind tone to his voice, "Hey Lucy were here. I'm a little nervous myself because I don't know these people. So let's say you and I get off together, ok?"

"Umm.. ok but can I stay a little ways behind you? I'm scared." So she said, but In reality, she just didn't want to get in between the moment he reunites with his family.

Rick nodded reassuringly and helped her down the truck. Handing Lucy her backpack, and she just put it in front of her chest again. Then followed after Rick.

They were both on their way around the vehicle when they heard someone talking of the new guy that saved the group. Morales adding on that they had also found a child on the way.

"Yeah, crazy vato just got into town. We also brought along a little girl that was stranded out on the freeway all alone. Hey, Helicopter boy! Lucy! Come say hello. You know he's a cop like you." Morales informed Shane.

At that moment Rick was in full view of everyone while Lucy stood a short distance away.

Rick saw his family and whispered, "Oh my God." He looked at them with both joy and shock. Only reacting and starting to run in their direction when he saw a smiling carl running up to him, "DAD! DAD!"

When they reached each other they embraced one another in a hug and fell to the ground where they both cried. Lori coming in and joining the hug.

Shane had a smile on his face but that didn't stop the mix of emotions that showed in his eyes. Joy, anger, sadness, disappointment.

Lucy saw this and went to his side.

She knows he turns a little mentally unstable in the future. However, Lucy's thinking that maybe if she can somehow become his family. He won't be as sad to lose the one that was never his to have in the first place.

"Hello, mister my name is Lucy what's yours? Is it really true you're a cop? You know my Papa was a cop and he was so tall he could almost touch the stars." She said enthusiastically with her arms open, hopeful to know if it helped raise his mood a little.

"Well Hello, little lady my name is Shane. Yes, I am a cop. Is that really true about your dad? I would really like to meet him." Shane said with a chuckle. This silly conversation made him forget about Lori and Rick for a minute.

Lucy responded with a weak smile, "Well my Papa is with the angels now so we can't meet him anymore. But did you know? he once told me that his buddies were cops and if I was ever alone or in trouble, they would come and help me."

Lucy made up a story. Although she did feel awful for lying she figured Rae was right and it would be the only way to explain how she got where she was and her backstory. This way they won't find her suspicious.

Shane looked at her with pity but put on a bright smile nonetheless, "That's right. I'm one of your dad's buddies. He sent me here to take care of you." Shane had said this before he even knew what was coming out of his mouth. Yet since he had already said it, he made up his mind to go threw with it.

The truth behind his decision though. Was all the doing of the one and only, Thrae. He was disappointed he couldn't physically be there for Lulu so he manipulated Shane's brain a little.

Now Shane will still kind of be himself, except he will think of protecting Lucy. Even if he has to put his life on the line. Plus he won't be a crazy, psychotic, jerk who only thinks of what he thinks is best.

"Really? Is that true? Then will you be like my uncle or should I call you big brother instead?" Lucy answered happily.

Although slightly surprised. She was pretty sure that the Shane from the show would never act like this towards a complete stranger. Even so, she quickly put that thought at the back of her mind and was thinking he was changing for the better. All he needs is his own family is what she wanted to believe instead.

"That's right I'll be Big brother Shane being called uncle makes me feel old." He said, laughing.

Shane felt better after their small talk and almost completely felt joy. Before their talk, he was feeling disappointed that his relationship with Lori was now nonexistent and although he was happy to see his Bestfriend, he couldn't help it, but feel anger.

Yet he felt different somehow as if he was a totally different person. He didn't want anything anymore besides to protect Lucy. The young child dressed up like a badass even if her personality and physical appearance were more on the adorable side.

After, their interaction had finished Rick, Lori, and Carl had gone into their own little bubble catching up. While Lucy just chased around Shane for the most part, he showed her around camp and introduced her to the people.

Be it as it may, Lucy really wanted to talk to Rick again. But didn't want to intrude on their family reunion.

Not like she minded though, Big brother Shane was actually not as bad as they portrayed him to be in the show.

The whole day continued like this, with Rick talking with his family and Lucy getting to know Shane better.

That was until the sun set and now everyone was in a circle around a camp fire.

Rick had Carl on his lap while Lucy was sitting next to Shane. Wanting to sit on someone's lap too, but she wasn't to familiar with them personally to do that.

Currently everyone was listening to Rick's story, of how he woke up at the hospital. His journey to Atlanta, on a mission to find Carl and Lori.

But when he finished everyone looked at Lucy. They really wanted to know her story.

Rick was the first to ask her,"What about you Lucy? How'd you end up in Atlanta's freeway all alone."

Lucy stared at the campfire for a bit, trying to remember every part of the story Rae told her and then spoke up,"Well about two days ago my Papa and I arrived at Atlanta where we thought it was safe. As you all know it's over run so we ended up getting trapped. Both of us managed to fight most of them off and escape. But when we were escaping my Papa had dropped the bag with our food supplies. We both knew we couldn't survive without food. So for that reason, today in the morning we tried to get it back. B..but my papa h.....he got bit. He drove us all the way to the freeway in his motorcycle until he couldn't anymore. He told me to not be scared because his buddies from the police department would help me. That I had to take care of myself till then. After that he tried to walk away, to end himself. Yet when he wasn't even ten feet away, he fell down. I tried to go help him but when he got up he was already a walker."

Lucy trembled a little from all the stares she was receiving before continuing her story. "I couldn't shoot him. He was my papa who I loved so much. So I ran to hide instead. But there was nowhere to hide in the street. Thus I kept on running until I tripped and almost got eaten. Then his cop buddy did come. Mister Rick showed up and saved me." She ended with a smile.

She started to feel drowsy by the end of it. Only deciding to lay her head on Shane's lap and close her eyes when she saw everyone's reactions.

They were all the same, sadness. Only one person in the group had no compassion for her, Ed.

Even as she closed her eyes sleep started overtaking her, and not even a second later she was sleeping. Dieing, transmigrating, and today's chaotic events had made a toll on her mind.


Author's Note:

Well I tried😐 if you guys have any suggestions feel free to comment on them.

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