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31.09% Reincarnation of a living god / Chapter 88: Towards the front (1)

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Chapter 88: Towards the front (1)

"Mars..? what's wrong? Are you really in trouble?"

Mars woke up form his daze and shook his head slightly

"no I'm not in trouble teacher"

the vice principal gave a sigh of relief

"that's good... next I would like to know how you know those elvers if that's okay?"

"its fine, I know the girl Chloe but it's the first time meeting her dad... I lived in the Mother forest for some time along with Chloe and 3 other elvers"

"I see...if I remember right the spell you used that one time was also a elven spell?"

"yeah Chloe taught me that one... or more like she downgraded it so I could lean it..."

the vice principal's eye lit up

"she downgraded a spell... I would love to talk spells with her then..."

Mars shook his head but refrained from telling how Chloe hated humans and only talk to him when she came to know he wasn't human

"well anyway it's good you're not in trouble, I will take my leave now goodnight Mars"

"goodnight teacher"

Mars watched the vice principal walk out of the door before he gave a sigh and began to pet Victoria between her ears

"let's go to bed"


Victoria jumped down from Mars' lap before he stood up and walked over to the bed and took off his boots and clothes before he laid down in the bed

"...holy shit... how can something be so soft..."

Mars was amazed by the softness of the bed and rolled around for a bit before he got board with it and laid still and looked into the ceiling

"it might actually be too soft... nah it's fine"

"what are... you talking... about?"

Mars looked over at Victoria that still sat on the floor and looked at him like he was weird

"come feel the bed Victoria its hella soft"


Victoria tilted her head to the side but still jumped into the bed and stood pawing it for sometime until her horns lit up again

"you're... right it's... soft"

Victoria's eyes shone with excitement as she started jumping around the bed


Mars watched on with a warm smile as Victoria played around the bed for a few minutes before she sat down on the bed and looked at Mars while her horns flashed

"are we... going to... play with... Chloe tomorrow?"

Mars gave a smile and sat up in the bed and petted Victoria on the head

"sure let's do that"

Victoria's eyes lit up again as her horns shone

"that's... good I have... missed Chloe"

"yeah me too, let's go to sleep"

"okay... goodnight..."

Mars laid down on the way to soft bed and soon fell into a dreamless sleep...

Mars opened his eyes

"where am I again..? oh right the castle..."

he sat up in the bed and looked around the room and spotted Victoria she was laying by his feet in the soft bed but what surprised Mars was that he wasn't alone in the room

"...why are you..? never mind good morning Chloe"

"good morning Mars"

Chloe was sitting in a chair facing the bed Mars had slept in

"no wait why are you here?"

Chloe gave a smile

"I ran into a maid going to wake you up and kindly offered to do her job"

"...I see, just for reference how long ago was that?"

Chloe tilted her head

"about an hour ago..? I don't know I lost track of time watching your sleeping face"

Mars shuddered slightly but kept a straight face

"oh is that so..."

'that's not creepy at all right..?'

Mars once again found his lack of romantic experience form his last life limiting so he really had no idea if Chloe was being cute or creepy

"wait you said an hour ago!?"

"yeah what about it?"

"that means I'm late!"


Chloe's smile widened slightly as she looked at Mars that jumped out of bed and scrambled to put on his clothes and after he poked Victoria awake did he walk out off the room followed by Victoria and Chloe that had a smile on her face

"wait where do I need to go..?"

"I know that, follow me"

Chloe showed Mars the way and soon he arrived in a courtyard where a sky carriage stood ready and both the group form the academy, Dan and Adam waited

"sorry I'm late"

just as Dan opened his mouth and was about to complain Adam raised his hand and spoke in human language

"we don't mind Mars, it wasn't your fault anyway"

Adam sent a glare at Chloe that only showed a innocent smile back, seeing they exchange and remembering what Adam said yesterday about leveling the castle Dan forgot his anger and gave a sigh before he spoke

"well I have waited such a long time seeing you all off isn't a problem"

"sorry again"

"I don't mind Mars, as Adam said someone should have woken you up long ago... well let's talk about your journey first the trip even with sky carriage it will take you 15 days to reach the front which is outside the range of a sky carriage so a landing and resupply is necessary on the way"

the vice principal gave a sigh and spoke

"the town of Mirefield... I really don't like that place..."

"I know Moira but its the north most resupply point in the kingdom so it will have to do"

"fine...but I don't like it especially not with students as young as these... your going to owe me one"

"okay Moira... well then have a nice trip"

the group form the academy and the 2 elvers boarded the sky carriage, Mars boarded first and sat next to the window naturally Chloe secured the spot next to Mars, next to her sat the vice principal, the rest sat on the other side of the table with Chris sitting right in front of Mars the first thing he did after sitting down was to reach his hand across the table to Chloe

"my name is Chris nice to meet you!"

Chloe stopped admiring Mars's face and gave a brief glance at Chris and his outstretched hand before she muttered in elvish

"dumb human go away, better yet jump out the carriage"

Chris not speaking elvish was confused and looked at Mars for help, Mars gave a sigh and translated

"she says nice to meet you"

"oh I see HAHAHA nice to meet you too Chloe!"

Chloe naturally understood what Mars was saying as she had been a part of a forest patrol team and she naturally also knew the common language but she was too lazy to correct him instead she latched on to Mars and rubbed her face on his shoulder Mars gave a sigh but didn't stop her instead he talked out into the empty air as the sky carriage lifted off the ground

"you can come out now"

then Victoria suddenly jumped out of a shadow in the upper corner of the sky carriage and landed on Mars' and Chloe's lap before she laid down as the sky carriage flew over the Kings city's walls heading north...

10 days later the sky carriage was still heading north only now the situation inside the carriage was totally different while Mars was still sitting by the window and Chloe next to him, Chloe was speaking quickly in the common language

"so by using the spells own structure one can modify it by scaling down the structure thereby making a new spell"

"I see... Chloe you really are a genius!"

"heh... you're not bad yourself Moira"

Mars was used to it at this point but when the vice principal started speaking with Chloe he felt kind of... uneasy

'well they got along fine, so I guess it's fine'

Mars looked out the window again and noticed the sky carriage was slowing down and soon a small town came into view, as far as Mars could see it was about the same size as Marlton

'time to find out why the vice principal doesn't like this town... Mirefield was it?'

the sky carriage slowly flew in over the walls of Mirefield before it landed in the courtyard outside the local noble mansion, as soon as the sky carriage touched down Mars opened the door and stepped out of the sky carriage and stretched

"who are you!?"

Mars turned and saw some angry looking knights with swords drawn inch closer to the sky carriage, the one in the front was the one that yelled at Mars

"me..? my name is Mars"

the front most knight saw Mars's relaxed attitude and also calmed down, no he was made to calm down as his experience as a knight and all the life and death battle he had gone though told him that the youth in front of him was a monster in human skin and could easily kill him with a flick of its hand

"...why are you disturbing the lord?"

"I don't think we are, you see we're here under orders form his majesty"

zad1333 zad1333

Thanks for reading! :)

next chapter Sunday hope to see you all then

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