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Hu Lei - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 21 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 21: Hu Lei

"But." Qin Tian then looked at the bandits. "Maybe I really can't escape from them even if I have the Spiritual Apprentice's ninth layer cultivation."

The difference in strength between realms was truly enormous. Although it was not impossible to fight across a realm, it was at most, only up to the first, second, and third layers.

Of course, there were other ways to increase combat power even further, namely by comprehending the Dao or unlocking one of the Nine Divine Symbols. But unfortunately Qin Tian, ​​who was just cultivating, still hadn't touched on those things.

Whooss... Whooss... Whooss...

The eagles of the bandits stopped flying when they arrived in front of them.

The young man was clearly their leader because the eagle he was riding in was in front of the other eagles, and he was also standing in the front row among the three people on the eagle's back.

Seeing them arrive in front of them, the envoy immediately cupped his fists. He stared at the young man as he did that.

"Is there something, young master Hu?" He greeted politely.

Even though the bandits' aim was obvious, he naturally had to show politeness first while hoping they wouldn't do something to them.

He could not be blamed for his cowardice because there was no hope of facing them with his strength.

His cultivation was at the third layer of spiritual warriors, but there were at least seven people with the same cultivation as his own among them. If two of them made their move, he would definitely lose, not to mention if they all moved.

Previously he had said some of them would most likely die, but now he wasn't even sure he could leave alive.

And his expression only became even paler as he saw young master Hu suddenly grin.

The young master then said. "The Copper Mountain Sect promised to pay 10 spiritual stones for each split mountain sect disciple's death. Even though all of you are just trash, your heads are still worth some money. How could I possibly let you go."

He showed a wicked smile as he said that.

His words made the faces of the envoy and the others turn green with anger.

At the same time, Qin Tian's eyes turned cold.

"Do it." He said in a low voice.

In fact, from the moment they arrived in front of them, his shadow had immediately moved towards them. It jumped onto the eagle's body where young master Hu was.

The difference in their strength was huge, he knew that if he moved just a little too late, maybe half of them would die right away. He, of course, didn't want to see that happen.

What shocked him was the fact that young master Hu and the other two were still unable to sense the shadow's existence when it was right beside them.

Qin Tian chose to wait there for a while after that. He wanted to see their reaction first.

He decided to take over young master Hu's body, but he actually felt very unwilling to use his shadow on a bandit group young master.

If those bandits were to let them go, he would definitely prefer not to take over the young master's body.

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Right after the young master spoke, his shadow immediately moved to enter the young master's body.

It entered easily, and when it entered the young master's body, it integrated very rapidly with the young master's body.

"You, what are you?" The young master's consciousness was immediately taken aback as he saw a strange existence suddenly appear within his body.

The grin on his face immediately disappeared and was replaced by extreme fear.

"I will take over your body." Qin Tian replied through his shadow.

"Ahhhh..." The young master then screamed in pain. His body fell to his knees while his eyes were wide open. His breath was panting and the entire skin on his body also turned pale as if he was about to die.

"Young master, are you all right?" The two people beside him immediately panicked when they saw their young master suddenly scream.

"Help...." Said the young master. He clearly wanted to say more but he could only say one word.

After that, Qin Tian found himself controlling the young master's body as if it were his own.

"So easy!" He said to himself. He was completely shocked by what had just happened. He didn't expect that primordial shadow ability to be so terrifying that it could easily take over someone else's body.

Not only did he control the young master's body, he even inherited all of his memories as if he were his reincarnation.

But one thing that confused him was; he did not find the existence of the Sixteen Heaven Game system in the young master's body.

Hu Lei is the name of the young master. And he was the second son of the boss of the Spear Mountain Bandit.

Like any bandit, Hu Lei also did so many bad things in his life that Qin Tian felt uneasy when he thought that he was now a part of himself.

"I feel cursed." He said in a low voice.

The two people beside him heard his words, and it made them panic even more.

Cough. Cough...

He then pretended to cough.

After that he stood back up.

Even though the skin on his body was still pale, his breathing had stabilized again.

"Young master." The two people spoke again.

"I am fine!" Qin Tian replied.

"Let's go back!"


Not only were the bandits dumbfounded, the envoy and the others also looked at Hu Lei with disbelieving eyes when they heard his words.

"Young master, what did you say? How about them?" One of the people beside him couldn't help but ask.

Qin Tian then looked at the person with an annoyed expression.

"Didn't you hear what this young master said?" He shouted angrily.


He wasn't pretending to be angry, he was really angry that he had to become a bandit.

He may not have been a good person in his past life, but he still walked the straight path. Even in his wildest dreams, he never thought he would become a bandit.

"Is this the price of survival for those with no background? Sigh, I really envy those novel protagonists who always find their way out in beautiful and respectable ways."

Many Heavenly Emperors had shameful pasts, and now he finally has one.

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