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18.72% Reincarnation of a living god / Chapter 53: the barons hospitality (3)

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Chapter 53: the barons hospitality (3)

Mars ignored Elsa that was looking at him with sad eyes and asked Victoria that was laying off to the side

"how do I look?"

Victoria raised her head and looked at Mars before she stood up and walked around him a few times and sat down and tilted her head to the side while her horns flashed


"I guess it's better than bad..."

"tch... you have such nice muscles so why cover them up..."

Mars ignored the side comment from Elsa and asked her

"just to be sure does it normally cost money to visit the temple?"

Elsa tilted her head slightly

"no, it's free"

"I see... in that case I will be right back"

Mars picked up his sword while his eyes turned cold

"wait! Mars your eyes are dead!"

Mars ignored Elsa and walked towards the gate to the mansion, on his way he passed some servants and ganders that all froze when they looked him in the eyes, one older gardener even fell and landed on his butt

"don't just look at him, stop him he's is about to murder the priest!"


some of the stronger servants grabbed Mars and tried to stop him, unfortunately it had no effect as Mars kept walking only now he was dragging a group of people after him that desperately tired to stop him, which made Elsa panic slightly

"just try to hold him I will get the baron!"

Mars ignored Elsa that ran into the mansion and walked through the gate out into the street where he quickly gathered the attention of the crowd while the servants got more and more desperate

"hold him!"

"damn what is this guy made off!?"

"get more people!"

Mars kept walking and when he was about to reach the temple Reimund and his wife Irene showed up and tried to get in contact with him


"Mars please listen!"

Mars ignored them and finally when he was about 15 meters form the temple where the priest was sitting outside with his head buried in a book he finally spoke in a low chilly voice


one of the servants noticed something was starting to get hot and looked up before he screamed

"everyone let go and run!"

a small sun had appeared and was hovering over Mars's head that made him look like a avatar of fire as he was bathed in the light of the yellow and orange flames, which made the crowd that had been following after Mars back up quickly this also finely drew the attention of the priest that finely looked up from his book

"what's all the fuzz abo--- HIIIIII!!!"

the priest screamed like a pig and tried to run away when he looked Mars in the eyes but a wall of fire appeared and blocked his path

"...don't run"

Mars waved his hand and the ball of fire above his head formed a fire cage that trapped the priest and himself inside, it also blocked off the crowds view

"now... what to do with you"

"please don't kill me!"

the priest bowed down on the ground and begged Mars, he obviously knew that scamming Mars out of 200 cel was wrong and would probably faint if he knew Mars had no idea what 200 cel was worth and he did this for the heck of it


the priest stopped begging for his life as he seemed to have realized something and stood up with a smug look on his face

"you can't kill me, if you lay a finger on me the 13 will curse you!"

Mars paused and was about the retort that he had just had a friendly talk with one of the 13 just earlier today and instead asked the priest

"why is that?"

"why? well obviously because i'm a acolyte of the temple and is protected by the 13 above for serving them!"


"that's right, so if you want to beg for forgiveness now is the time! before I decide to---"

Mars tuned out the arrogant priest and pulled out his necklace from under his shirt and asked the priest

"then what rank do I have in the temple, when I have one of theses?"

the priest choked and while his face turned white as a sheet

"t-that's... necklace of the apostle"

"hmm? yeah it's nice right, I got it form Info earlier today"

"Info... you mean Information, one of the 13!?"

"yeah I call her Info"

"her!? I see..."

the priest stood up again and pointed at Mars

"that's a fake, no way some kid barbarian got a necklace of the apostle from one of the most powerful archangels, hand it over!"

Mars gave a slight smile while his eyes turned even colder

"sure... here you go"

Mars took off the necklace and handed it to the priest

"good, now admit your sins and beg for for...give...ness? h...e....l....p"

Mars watched the priest being turned into pure black stone and gave a sigh

"well then...that just happened"

Mars turned his focus to the table the priest was sitting at and walked over and picked up the book, before he gave it a few shakes from side to side

"not there... then..."

Mars put the book down again and knocked softly on the table before he gave a smile


Mars searched around on the table and when he pressed a spot a soft click was heard and a small drawer popped out

"now what do we have here?"

Mars took out a emblem with 8 skulls that he threw aside before he picked up a small pouch which he gave a shake and heard the clings of coins


Mars stuffed the pouch in his pocket, closed the drawer and walked away from the table before he waved his hand and made the fire wall disappear


Reimud rushed though as the first followed by some guards but they all paused when they saw the priest had been turned into black stone

"what happened?"

Mars gave a shrug and explained

"he said my necklace was fake, so I handed it to him"

"that's... I see so he was cursed"

Reimund gave a sigh before he gave 2 claps that made the guards stop the encirclement before he gave a glance the the priest's hand

"we need to get you necklace back... wait here I will send for a stonemason"

"no need"

Mars gripped his sword and walked up to the statue and breathed out before he took a stance and sent out a lightning quick chop which severed the hand of the statue which he picked up and crushed with his bare hands

"there, see easy right?"

"whatever you say..."

Reimund's eyelid twitches slightly and the crowd gave a applause as Mars put on the necklace on again

"good job kid!"

"that priest got what he deserved!"

"damn right, he scammed me out off 300 cel over the last 3 months!"

Mars gave a slight bow to the crowd, while doing his best to look righteous even as he had pocketed most of the stole money himself and had no plans to give any of it back

"do you mind coming back to the mansion? Hanna would like to thank you for healing her"

"sure, but do you mind if I register at the guild first?"

"no problem, let me show you the way Mars"

Reimund gave a smile, he had also been annoyed by the priest which he received numerous complaints for over the last half year, but he could only pass the word on to the main temple in the capital and had yet to hear back from the main temple so he was at a loss about what to do, but now had Mars not only healed his daughter but also gotten rid of the priest, so to say he was happy was a understatement

"let's go"

Reimund, Irene and Mars walked towards the guilds and soon arrived, but when Mars saw them head into the hunters guild he stopped the couple

"no not the hunters guild, i'm going to the mercenary's guild"

Irene gave a look of surprise

"really? but you're such a good hunter?"

"yeah... let's just say I have other uses for magic cores"

"okay then"

Irene and Reimund led the way into the mercenary's guild where Mars took a quick look around

'this certainly looks the part...'

the inside of the guild was split in 3 parts, the guild counters, a guild board with requests and the guild restaurant/bar where most of the non-staff people in the guild was either celebrating a completed request or drinking for a lost comrade, making the overall atmosphere lively to say the least, while most of the people in here was men Mars also spotted some women in the crowd

"over here Mars"

Mars stopped looking around and walked over to the counter where Reimund and Irene stood and talked with a big rough looking man that stood behind the counter that sized up Mars with a stern but slightly wary gaze

"so your Mars?"

"yep that's me"

the man looked over Mars once more and gave a slight nod of approval when he saw his pure white bone sword and asked

"is that bone?"

"yeah, form a class 6 magic beast"

"'re shitting me right?"

"nope, hunted it myself"

the man gave a glance to Victoria that followed after Mars before he gave a nod

"so, I hear you want to register?"

"yeah that's what i'm here for"

the man gave a nod

"then follow me, it was nice talking to you Reimund"

"you too Alex"

Mars and Victoria followed after the man up the stairs that was behind the counter and into a room on the 2nd floor with a long table with over 50 chairs around it

"this is the briefing room, you don't mind we do the interview here right?"

"no problem"

the man sat down and gestured to Mars to sit down

"then let's get started"

zad1333 zad1333

Thanks for reading! :)

next chapter Wednesday hope too see you all then

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