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11.4% Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game / Chapter 12: Instant Defeat of The Wolf Fish

Instant Defeat of The Wolf Fish - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 12 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 12: Instant Defeat of The Wolf Fish


The old man called Uncle Lin immediately jumped towards the sea after he appeared. Of course, he didn't fall into the sea, on the contrary, he stepped on the air.

Once a person reaches the realm of spiritual masters, they can fly through the air. Some gifted spiritual warriors can do it too.


That Uncle Lin flew quickly towards the shadow of the fish that was under the sea.

But even though he was extremely fast, he clearly couldn't reach Li Baiyi in time.

Several water balls suddenly shot out from under the sea towards Li Baiyi who was swimming towards the ship.

"Watch out!" The people on the boat shouted to warn him.

Li Baiyi was stunned by their warning, but he didn't have time to react. One of the water balls then hit his body.

It was not known how hard the water ball was, but the moment he was hit by it, Li Baiyi's body was immediately thrown deep into the air.

He fell about 1.5 kilometers away.

Old man Lin then waved his hand towards Li Baiyi's body, immediately after that a gust of wind appeared, and it blew Li Baiyi's body towards the ship. The skinny man then fell right in front of the crowd.

People were wondering how the water ball could have sent Li Baiyi so far, but after seeing the state of Li Baiyi's body, they finally realized that the water ball might be made of water but it must be much harder than a rock.

The current state of Li Baiyi's body looked soft like a snake's body. They didn't need to touch Li Baiyi's body to know how many bones inside his body were crushed. Maybe he didn't even have a bone anymore at this point.

He coughed up blood several times before losing consciousness.


People immediately looked away from Li Baiyi as they felt a gust of wind coming from the sea.

As they stared out at the sea once again, they found that Uncle Lin had arrived right above the fish.

A spear made of spiritual energy appeared in his hand, after which, he then threw the spear towards the fish that was under the sea.


The spear shot out very fast.

It pierced the air before breaking through the sea water. A large vortex then appeared in the seawater as the spear passed. And that vortex made the scene beneath the sea can be seen more clearly.

The spear caused the sea water to split open.


(Spear throwing technique.)

High level mortal technique

Price: 1000 spiritual energy

"Do you want to buy it?"

Qin Tian suddenly got a notification from the game system when he saw the spear that was thrown by Uncle Lin.

"So that's one way of getting a martial arts technique." Said Qin Tian. He was not that surprised because such things happened in a lot of games.

Previously he had always wondered how to obtain cultivation techniques and martial techniques in this world other than by obtaining them through missions. Now he knew that he could buy the technique he saw.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to such a system.

The advantages are; obtaining the technique was very difficult but they could afford it when they saw the technique displayed before their very eyes.

But the downsides are also very clear. It's like when you get a treasure but you still have to buy it to own it.

"But why doesn't the system offer the techniques in my memory?" Qin Tian wondered.

"Does that only apply to the techniques I see with my eyes."

There were too many things about the game system that he didn't understand. The problem was that the game system didn't provide him with complete information. It only provides information when it is needed.

Qin Tian shook his head. "But I won't use 1000 spiritual energy for a mere high level mortal technique."

There are five levels of martial techniques in sixteen heavens. It starts with mortal techniques, then earth techniques, spirit, saint, and finally the heavenly martial techniques created by the Heavenly Emperor.

For mortal level techniques, Qin Tian was too lazy to study them. Even spirit techniques, he didn't feel too impressed. Only saint techniques and heavenly techniques could really interest him.

As for techniques like the Longevity Scripture and the Iron Dragon Fist, they were of no rank because their origins and their strength were still unclear.

Each technique level basically had their own aura, but the Longevity Scripture and the Iron Dragon Fist, their aura was erratic, it was depending on who was using them.

People usually refer to such techniques as mysterious techniques.



The wolf fish that was under the sea could finally be seen when the spear that was thrown by Uncle Lin split the seawater.

When it saw the spear, the fish looked panicked. The power of the spear clearly terrified it.

The fish finally realized that it was being framed. There was a formation on the ship that made it invisible from the outside. Otherwise, the wolf fish would not have come when it saw Li Baiyi swimming in the sea.


The wolf fish then roared towards Uncle Lin's spear, after which, hundreds of water balls shot out from its huge mouth.

But when the water balls met Uncle Lin's spear, they burst immediately without being able to restrain the spear's movement.

Before it could even close its mouth, the spear finally arrived before its mouth which was wide open.


The spear then entered its mouth, and it went straight into its stomach.

Not long after, the spear pierced its tail.

After the spear passed through the fish's entire body, people suddenly saw a very long rope tied to the back of the spear. And the end of the rope was currently held by Uncle Lin's hand who was flying in the air.

Uncle Lin then pulled the rope, causing the spear that had just pierced the fish's body to bounce back.

The spear then fell in front of the fish's mouth.

The movement of the spear had clearly been arranged by Uncle Lin because the spear immediately wrapped around the rope that was left in front of the fish's mouth.

In an instant, the fish was completely entangled by the rope.

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Uncle Lin then pulled on the rope he was holding, and it caused the body of the wolf fish that was under the sea to slam towards him.

When the wolf fish arrived in front of him, Uncle Lin then sent his fist towards the fish's body.

Compared to the size of the fish's body, Uncle Lin looked like an ant in front of an elephant. But the moment his fist landed on the fish's body, it immediately caused the fish's body to bend and twist. The fish's eye lost its color immediately after that.

"Huh." Qin Tian was already expecting such an outcome. He immediately stopped paying attention to uncle Lin as the wolf fish closed its eyes. The wolf fish wasn't dead yet but it couldn't do anything else. It can only wait to be cut. Its flesh will be eaten while its spiritual core will be used for cultivation.

Qin Tian returned to focus on cultivation, at this time he had already absorbed around 4500 spiritual energy.

The spiritual dragon fruit that was in the box in Yi Shi's hand had started to rot. After all the spiritual energy contained in the fruit is used up, it will completely become rotten fruit.

Qin Tian was really looking forward to Yi Shi's reaction as he opened the box once again.

Absorbing other people's resources without the person noticing.

Such an experience is something that even the Heavenly Emperor may never experience.

Saubi1234 Saubi1234

There may be some grammer errors in some complex sentences. You can tell me if you find them.

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