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65.85% RETRY: Going Back in Time to Play Basketball / Chapter 26: 26: What is happening?

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Chapter 26: 26: What is happening?

With the storm gone, the sky is now clear.

It is still early in the morning but students are now speeding towards their respective schools.

Lance arrived in the classroom with his crutch and sat on his assigned seat.

"What's that?"

Nathan noticed Lance holding a crutch and asked why he had it.

"I just had an accident."

"Broke your leg?"

"No, sprained my knee."

"What happened."

"... I twisted it."

Nathan looked down at Lance's knee and said, "Get well then."

"Wrong knee..."

Nathan looked at Lance and did not say anything.

After a moment, Allan arrived with his towering height. Everyone looked at him with an amazed look on their faces. Even though they know that Allan is tall, they couldn't help but be amazed by how tall he is.

He is even taller than most adults, he is even taller than most basketball players already.

His eyes landed on Lance and stared at Lance.

Lance noticed him but both of them did no say anything.

Allan then walked to his seat and closed his eyes.

"He is really very tall right?"


"If only he isn't rude, he'd be the perfect basketball member in the team." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lance did not reply and just looked at the window.

Soon the teacher arrived and introduced himself.

"Good morning, I will be your Math teacher for the rest of the year..."

Time passed by as quickly as the wind blew. The classes were finished before everyone even noticed it.

"Aren't you going home?"

Nathan looked at Lance who is still sitting on his seat.

It seemed as if he doesn't have any plans of leaving soon.

Lance looked at Nathan before putting his notes back to his bag. He stood up and took his crutch before going out of the room.

While walking Lance stopped and asked Nathan, "If we want to join a club what do we have to do?"

"Sign up? I guess..."


And then Lance and Nathan saw a man heading towards them.

Lance was about to ask the man who dressed like a teacher but stopped in the middle of approaching him when he got a good look at the man's face.

'Isn't he the man that seemed like a scammer?'

Someone brushed by his side. It was Nathan who approached the man.

"Sir, may I ask something?"

The guy stopped and looked at Nathan and replied, "Aren't you already asking?"


"Ahahaha! No, I was just joking so don't take it too seriously. So, what's your question?"

Nathan did not reply immediately and questioned his life decisions. He subconsciously looked away and laughed dryly.

"Maybe I'll try asking someone else. Sorry for bothering you!"

Nathan suddenly turned 180 degrees and tried to run away but before he could do so, Leonard grabbed his collar and stopped him from running away.

"Alright! I'm sorry, what do you want to ask?"

Nathan did not hear him and just moved his legs as if running hard in a treadmill.

Lance saw this and stepped forward.

He looked at the man and noticed that he has an id on him.

"I am sorry sir. We were just trying to ask if you knew what we have to do if we want to enter a club."

Finally, only when Nathan heard Lance did he stop and look at Leonard while fixing his collars.

While waiting for an answer they saw Leonard enter into deep thoughts and scratch his head.

"Entering a club, huh..."

Both Nathan and Lance affirmed while nodding until Leonard gave an answer.

"... Uhhh, wait, let me remember it... This is strange... Am I getting old? My age seems to be catching up to me. I remember that last year..."

Leonard scratched his head and looked at the two.

The two stepped closer and perked their ears.

"Shouldn't you just open the door and you'll naturally enter the club when you get in?"



Both Nathan and Lance wore a lightly smiling face and thought of the same thought.

'Yes, this guy is DEFINITELY messing with us...'

The same scene that happened earlier begun to play out.

But compared to how it played out earlier, Lance is now added into the mix.

The two suddenly turned around a full 180 degrees synchronously and begun to start running but before they could even get away Leonard's hands stretched forth like a lightning and grabbed both of their collar's.

"Hey! Stop, both of you!"

Leonard shouted as he felt both of them trying to pull away. And then he noticed the other students in the hallway looking at them.

"I said stop!!! You guys looked like squirrels trying to run in a mill but couldn't even make any progress in running!"

At this moment, Lance didn't even notice his crutch fall unto the floor and his injured knee and kept trying on running despite being held in place firmly by Leonard's hand.


Leonard took a good look at both Lance and Nathan before laughing.

The two freshmen looked at each other before looking at Leonard once again.

Lance held his crutch leaned on his crutch and glanced at his knee. It hurts.

And then, Leonard finally decided to answer their question and looked at them.

"How to join a club huh... I believe that you have to pass a club entry form to either the club advisor, club president or the student council and then poof! You'll be officially a member of the club."

Leonard recognized Lance and slightly squinted his eyes, the latter did not notice this detail but he heard what the former said next.

"... You plan to join a club?"


A bland look replied to him as if saying, "Is that a question? You should have figured it out earlier."

"I mean... What club?"

"Oh", Nathan slightly bobbed his head while nodding as he understood what Leonard meant.

"We were planning to join the Basketball team."

Nathan pointed at himself and said, "I'm also included?"

Lance tilted his head.

"Were you not planning to?"

Suddenly, before Nathan could even reply they were interrupted by Leonard's laughter.

"Then you two are in luck! Come, follow me."

Leonard started to move and lead to somewhere which confused the two.

"... You're not coming?"

When the two decided to follow Leonard begun to notice something peculiar.

"What happened to your knee?"

Leonard looked at Lance and asked.

Lance stopped and paused for a second before replying and saying that he had a sprain.

"Take care of your body then."

At that brief moment, no one noticed it but Leonard somehow displayed a glimpse of his expertise right then when he noticed Lance walking with a crutch and trying not to hurt his knee more.

Unlike when other people notice him using a crutch they would immediately think that Lance has something wrong with his leg but they will not know where that wrong is specifically.

Leonard noticed this detail because of his experience. He knows which leg injury is caused by a sprain or a strain. He can also immediately tell which part of the leg is injured because he can notice the details of how the injured try to move in a specific way.

It is due to his extensive experience that he noticed this.


Lance looked at the paper in his hands while they are walking.

It is the Club Entry Form and within it is his information written on their respective spaces.

Somehow he felt fresh by this new experience.

Honestly speaking, this is the first time he is going to join a club.

In his previous life, he never had the time to because of his tendency to deny society due to his hatred.

Actually he never even had a good high school experience so this experience is relatively new to him. It is a very refreshing experience in his opinion.

It is his step for a normal high school life.

While Lance is enjoying the moment, Nathan, on the other hand, is looking at his form and began to ask himself what he is doing.

'How did I even get here.'

Before they could even notice it, they arrived in the gymnasium where the FCH Basketball team is training.

Leonard stretched his arms and closed his eyes as if having the gym to welcome him.

Everyone noticed his strange behavior and had the same thoughts in their mind.

'Who's that?' They thought simultaneously.

Lance did not notice the man's action because he was preoccupied with the moment but Nathan saw it and made a facepalm.

"Excuse me, is there something wrong?"

Leonard opened his eyes and dropped his arms and looked at Claude.

"None in particular."

"Then did you come to spectate?"

"... No, actually I've come to introduce myself."

A huge question mark appeared in everyone's head as they couldn't understand what is happening.

Nathan who is standing in the background couldn't help but want to find a hole and crawl into it to hide. He used his hands to plug his ears and closed his eyes while;e chanting an inaudible mantra.

Leonard suddenly smiled and asked, "Are you, Roberts?"

"Yes, Sir."

Leonard reached his hand and shook hands with Claude.

The latter looked at Leonard and observed him.

Leonard wore a smile on his face but Claude did not look at it. He noticed that Leonard has a good build fit for an athlete. He is also quite tall and is at least 6-foot 2 inches.

"Nice to meet you, I will your new Advisor and the new coach of the Basketball team."

Everyone was surprised when they heard it and looked at Leonard.

"Y-you are Mr. Leonard?"

Although he stuttered, Claude managed to ask the question he has in mind when he heard that the man in front of him is the one the Director told him who will be the team's advisor and coach.

"I will also be the PE teacher for some of you."

"But, the director said that our coach is going to be a former Professional Basketball player."

Claude looked at Leonard's height once again.

"What? Am I that short? I did enter the league and played for at least 2 years and just retired afterwards but it still counts as an experience. Also after retiring from being a basketball player I still worked for the team while being an assistant coach directly below the head coach."


Everyone looked at the origin of the sound and saw Nathan with his mouth agape.

"And also before I forgot."

Leonard turned around and took Nathan and Lance's forms.

"I'll be taking these with me..."

And then he stretched his hand and took the form in Allan's hands who suddenly appeared from who knows where.

"I'll also be taking yours as I will be the one to process them."

While looking at the form Leonard glanced at Allan.

"You really are tall aren't ya. Don't waste that gift alright?"

Allan just looked at Leonard and nodded.

"Alright! So where were we?"

He looked back at Claude with a huge smile on his face.

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