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Chapter 13: Before the Game

The vertical jump test quickly finished as the participants found themselves fired up after watching their peer's amazing display of talent.

Apart from Jonas who had a 33-inch vertical, Lance who had a 40-inch vertical and Allan who could reach 11-foot 7 inches mid-air, only Nathan who managed to pull off a 26-inch vertical and another guy named Ramon who jumped up to 25 inches were able to jump above average verticals.

Claude clapped his hands to catch everyone's attention. He looked at these first years who participated in this Tryout and felt satisfied.

"All of you did good! Do not be discouraged if you felt inferior because of some monsters who did well beside you..."

*Cough! clearing throat*

Everyone chuckled at Claude's joke. At the side, Lance just smiled as someone reacted, While Jonas, Ramon, and Nathan did not differ in reaction and felt slightly embarrassed. Allan, on the other hand, did not show any reaction and just stood in his spot coldly.

"The Vertical test is done so now, we will head to another test... Do we really have to do this Captain?"

Claude looked at Fin who is sitting on a bench in the distance and asked with an annoyed look.

"Of course!"

"... *sigh*"

Claude sighed and faced the first years and said, "The next test will be a fitness test again but this time it's about speed!"

Everyone nodded and began to listen to Claude's arrangement. Claude told them that just like how draft combines are, they are going to sprint a whole 3/4th length of the basketball court.

The basketball court in the gymnasium is just slightly shorter than the professional league's standard. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This court has a length of 90 feet (27.43m), and the 3/4 of this is at least 67 feet (20.4m). Starting from that line, when I say 'go' run as fast as you can. Your seniors will be on the other end to time your sprint... Understand?"

The next test quickly finished as it tested 5 participants at the same time. There is nothing extraordinary that happened in the test as they finished the run almost at the same time with only 0.40s differentials at max.

But there are still some things to take note for, such as Allan's speed. He is fast on his feet despite his size and weight. His legs seemed to stretch efficiently to cross the distance.

On the other hand, Nathan and Jonas had the best record with both of them occupying the 1st and 2nd place.

Lance just sprinted as he usually did and ranked 5th. He didn't let the result bother him as he knows that he saw how much of a talent the once ahead of him in sprinting.

Next, Claude conducted another test for agility which involved moving laterally around the key. The time varied and no one really excelled much from the others except for some who weren't really athletic.

When all the tests were done, Lance and the other participants were given time to cool down and rest. Some of the first years were panting especially those who do not exercise and train often.

Lance, on the other hand, went into a corner and observed everyone. He saw that there are a lot of first years that have good stamina and endurance. They had just run around the gym ten times which left even him, Lance, panting slightly and tired but there are a couple who does not seem to be tired like Jonas and the small guy, Gray, who you wouldn't expect to have good stamina despite his scrawny appearance.

Lance also thought of what he felt earlier. When he was tested on vertical jumping, he felt like the world around him disappeared and all that's left was him and the Vertec's vanes, it seemed as if the time slowed down when he jumped but they also felt like an instant. It was a weird feeling. He thought that he might have entered a new level of concentration he had never once experienced until then.

Another thing that made him wonder is that it did not happen anymore after the vertical test. He pondered about it and thought, "Will I ever feel it again."

He looked at his palm and the redness of his skin.

"Is there a trigger?... I want to experience it again."

Suddenly, someone nudged him and said, "Lance! The seniors are telling us to gather. Is there something wrong?"

It was Nathan.

Lance shook his head and followed Nathan.

When everyone was gathered, Claude nodded and was satisfied. He looked at all the potential recruits and said, "Before we conduct a practice game, let us first divide you into 2."

Claude divided everyone into two groups with the first group of 14 members and the second with 13 members.

The first group consists of,

Lance, himself.

Nathan, the loud guy.

Gray Eulbaster, the small guy who is confident by his own shooting skills.

Philip and Johan, the only tall guys in the first group. They are at least 6 foot tall. (>182cm)

Dan A and Luke who introduced themselves as a former varsity player of his middle school.

Miles, Donny, and Bills who are at least experienced in sports.

Lyle, Dan B, Jake and Forrey who are new to the game.

The second group on the other hand has,

Allan Morrey, the giant first year who is almost 7-foot tall.

Jonas, the most athletic first year in the first years.

Connor, Gregor, Paul, and Sal who are tall guys with a height that ranges from 5-foot 10 to 6-foot tall.

Dennis, John, J.J., Jay-ar, and Shem who claimed to play at their basketball team back in middle school.

Will, Greg, and Tony are the last of the group who are also first timers in basketball.

The first group looked at the opposing group and felt unfair. The second group looked extremely solid, they have 7 tall members and 2 who can reach over the rim. If one were to describe the team, they would relate it to a tall brick wall. No doubt the team would have a solid defense especially when you have a hell of a center like Allan.

The first group looked at themselves who had more inexperienced players than the second group.

Everyone looked at Claude and gave a stare that seems to be shouting, 'Unfair'.

He just gave a helpless laugh as he did not expect that even after drawing lots, there would still be such an unbalanced distribution.

"Alright, listen to me. You will play a game of 4 quarters with 12 minutes each. It is the same game setup used in professional basketball. Your seniors will act as referees while Fin and I will act as the coaches for each team."

Claude looked at Fin who stretched a fist towards him.

"What's that?"

"Rock paper scissors. Who'll be the coach of the first team."

"Oh." Claude nodded and also stretched his fist.





Claude won with a scissor and became the coach for group 1.

He looked at Fin who happily joined the group 2 and glanced at the weaker team, group one.

"He tricked me!"

StepPen StepPen

The game will start in the next chapter.

Thank you for reading!

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