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Big Profit - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 41 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 41: Big Profit

The fat boy's expression finally turned irritated. "Son, are you scolding me. Even my father never spoke to me in that tone."

"You're the one too whiny." Qin Tian replied.


"Aren't you going to say?"

"Okay, okay. You must know there are a lot of mountains above this place, right?"

"The mountains are"

"You mean?" Qin Tian interrupted his words because he could immediately understand what he meant.

The Thousand Mountains Province is called by that name because of the many mountains in the province. And most of those mountains are not ordinary mountains.

Most of the sects in the province used the name mountain in their sect name precisely because their sect mountain was the foundation of their sect.

Like the Split Mountain sect which had rivers which were spiritual springs, the mountains of the other sects also had similar things.

Now he suddenly realized that all of that might have come from the formation here.

"What will happen to those mountains if this formation is opened?" Qin Tian then asked even though he had already guessed the answer.

"You can't even guess." The fat boy sneered. "Of course, the mountains will collapse."


"What? Are you going to cancel our cooperation just because of that?"

"Dont worry." Qin Tian replied. "I'm not that good. But I need some time before I can do it."

"But the question is; what will you give me?"

"Hmph. Don't you see those imperial weapons, I can give you some if you help me."

"Of course, you should give me some, but what about now? My aim in coming here is to increase my strength."

"What do you want?" The fat boy was starting to look annoyed.

"Mm, I wish to cultivate using this formation core." Qin Tian replied.

That formation can produce many spiritual springs that eventually become the foundation of many sects even though millions of years have passed.

Even though he hadn't seen it, Qin Tian knew that it was an extremely valuable cultivation treasure.

Of course, he would not consider it valuable if it only produced many spiritual springs.

But he knew that these spiritual springs were only a small part of the formation.

The purpose of the formation, however, was to protect Long Pang from the tribulation lightning.

Something even the emperor could not endure, but it could withstand it. There may not be many such cultivation treasures in the sixteen heavens.

"Hmph." Long Pang suddenly snorted. "Of course, I know what you want."

"Then where is it?" Qin Tian asked.

"You won't be able to find it with your weak strength."

"But I will be generous to help you."

"Oh." Qin Tian looked at the fat boy with an astonished expression.

"Ehmmm. Why is your expression like that. Do you think this Prince is a cheapskate. Besides, this is also for my own benefit." He says.

"Touch this glass chest, and you can absorb the spiritual energy you want."

"Hah?" Qin Tian was shocked.

He then approached the glass casket before reaching out his hand to touch the glass casket.

As soon as he touched the glass chest, he immediately felt a flow of spiritual energy enter his body even though he had not started cultivation.

The spiritual energy was extremely pure, and he felt as if there was boundless spiritual energy in front of him.

"Hmph, country people like you have definitely never seen anything like that, right?"

Qin Tian didn't respond to his words but he secretly felt very amazed.

"Basically, things like this can only be found in those ancient places." Qin Tian said to himself.

He cultivated immediately after that.


Sometime after he started cultivating, he then started talking to Long Pang. Of course, this time he spoke in a sincere tone. His goal was naturally to become friends with him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"By the way, aren't you lonely in this place?" He asked in a concerned tone.

"Hmph. We dragons are used to being lonely." He answered. And his answer made Qin Tian knit his brows.

"Are you really a dragon?"

"Of course. Do you think my father was just boasting when he used the word dragon on his title."

"But there are no dragons in sixteen heavens."

"It's only because of your very narrow horizons. How can a dragon be so easy to see."

"There is a rumor that your father is from an unknown era, is that true?"

As he asked that question, he could see Long Pang's expression change. But that was only for a moment.

"Son, you better not ask about it."

"The things relating to the unknown era are not something you should know about."

As he said that, a frightened expression flashed across his face for a brief moment.

Qin Tian immediately changed the subject after that.

As they continued to chat, their friendship level also grew.

About 40 minutes later. Long Pang suddenly shouted. "Stop, stop immediately. Damn, how much spiritual energy have you absorbed. Why can you absorb that much spiritual energy."


At this time, the amount of his spiritual energy already exceeded 50,000 spiritual energy.


<Cultivation: Spiritual Warrior first layer> / <Spiritual Source: 101/200>

<Spiritual Energy: 51,450> (Note: 100 spiritual energies can be converted into 1 spiritual source. The speed at which spiritual energy converts to spiritual sources depends on the player's talent.)


Right after that, he found the glass chest stopped diverting spiritual energy. He finally smiled wryly.

"Why are you so stingy?" Qin Tian asked.

"Hmph, do you think I won't be affected when you absorb that spiritual energy."

"Huh, that can affect you too?"

"Of course. Why do you think I can survive until now."

"But can't you use that power to draw out those swords and spears?" He finally asked a question that puzzled him.

"You won't understand even if I tell you. You better not ask about this formation."

"By the way, how do you cultivate. You didn't even break through after absorbing so much spiritual energy."

"Didn't I tell you, I am unusual." Qin Tian replied with a mysterious smile.

"Hmph, go now, I want to go back to sleep. I hope you can come back as soon as possible."


Not long after, Qin Tian left that palace hall and returned to the tunnel.

Right after he stepped into the tunnel, he suddenly received a notification from the system.


"You made friends with Long Pang."

"Congratulations, you have completed the mission. Reward have been sent to your inventory."


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