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73.68% Reincarnated with Endless-System / Chapter 12: New Power & Noble Phantasm

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Chapter 12: New Power & Noble Phantasm

{A/N: I forgot to add 'Fusion skill' and 'White Room' in the previous chapter, so I just edit and also add some new sentence in the previous chapter, So if you don't see any difference in the previous chapter that means you already read the chapter. Also don't forget to join the discord server for Picture, suggestion, and all the latest information and some new updates about this fan-fic:}


Muramasa Legacy

◉Difficulty: CLASS MISSION

Senji Muramasa is a famed blacksmith within Ise Province. Legend says that he has forged a demon sword that antagonizes the Tokugawa clan. As a blacksmith, Senji Muramasa confident that his blacksmith skill has reached the territory of God. He displayed Territory Creation skill as his whole workshop just never stops following him. Learn all the skills required, so that the host of the system gain access to Muramasa Territory Creation.

◉Clear Conditions:

▪ 'Muramasa Sword Art Technique' reaches level 40.

▪ Learn 'Blacksmith' Skill.

▪ Learn ' Weapon Appraisal' Skill.

◉Mission Reward: Obtained Skill [Muramasa Territory Creation]


Tetsuya who saw the small screen in front of him is now dumbfounded. He almost forgets the fact that Senji Muramasa was a Blacksmith since he just focuses to learn the 'Muramasa Sword Art Technique'. Tetsuya who read all the details of the mission is now excited as he can get his Territory creation. Territory Creation is a Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, for example, Semiramis who has the territory creation that can summon a fortress called 'Hanging Gardens of Babylon' by gathering specific materials to summon it. As for 'Muramasa Territory Creation', it has the ability to summon Muramasa Workshop to make weapons.

Tetsuya then wants to learn 'Blacksmith' and 'Weapon Appraisal', but he doesn't know where he can learn. He wants to ask his mother Anna to teach him about 'Blacksmith' but instantly denied that idea because he never saw a forgery workshop in this house, maybe because his parents hide it, and he also didn't want his parents to be suspicious of him for knowing too much even though his parents already know he is a genius at learning. He also didn't know where he can learn 'Weapon Appraisal' skill.

But suddenly a sudden thought comes to his mind.

'What if I check the [SHOP] system, maybe there is 'Blacksmith' and 'Weapon Appraisal' skill in there?' think Tetsuya while having a smile on his face.

He then checks his [SHOP] system with high expectations only to be shot down by the price in the [SHOP] system.




▪Muramasa Pack 1 (3.000.000→1.500.000 System-Point)(50%)(Offer end within: 05:43:32)

◆ Blacksmith (450.000 System-Point)

◆ Weapon Appraisal (1.250.000 System-Point)

◆ [Random Skill] (550.000 System-Point)

◆ [Random Sword-type weapon] (750.000 System-Point)


Search [ search the shop ]


Tetsuya who saw this feels like he is getting scam by the system for robbing his system points. He wants to curse the system, but he knows the system will not respond to his curses, rather than that the Goddess probably will only laugh at him for robbing his system-point.

But he knew that if he tries to buy it normally, it will be more pricey then the offer, he just sad that almost all of his system-point will be gone after his purchase, at least he knows he will get a new sword weapon and a skill.

Tetsuya also relieved when he will get a new sword since Incursio is a teigu that transforms into a full-body armor, so he will use another sword to use 'Muramasa Sword Art Technique' when using Incursio as his armor since his [EQUIPMENT] system can equip 2 weapons.

Tetsuya then calm down and purchased the offer. Suddenly a small screen appears in front of him.


[You have learned [Blacksmith]]

[You have learned [Weapon Appraisal]]

[You have learned [Restraint]]

[You have obtained Item [Gram (Reforged)]]

[You have unlocked a new system called [NOBLE PHANTASM] because the host of this system has obtained a weapon that has a Noble Phantasm skill]


Tetsuya who saw his new item and skill have widened eyes open on his face. He then checks his System menu only to find that there is a new System in his system menu.














Tetsuya who is excited then opens his [NOBLE PHANTASM] system to check his new Noble Phantasm.


▪ Bölverk Gram (Lv. 1/5)

Type: Anti-Fortress

Rank: A+

Deal significant damage to a single enemy, and 50% more damage to an enemy that has an attribute 'Dragon'.

The damage output of the Noble Phantasm based on the mana and strength that is used in the Noble Phantasm.

Noble Phantasm Usage Conditions: Gram, Gram (Reforged)

Noble Phantasm Mana Cost: (The strength of the Noble Phantasm is based on any amount of Mana that the Host of the system used, so you can use any amount of mana.)

Noble Phantasm Cooldown Time: 12 Hours


{A/N: The Noble Phantasm skill description is only my opinion especially the sentence ' The damage output of the Noble Phantasm based on the mana and strength that is used in the Noble Phantasm.'

I don't know much about the Noble Phantasm itself, I only know about it from fandom, Fate/Grand Order game, etc.}

Tetsuya never expected to receive a weapon that wielded by Sigurd in the Völsunga saga of Norse Mythology.

Gram is the "Sword of the Sun" wielded by Sigurd in the Völsunga saga of Norse Mythology. It was originally an enchanted sword wielded and pulled from the trunk of a mighty tree by Sigurd's father, Sigmund, and later, it shattered from clashing against Gungnir and was reforged anew into a cursed demonic blade that was capable of killing even a dragon by Sigurd. After that, it became renowned as a "demonic sword of both glory and ruin." It is said to be the strongest demonic sword that can only be equaled to the strongest holy sword Excalibur, so it possesses the special characteristic of "dragon slayer".

{A/N: for more information check}

Tetsuya also checks the description of the Noble Phantasm, only to get shocked by the content. He never expected that this weapon is the type of weapon that depends on the power of the user to increase the damage output.

Tetsuya then also checks his 'Restraint' skill to see the effect of the skill.


Restraint (Lv. 1/99)

Restrained Someone's movement for 3 seconds. (Works in anything especially inanimate things)

* A target that can resist the skill effect will have a low probability of being stopped for 0.1 to 0.3 seconds

Skill Usage Conditions: None

Skill Mana Cost: 250

Skill Cooldown Time: 300 seconds


Tetsuya who sees the skill effect thinks that the skill is also great and is quite useful when fighting an enemy who is faster than him, but the skill also quite useless to someone that can resist the effect. As for the criteria of the target that can resist the skill, he thinks that is probably someone stronger than him, or have the ability to resist all kinds of abnormality but who knows.

Tetsuya didn't expect to find this kind of a blessing in the [SHOP] system. He thought the system robbed his system-point, only to give him a crappy weapon and skill, but alas he was wrong, he never expected to receive a weapon that has Noble Phantasm, but also a skill that can stop enemy movement. He started to feel grateful that the system was offering this kind of blessing on the [SHOP] system.

Tetsuya without further ado then moves into the 'White Room' from his room to test his new weapon and skill that he got.

When Tetsuya arrived in the 'White Room', He then summons a doll inside the 'White Room' to test his new skill and weapon. The doll that he created with his mana in the 'White Room' has the capabilities to move around and also fight weapon-to-weapon with Tetsuya. The appearance of the doll is an iron being with red glowing eyes, a long cut-off branch made of iron forming a nose, hands that created from iron. The majority of the doll limbs are made of sections of iron that resemble a log joined with ball-joints, although his feet are made of two half-rounds, like those of a log split vertically that made by iron. The doll also holds an iron sword on its hand.

{A/N: the appearance of the doll is this but the difference is instead of the stone orb, it has a hand made by iron, has glowing red eyes instead of Orange, and the whole body made out of iron.}

These past few months, Tetsuya has been experimenting with many things in the 'White Room' such as to create anything that he imagined, such as food, potion, weapon, and etc. When he imagined something edible such as food or potion to create it still works such the food and potion still has the appearance he imagined, but when he tries to consume it the food doesn't have any taste and transform into mana when entering his body, the same thing happens to the potion. But from the experimenting this he figured that anything that he creates and eats transforms into mana and refills his mana bar by just a half by what he consumed to create the things he eats.

Tetsuya also can create a will to control an inanimate object to do what he orders. But the will that he created is not a soul but rather than an A.I. He also can create any material that he imagined but the harder the material, the more mana required to make the material.

The doll that Tetsuya created is consists of Iron and a will. He chooses Iron because he doesn't want to waste mana since he only wanted to test his new weapon and skill, but the Iron that he created is not a normal Iron but Iron that is hardened by his mana.

Tetsuya then lets out his weapon from the [ITEM] system to his hand. The weapon itself is a sword that glows emerald color, yes the weapon that he holds is 'Gram (Reforged)'. Even though Tetsuya still 5 years old, his body still can handle the sword that bigger than himself. He then set a plan on how to use his new Noble Phantasm and Skill to attack, since if he uses his Noble Phantasm the enemy will dodge it.

Suddenly Tetsuya got an idea on how to deploy his new Noble Phantasm without the enemy dodging.

Tetsuya then orders the doll to move and attack him, so that he can use his new skill 'Restraint' on the doll. He then used 'Restraint' on the doll, when the doll is nearing him. Suddenly the doll movement is stopped but there is still some struggle from the doll.

{A/N: The appearance of the weapon is Gram(Reforged) V2}

Tetsuya then uses his Noble Phantasm on the doll and used all his mana and strength to attack the doll that is struggling to move. When Tetsuya is going to activate his Noble Phantasm, his sword disappear in front of him and suddenly his body posture change, he bends his knee and moves his left leg behind his right leg, he raised his right hand straight with a little bend and put his other hand that forms a fist beside his body. Suddenly there is an emerald color electrical aura surrounding him, and in front of him, there are many knives that suddenly appeared in front of him while spinning around. While the knives were floating in front of him, he suddenly says something like he is chanting a spell:

『Using special move-- 』Tetsuya who still casting, punch all the knives in front of him with all his strength toward the doll.

『 O Demonic Sword of the Sun, with that blade, give rise to destruction! --』Suddenly 'Gram (Reforged)' appear in front of Tetsuya. He then started to punch 'Gram (Reforged)' and flies toward the doll along with his knives. All the Knives that fly toward the doll with the speed of lightning make a hole when past through the doll and the Sword that follows the knives suddenly make an impact toward the doll and stuck in the doll main body. Tetsuya soon follows up with a run towards the sword that stuck in the doll body with the posture of the body that is going to hit the sword bottom handle that stuck into the doll body.

『Bölverk Gram !』Tetsuya who is about to punch the doll with his fist that envelopes with an electric emerald color aura, shout the Noble Phantasm name and punch toward the bottom handle sword that causes big long-stretching emerald energy that burst from his sword.

The doll who got attack by the Noble Phantasm, melt into dust in an instant. When the Noble Phantasm energy that burst started to subsided, the doll turn into nothingness.

Tetsuya who sees this can only smile wryly because he was probably underestimated the Noble Phantasm's power to attack the doll with Iron that enchanted with his mana. He uses 4000 mana to attack the doll since the other mana was used to create the doll and also was used in 'Restraint' skill. But nonetheless, he is happy with the result of his Noble Phantasm.

Tetsuya who is out of mana then goes out from the 'White Room' and eats dinner with his family in the living room.

Tatsuke44 Tatsuke44

Hello, guys hope you enjoy a new chapter and sorry for not updating a new chapter this week because I have to complete many of my assignment in this week, and also as usual don't forget to join the discord server for more image related fan-fic and you also be notified when the new chapter is updated, Discord link:

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