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82.35% Reincarnated to Another World because ROB asked me. / Chapter 28: Chapter 28. Everyone 6 Years Later and Vacation Plan.

Chapter 28. Everyone 6 Years Later and Vacation Plan. - Reincarnated to Another World because ROB asked me. - Chapter 28 by Renaxan full book limited free

Chapter 28: Chapter 28. Everyone 6 Years Later and Vacation Plan.




Timeskip to 6 years later.


Welcome back. My wish on that new year's shrine really worked out.

I did have peaceful life over 6 years here with none of worth mentioning trouble as far as I can see.

["Except that time when you decide to go world travel and you meet the magical girl at their 4th grade without telling anyone else."] The system retort.


Err... That was an accident! I will not repeat my blunder there. It is also completely random so not my fault that I ended landed there.

["Well, you learn the art of being a magical girl villain from there too and it is a good thing at the end. You even get yourself another blonde right there, user."] The system said as he chuckled.

....That's true. Honestly, I miss her. I literally leave her when she is really dependent on me but I have no choice.

If only your homeworld time control function was already unlocked.

["You gotta earn it, user. I wonder why you haven't unlocked any all these years?"] The system said to me.

I don't know. You didn't give me any ducking clue!



I wonder how is all TSAB members doing right now? I haven't seen them for 2 years after all.


Today everyone just graduated from elementary school and we decide to celebrate it in the Miyazono household.

I'm waiting in front of the school with my sister beside me as she hugs my arm. I can feel her developed breast touching and I'm having a hard time calming down.


Teenager hormones strike me.

["I'm glad I didn't have one, user."] The system said.

Yeah, you should be. Teenager hormones really suck, you know?


My sister becomes more beautiful and growing close to her appearance like in her original, and it scared me for some reason... even though she should be completely different. She is still sweet and loves to sleep as always.

The only exception is now I know how strong she is becoming as she shows me she beat Azazel in 1v1 a few years earlier... even if Azazel didn't take out his big gun like his secret sacred gear. 

She also admits that she always tries to train in the middle of the night... so I know already the reason behind her sleeping hobby. Not that I got mad, I'm actually relieved since the more strong she is, the less concerned I am to her safety.

["You just can't be mad at her."] The system comment.


Indeed, you know me well, System.


The first coming meets us at the entrance is Hikigaya Hachiman, which is also accompanied by 2 girls in both of his arms.

Yumiko and Yuigahama, the girl from his own original story as the main character.

Hachiman now grows into a fine guy with a positive and goofy personality, much different than his canon counterpart. Still having dead eyes fish but it doesn't trouble him or anything.

His socially awkward tendency already cured well, but his otaku is not.. due to our existence. 

It has become more severe as he begins to cosplaying actively now. And begin to worship me as I allowed him to meet Serafall once and myself being particularly actively starring on her television series also is a factor.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy soon joins the otaku gathering.


Well... I won't talk about that now.


"Yoo, Hachi. You don't forget we have a meeting after school. Also, you seem to have fun with both girls on your arm. Already accepted your harem protagonist identity now?" I said to him as I greet him.

Hachiman gives me deadpanned stare me.

"I don't want to hear that from you, Satoru-san! ..Ugh girls are troublesome! I still believe that I got this effect because I'm close friends of you!" Hachiman replied. 

I just shook my head while I can feel I did grinning widely.


That's not a logical reason, Hachiman. Also, you should love getting a Harem.

A lot man in any world would kill for being one at your position, you know?

Especially both Yumiko and Yuigahama are cute.


Both girls on Hachiman's arms noticed me and give their greeting.

"Good afternoon, Matsuzaka-san, Satou-san." Yumiko said to my sister normally and then she bows to me.

"Matsuzaka-san, Satou-san. Ohallo!" Yuigahama does the same.

"Hello." My sister replied to them with a short answer but she gives them her sincere smile.


"Ugh... Stop bowing to me and It is not morning anymore, Yui-chan. But hello to both of you and congratulation on graduating." I replied to them as I wave my hand to indicate no need for bows.


"But It is a common procedure to do when we are talking with you. Everyone around knows that." Yumiko replied.

Yuigahama nodded to show her agreement toward what Yumiko said.


"Ahhh! Damn that procedure is from my acting! Just treat me normally okay? Seriously, It pissed me off." I replied with a yell to both of them.


""Hiiiii!! We are sorry!!""

Both girls were scared because of my yells and everyone looked in my direction.

"...Onii-chan, you are already 12 years old now. Stop embarrassing yourself, Okay?" My twin sister said beside me.


"Eh. Sorry." I said to my sister as I scratched my head.

"Seriously, Onii-chan. You are never changed." My sister continued.

"...I'm sorry." I said to both of the Hachiman girls as I bow my head down.

"Well, that's the effect of your persona as an actor of pink shota-boy, Satoru-san. The television series where you are starring is well known to this whole earth and you are become famous on top of that. Your character is especially jarring and popular you know that right?" Hachiman said as he shook his head.

He is damn right.

I'm pretty famous and also have a lot of money, even if I somehow decide to not taking Azazel support anymore, I would be living just fine.


A brief explanation, Pink shota-boy is a character that I played on Serafall magical girl television series. I believe I will not so shota anymore though.

I serve as one of the major antagonists but sometimes also become an ally of Serafall when the situation needs to be.

One thing that makes me suffer from 'procedure' is because of me being an actor of that character. The character, Jimm as pink shota-boy have one unique gimmick, which is the goal to make every person in the world bow at him as people feared him.. which is starred by me.

Not that I hate the character itself because the backstory is because everyone mock his pink hair and makes them disrespect him. Then he decides to change the world...

["Enough about talking your actor career, user. It is goddamn useless information to flex anyway."]

OK, It is not important information anyway.


"Well Hachi, it seems Jimm wants to gather your group today so both me and Yui will excuse ourselves. I want to join your elite group too one day but the requirement is too harsh... to get tested by the entire group, really? Satou and Kaguya test is pure evil!" Yumiko said as she shook her head.

"True. I have watched Kaguya-san test and she completely breaks that poor guy." Yuigahama nodded.

"Well... That was my sister's proposal so you can blame her... I'm personally just fine for anyone to join the group but eh... I can't decide that myself when everyone in the group is pretty much opposite me." I replied to them as also nodded myself.



Then both of them suddenly take a step backward.


"....Hmmm? Onii-chan? So you disagree about my idea. Do want to keep gathering more girl for our group.. yes?" My sister suddenly said behind me.


I made a fatal mistake here.

["I'm glad I never been able to feel anything from inside your soul, user."] The system commented.


...I can feel her murderous aura coming out!


"E-E-Eh... Please excuse us!!" Yumiko and Yuigahama fleed out the scene as they both probably feel my sister aura


"I-Its not what you think sister. I was j-joking, right Hachiman?" I quickly replied 

Hachiman looked away and also didn't replied. He even opens his phone and puts on earphones!



"Seiza." My sister said.

I can clearly hear her instruction.

"But it is.. ground.. not floor"




"But a lot of people is watching." 


"Seiza, Onii-chan." 




"Alright, I will do it... I'm sorry." I replied.



I sit seiza at the school entrance where a lot of people are watching. Everyone stared at me but I did my best to ignore them.

I have learned that if I didn't want to do her punishment, she won't talk to me for a few days! It is literal torture to me...



"I'm really glad Komachi didn't turn like your twin sister, Satoru-san." Hachiman comments from the side.

Well, at least my sister got a unique personality, Hachi.

....I wonder where is my guidance goes wrong for her though?


After some little punishment by my sister, we are changing location to a crepe shop that just opens a few days ago close to our elementary school location. The reason we are going there is that most blonde of our groups are currently there as they told me via phone.

Oh yeah, all of our group members having phones now and it is also a custom one.

Thanks to Azazel being so rich.

As me, my sister and Hachiman arrived at the new open crepe shop, we can see the long queue of people want to get crepes for themselves.


I think I've spotted Kaori and Asia among those people. What a dedication.

Then suddenly I saw a twin-tail blonde girl who running toward me. She is probably just done eating crepes as I can spot the cream on her cheek. It is one of my designed 'fiancees, Ravel Phenex.




Ravel has become more beautiful and pretty all these years though you can see there is little improvement in her breast area compared to others. She is not tsundere like her canon counterpart, but I can see her dere dere part intensifying toward me.

I just treat her normally and here we are, she admires me like I'm a Messiah.

Nowadays she loves to hug me every chance she does have and I also decide to pat her too when she does it.

*Pat* *Pat*

"...Good girl. Also there is the cream on your cheek." I said to Ravel.

I put my finger to wipe it on Ravel's face.


"Uwauwauwaa.." Ravel begins to mumble in cute noise, I can see her face become redder.

["That's a pretty killer move, user. where you pick that up?"] The system said to me.


I don't know, It comes naturally. Naturally, I have developed a way to understand my girl's antics through these years.


I take a breath and damn, she smells so good! And her hair! Her shampoo must be very nice!

Not as nice as my sister's smells but it's close.

["...I'm really afraid you will going to grow into pervert later user."]

I'm a gentleman, system. I won't force myself to any girl.


"Ara~ Satoru-kun. I know Ravel is your fiancee but show your relationship in public would be quite a scandal isn't it?" Akeno said to me from behind, bring 2 green tea crepes with her.

 I didn't realize Akeno was also here.


Akeno... Well, she already shows her growth spurt. She is become the tallest and sexiest girl in the group also with the biggest breast too. At age 13 she already has a B+ cup.. still normal but already impressive in her age right?

She is already in Chiba Junior Highschool now, but even right now, she would come to visit us from time to time. She becomes the Onee-san figure for this friend's group as she is so good at listening to our group problems and giving advice, surpassing my sweet twin sister. Attitude-wise, however, she is going to have the same personality as her canon... S&M practitioner due to her parent influence.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Not surprising, even in canon, she turns into S&M without her parent's presence but now all of her parents are pretty much safe.

Now I think about it. I haven't seen any friends from the same class as her through all these years... I wonder if she is alright?


"Akeno-san, Good afternoon. I didn't know you come today." I said as I greet her.

"Good afternoon, Akeno-san. Sorry for my brother's antics." My sister also followed me.

"Akeno-san, Good Afternoon." Hachiman also followed me.

"G-Good afternoon." Ravel muttered as she looks down.. probably feel embarrassed about the stun she just pulled in public.

"As a good friend and Onee-chan in this group, I should be present at an important moment, right? Also happy graduate, Satoru-kun, Hachi-kun, Ravel-chan, and Satou-chan. From now on we could go to the same school again. I can't wait." Akeno replied as her expression smiling brightly.

You can tell how much she loves everyone in the group, I guess.

"Thank you Akeno-san, But I thought you have school today?" I asked her.

Akeno who heard my question come close to me and whispered close to my ears... "Oh, you didn't know? I already learn myself teleportation magic, so when the school is over, I can teleport back to home and come to here pretty quickly."


"O-Ohh.." I instinctively said and I can feel my mouth open wide shocked at the revelation.

That makes sense. I forget the existence of magic.

Why I didn't learn teleportation magic come again? I could not waste time all these years going by car back home.

["That's because you are a pretty forgetful person, user. Also, you can't take photos of your sister sleeping if you do that."] The system replied with a deadpanned tone.


It's a good point.



"What kind of message did Satoru-san receive from Akeno-san to make him react like that?" Hachiman asked everyone else.

Ravel and my sister shook their head.


While Ravel and my sister volunteered to get crepes for me and Hachi, Miyazono siblings come to our table bringing their own crepes.

Two strawberry crepes. They actually look more twin than my sister and me.


Asia growing up to be a good and cheerful girl, she is not as same devoted nun as her canon part but she still believes in her own beliefs... Thankfully none at Miyazono household complain about that.

Asia also have unlocked Balance Breaker on her sacred gear twilight healing, able to mark her target and heal them at a distance... even a hundred meters. This is a development that didn't happen on canon, but it is a welcomed development.

["I believe it is because that girl wishes to save her sister so strong that her sacred gear answers her. Sacred gear is known evolving follow their user wish, after all."] The system comment on my monologue.

That's a really good theory, system. Thank you for being smart as always.

Kaori.. is growing up as a bright girl like in the anime but her illness still going strong even with Asia on her side. Azazel with all of his force still unable to find a cure for Kaori's illness through these years.

She also still become a Violin musician for some reason. She said it was because she watches music theatrical shows on television and it looks fascinating for her.

She often asked me to play with her, and I also often agree to play with my guitar.

Somehow I have a decent grasp when playing guitar. Probably about something I do in previous lives.

All this year my memory is still cloudy and I still have no idea what is my identity on previous life.


Asia and Kaori walk to our table and greet us as they bring strawberry crepes in their hand.

"Hello~ Sorry for the wait. Both of us Miyazono siblings seem to have sweet tooth and the crepe indeed delicious by the way!" Kaori said to everyone as she waves her hand.

"Unn. Onee-chan even got into queue 3 times for more crepes." Asia said as she shook her head.

Kaori replied "Ehh.. but it is really tasty. I like sweet!"

Kaori proceeds to eat her crepe.

"Eh... Kaori-san, Is it really that good? Now I'm curious myself." Hachiman replied.

"Let's just wait our crepes come to Hachi, and judge it ourselves. Currently, Ravel and my sister join the queue for both of us." I also join the conversation.

"Nomm. Nomm. Mmmmmm!!"  Kaori said then nodded repeatedly.

She can't really reply to us. Her mouth is full.


"Where is Kaguya Onee-chan and Ai Onee-chan?" Asia suddenly asked after she finished her crepes.


Eh, I forget to ask them or remember them, lol.

I check my phone and type on the group chat.


(@kaguya @ai location?) (Satoru)


(walking to your location) (ai)

(roger.) (Satoru)


"They said they're currently walking to here soon. I also will call our ride since everyone is almost here." I said to Asia then also call my driver.

After Kaguya and Ai arrived, we are planning to go to Kaori's house to celebrate our graduation.


"Sorry for waiting, everyone." Kaguya said as she approaches our table.

"You are late again, slowpoke black queen." I said to her.

"Eh... But the teacher was asked me to help her." Kaguya replied.

"Actually Kaguya-sama, aren't you checking Satoru score and compared it to you, again?" Ai from her side retorting.

"Oh ho?" I said to tease Kaguya. it was interesting information.

"Haya-saka!" Kaguya yelled out at Ai.

Ai shook her head and said "Call me Ai, A-i. Everyone in the group calling in first name, Kaguya-sama."


Seems Ai has become more brazen to her mistress, Is this puberty strike cause?


I look at both girls that I've known for 6 years already. Ai is still someone I know less than anyone else in the group, even less than Vali who practically ghost. Well, at least she has the best interest in the group aside from Kaguya.

And.. Shinomiya Kaguya is still the same as always... cold and uncaring toward others.

However, for the member of the group, she is very warm and caring toward members of our group. She might be the one who loved this group the most.

She also seems to become much smarter than her canon counterpart due to my existence as she wants to beat me so bad.. but all these years I never let her win even once.

Thanks to my sharingan... I'm able to copy teacher memory and even her too, lol.

She has no chance against my awesomeness.

["...I bet she would become your fiancee soon, user."] The system retort.


System, you really love ruining my fun, huh?


I wouldn't deny the possibility. I notice that Kaguya didn't talk to any boy through these years unless it is necessary...even Hachiman. She mostly talks with me, even though we are just bantering.


It is a goddamn flag.

["Early congratulation for you."] The system said as he chuckled.


Today, everyone at Kaori's place due to her home location close... And we are celebrating our graduation in her house.

We are all also agree to went to the same school too by the way.

I'm really glad we have become such close friends.


"Everyone already confirmed to join Chiba Junior Highschool right?" I asked everyone.

"My parents not opposing me so no problem on my side." Kaguya said to us.

"My parents did tell me to join noble school but I refuse.. well there is no opposition either after that" Ravel also seems OK.

"No problem on my part, it's closest middle school from my house anyway." Hachiman followed.

"Me and Asia too." Kaori added.

"I guess that settles it." I said to the group and everyone nodded to what I said.


"Anyway, I remember we also talking about a vacation plan for this summer. Did this also already decided?" Akeno asked.

"Beach!!" Ravel raises her hand.

...That's a really classic choice, Ravel.


"Hawaii or somewhere in Europe." 

....That's a very high-class suggestion you got Kaguya.


"Maybe somewhere close and safe.. such as Planetarium or Zoo?" Kaori suggests.

....It is a close more to date location than a vacation, Kaori-chan.

"Chiba Church?" Asia suggested.

....I don't think it is a vacation destination in the first place.




....Hachiman, consider the others isn't really otaku as you are, please.


Everyone looking at Hachi.

"Bad idea Hachi."

Hachi looked away, embarrassed.


"How about Kyoto? My father will cover all our fees if we go there since my father has a plan to go there next week." I said to the group.

"Kyoto? What we are going to do there?" Kaguya asked me.

"Exploring around.. and that's it." I replied as I don't know what to say.


["You are very bad at convincing people right there.."]

I don't know what I should say.. Say something like 'Hey I know the supernatural side of Kyoto in this vacation so let us go to Kyoto!'



"Ahh... Kyoto is a good place to go vacation." Kaori's mother suddenly said out of nowhere.


Kaori mama come to rescue!

"Really, Okaa-san?" Kaori asked.

"Yes. There is a lot of beautiful sightseeing location and the weather around this time should be nice too there." Kaori's mother added.

*murmur* *murmur*

I look at Kaori's mother and she blinks one of her eyes at me.


...Thank you for the support!

"So, how about Kyoto?" I asked the group again.

Everyone looking each other and agree that we would go to Kyoto a few days from now on.


*Slash* *Slash*

Currently I'm training myself alone in training ground as always I have been doing everyday.

After 6 years of training, I'm proud to call myself at least one of the strongest humans in this world.

Since 3 years ago Baraqiel also stops training me since I'm able to surpass him and completely able to defeat him in close combat.

Thanks to my cheating eyes.

I am also quite proficient in swords play. Griselda sometimes visiting Japan then take her time to update the alliance condition between heaven and a fallen angel. At that time, she teaches me how to play with a sword. 

I don't have my own style, but I could use any sword style that I've been memorized.


My control in chakra going well enough.

I'm able to do Rasengan with one hand, but I'm nowhere close to creating a complete version that combines with chakra nature.

Apparently, my chakra affinity is lightning and fire. 

Did I ask myself to become Uchiha at ROB?

...Should I train Chidori too then?


About Encounter, I have mastered my Imagine breaker quite well now I have 10 minutes usage of Encounter before side effect kicking. I'm also having a second mode of it, which is way more stronger thanks to system existence but I can't use it without getting a side effect.

I'm still don't like the idea of forgetting my own identity because of my ability push it away.

I feel it when the side effect kicked... I feel my love toward my sister lessening and any worries I have.

Does that mean I will be a complete monk by the time I'm using this too much? But I don't think the original user of Encounter does have this problem.

["About that, I got a theory but I still quite not sure, user."] The system suddenly said.

Sure, tell me whatever you have in mind.

["I think the original user has full control about what he considered as damage and not. At least better than you ever be. For example, he might be thinking indulging himself in fun and enjoying battle isn't harmful to him."] The system replied.

Good theory, Should I test it later? I want to make my ability to see my siscon tendency is not mental damage!

["...Up to you."] The system said with a not very convincing tone.


What's wrong with you, system?


After doing my daily training in the training field, Azazel suddenly called me.



"Listen Satoru, I just got very worrying information... Kokabiel has betrayed us." Azazel told me.


Wait, what?

"... Isn't it a bit too fast? What is his motive now?" I answer him. 

"You know the plot we know significantly faster progressing since when we notice Khaos Brigade begins to look at Valerie location right?" Azazel explains to me.


Oh, that's right. Good thing she is currently safe in Aqua Eden, and living normally as a vampire there. Azazel take initiative to secure her in the place where the strongest vampire area resides.


"We know his purpose always been triggering war, but how? I know in fact Sona and Rias haven't been on Kuoh... or perhaps possibly there would be no chance for them to be in Kuoh in the first place." I said.

Cleria Belial is still alive after all. Azazel especially negotiated with her to increase her protection and his relative, the emperor of Rating Game, Diehauser Belial just did that.


"For now, All we can do is just wait until he takes an action... and be careful, Satoru." Azazel said to me.

"Of course." I replied.

"Kokabiel has grudge toward Vasco since World War II and with your record have defeated him, big chance you are also within his target." Azazel said to me with a serious tone.

...That's true.

I might be much stronger than 6 years back but something I've learned through this year is being cautious has never been bad.


["My user becomes lady killer naturally, I'm proud of him. Though, I feel he doesn't change much all these years."] The system monologues to end the chapter.

Renaxan Renaxan

3.9K words this chapter, wow.

new arc

Probably will stretch until chapter 50 or arround that.

A plan a lot revelation about mc and his identity in this arc.

Hopefully I could pull it off.

Thanks for people who still support me, even if I didn't really check comment at all xD

Might have a lot typo and grammar but eh, I dont have editor.

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