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Chapter 3: Decision 2

"Alright, I will meet up with you later, bye!"

When the call ended, Liza looked at her watch and saw the time making her frown slightly. She looked around the campus to look for Lance. She would not have thought that the call would take an hour.

She asked for directions and followed it. She arrived near the basketball club building and saw a tanned youth exiting who wore a smiling face.

She was about to ask if the youth saw Lance when she spotted another youth walking out of the building. Her nephew also saw her and walked towards her.

Liza wore a smile and said, "So how was it? Do you like this campus?"

"I like it but I have decided to go to a different school."

"Different school?" 'Where did that idea come from?' She thought.


"What's with you, youngsters nowadays?" Liza sighed helplessly at Lance's decision.

"Are you really sure?" She continued.


"Well, let's just go home and talk about it on the way."

Liza looked at Lance and gestured him to follow her. It was already 4 in the afternoon, they gotta go home and Liza has to prepare for their dinner. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

While driving Liza asked, "So what's the name of the school that you want to go to?"

Lance looked at his aunt and replied, "I have decided to study at First City Highschool in the first city of Welcity State."

"Never heard of it. Is there a reason you'd want to go there rather than going to a big school like CSH?"

Liza waited for a response while Lance thought of how to respond to her question. He pondered hard before he finally thought of what to say.

"Let's just say that I found something interesting from that school."

Liza was irritated by his answer. Why do you have to act mysterious all of a sudden, she thought.

Lance remembered what happened earlier at the basketball club and who he met there. He didn't know he would meet someone whom he knew will be a great basketball player in the future.

Lance just smiled and looked at the road.

"First City Highschool..."

Earlier in CSH Basketball building. Lance stood at the entrance waiting for someone to come out to confirm if he is in the right place. He saw a senior who was about to take a break and kindly invited him inside their building to watch their training.

When Lance came in he saw at first glance the focus and determination of the CSH basketball club's members to train. It was an overwhelming sight, looking at the intensity of their training and level of their skills are at one glance, not your average training for sure.

Lance smiled and imagined what would happen if he became a part of this team. Although he just has begun to play basketball again for a couple of months he does not know how much he will amount to when placed in this club.

"Do you like our basketball club?"

"It is good."

The senior asked lance while drinking his energy drink and looking over his juniors and teammates.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, are you thinking of enrolling into this school to play basketball?"

Lance heard a voice behind him and saw another player who seemed to be a part of the varsity. Although there is nothing that indicates that he is from the varsity, Lance could tell it from the aura he is giving off.

"Yes, I'am." Lance ignored the unfriendly tone and responded in a light tone.

"How tall are you?"

"I am 5 feet 7."

As soon as Lance responded, the resting player suddenly stood up and looked down on Lance. He was so tall that Lance felt like a dwarf, even at one glance anyone can see that the player is a head and a half taller than Lance. The guy is easily 6 foot 8, not to mention how young he is, surely he is no more than 2 years older than Lance.

Lance was surprised as he did not expect such a tall guy. With just his height as his weapon, every team would surely want to rake him in.

The player chuckled and looked at Lance in disdain. He spoke with a low voice that Lance could hear.

"Do you actually think that you are qualified to join our team with that height?"

Lance's brows crunched slightly as he heard the tall guy's words. Although the words are directed towards him he was not insulted by being ridiculed as a small guy as he knows that he will have a sudden growth spurt before 20 and this is not blind faith but a true experience he experienced in his previous life before he found himself back in time.

'Who says I'll stay 5 feet 7 my whole life?' He thought.

Lance looked at the player, he knows that the player is messing with him but Lance kept his cool and did not react inappropriately, he said, "The game is not just about the height though."

"Bugh-hahaha bu-hahaha! Not about the height? Are you seriously telling me that basketball is not just about height? Then what is, boy?"

With a slight push, Lance could not help but take a few steps back to avoid losing balance.

'Strong!' Lance was shocked. He looked at the player with eyes wide open in shock.

The senior saw the exchange and knew that his teammate is trying to mess with the visitor. He immediately went in between and separated the two.

"Hey, Becreux stop!"

"Hmph!" The tall guy named Becreux looked at Lance with a menacing gaze before turning around to walk away.

"I am sorry for his behavior. I hope you're not offended."

"Nah, it's alright!" Lance reassured while feeling impressed by this senior's attitude. Usually, a team of high caliber would blow horns almost every time and ride on their high pride but this senior in front of him is different, the guy even took the initiative to say sorry for his teammate.

Lance decided to let it go and smiled.

'Becruex' Lance glanced at the tall player and thought of how he felt the name quite familiar.

The senior took him to a good viewing spot and told him stories about the school.

"... Do you even believe that? Our school participated in the national finals for 20 times, but we never won a championship even once."

"That's amazing."

"Of course it is! But at the same time, it always felt disappointing that we couldn't win a championship... That is why we always trained hard in hopes to finally win. Honestly, it felt like a huge responsibility. I want to win. No... we want to actually."

"Well, who wouldn't want to win?"

"Well yeah, but to tell you the truth, the impact is different for me. After all, in case you don't know, I am the Citadel State Highschool team Cap-"

Suddenly before he could even finish his words, someone called out with a loud voice.


Everyone looked at the direction where the shout came from including Lance.

"I am sorry, someone's calling, glad to meet you." The senior looked at Lance and apologized before running towards the direction of the shout.

Only now did Lance understand that the senior who was entertaining him was the CSH team Captain all along. No wonder the tall player Becreux did not mess with him any further.

Lance looked at the players starting to crowd towards the Captain.

"Is something happening?"

Lance walked towards it and squeezed into the crowd and saw a skinny youth, 5 feet 7 in height with tan skin. "What a small guy." Lance thought to himself. (AN: Forgetting that he is 5 feet 7 himself!)

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