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Reincarnated with Annihilation Maker in a World with Mashup Anime Reincarnated with Annihilation Maker in a World with Mashup Anime original

Reincarnated with Annihilation Maker in a World with Mashup Anime

Author: Shiki_rvi

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1


"What! Where am I?"

*arrg, my head, fuck! Unknown memories came flooding into my head like a thousand ants biting me.

"It seems I got spirited away, heh," I murmured to myself.

My name is Kamisato Oreki, 17 years old and I live solo in a spacious three-bedroom house. Thanks to my father, who headed the prestigious Shinomiya Zaibatsu in the past, I'm financially secure, but sadly, he's already gone. My mother, a half-Japanese and half-somewhere European, has passed away too, leaving a void in my life.

Speaking of family, my sister Kaguya is quite the character. She is the protagonist in "Kaguya-sama: Love is War." Unlike her, who has been attending Shuchi'in Academy since her freshman year, I attended an unknown high school during my freshman year before transferring to Kuoh Academy for my sophomore year. Kuoh Academy is from the anime/light novel series "High School DxD."

In this world where the DxD and Kaguya universes coexist, I expect to encounter a variety of anime and manga realms. It adds a fascinating twist to our reality.

Now then, I need a glass of water because I need to process all this. I look around the living room and yell to the void,

"Are you watching right now?! You should've given me a cheat, ROB! How am I supposed to build my future harem?"

I drank the glass of water I brought.

*wind sound effect*

"Woah, I just got chills. Hmm, a note? Wait a minute." I pick up the letter and read it silently.

"I got nothing but to give you an Annihilation Maker. It's not much for the people of that world, but for you, that's cheating! You have the power of anime and imagination with you.

From, ROB.

P.S. Don't stop DREAMING. I mean it."

I closed the note and threw it in the trash. You know what? I need to burn it.

After burning it, I sat down on the sofa and took a deep breath to take it all in.

"I got reincarnated with Annihilation Maker! HECK YEAH!"

Too many things to do. Who should I create first? You know what, let's make a cat. A God Cat.

And voila, a black cat! I will name you:

"Bast, the Goddess of the Sun and War."

"Meow." Awww, so cute! I pet Bast's smooth black fur, and she seems to love it.

"Come, Bast, let's go outside and buy food for both of us."


I open the door to our apartment and walk out of it to face the world.

Meanwhile, at Kuoh Academy, a red-haired girl with big boobs and a black medium-length haired girl with glasses are playing chess, both of them wearing the same Kuoh uniform.

"What's your plan to deal with your fiancé, Rias?" asked the black-haired girl.

"Don't remind me of him, Sona. I'll deal with him when I complete my peerage," said the red-haired girl named Rias.

"When are you going to complete it then?" asked the black-haired girl named Sona.

"Don't ask! If it's going to happen, it will happen. My brother will help; he's a scion, you know, just like your sister," said Rias, crossing her legs and making her panties almost visible to the audience.

Sona's calm demeanor visibly cringed hearing that but quickly returned to normal.

"Checkmate," said Sona to Rias, who raised her hands in resignation.

"Sona, you're going to die without getting married if your condition for getting married is beating you in a game of chess," Rias said while pitying Sona.

Adjusting her glasses, Sona said, "Are you being sarcastic or what?"

"Enough about that. I need to go and watch DBZ," Rias said, standing up and walking out of the student council room.

While she was on the way to the ORC room, she saw a black-haired girl with a ponytail and big boobs and a black, long-haired girl with glasses talking to each other.

"Oh, Akeno!" said Rias to the girl with the ponytail named Akeno.

"Are you done with your visit with Sona, Rias?" said Akeno.

"Yup," said Rias.

"Lady Rias, Akeno, I will be on my way," said the long-haired girl with glasses while bowing.

"Bye, Tsubaki," Rias said to the girl named Tsubaki.

"Let's go, Akeno. I need to binge DBZ," Rias said, walking side by side with Akeno.

Reaching the ORC room, Rias sat on the sofa and opened the TV while Akeno brewed tea.

"Where are Kiba and Koneko?" Rias asked.

While giving the tea to Rias, Akeno answered, "Kiba is patrolling the town, while Koneko said she's going to buy food."

Rias nodded, savoring the tea and watching episode 1 of DBZ.

"Hmmm, tea and anime. Life is good, what can go wrong, right, Akeno?"

Akeno nodded her head in response.

Oreki POV

"We got our food and drinks, Bast. Let's go home."

"Meow." What a dangerously adorable cat.

While walking home, I saw a white-haired girl with a cat-shaped hairpin.

'Is that Koneko?' I thought to myself.

Koneko stopped walking and looked at us suspiciously.

'I need to pretend that I'm normal... wait, I am normal! Bast, pretend to be a normal cat.'

'Meow.' Oh! You can read my mind, nice. Now do what you must and pretend to be a normal cat so that she won't notice your godly aura.

Or not. She's already looking at Bast.

I need to distract her. "Hey little girl, what are you looking at?"

"Who are you?" Koneko asked Bast, on guard.

I answered, "I'm Kamisato Oreki. Why are you asking my cat instead of me? By the way, her name is Bast."


She looked at me weirdly.


"This is your cat? It feels dangerous. Are you a yokai? Show your true self!"

Okay, that's it.

"Bast, knock her out."

"Meow." She teleported behind Koneko and did a karate chop.

"Wha..." *thud* I caught her before she hit the ground.

"What to do? Meh, let's just leave her here." I put her on the sidewalk.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Bast, use the forgetful beam."


"Just wipe her memory of meeting us here," I sighed.

"MEOW!" There was some kind of energy that went out of her mouth.

"Is it done?" I asked.

She nodded. "Well then, let's go."

We started heading home to prepare our dinner.

A blond-haired ikeman can be seen walking by the road and talking to himself.

"There is nothing wrong with this town, so peaceful."

But the ikeman stopped when he noticed an unconscious girl by the road.

"What? Wait... KONEKO!" The ikeman ran to the girl and shook her frantically to wake her up.

"Koneko, why are you lying around here? Did someone attack you?" the ikeman asked in panic.

"What? Kiba, what happened here?" Koneko rubbed her shoulder.

"You don't remember anything?" Kiba asked, puzzled.

"All I remember is I was on my way home from buying food and that's it," Koneko said, still trying to remember.

"There must be someone who attacked you! We need to tell Lady Rias about this," Kiba said, standing up and running in the direction of Kuoh Academy while Koneko followed from behind.

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