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Rotten Fruit - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 13 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 13: Rotten Fruit

Uncle Lin then returned to the ship. He tied the wolffish's body to the hull of the ship and let the ship tug it.

The formation covering the ship also covered the wolf fish's body so that the fish's body could no longer be seen from the outside.

Of course, it would not be a good thing if the fish's body was found by other fish. If it was found by a group of wolf fish, it might be attacked by them.

By the time Uncle Lin returned to the ship, Qin Tian had finally managed to absorb all the spiritual energy contained in the spiritual dragon fruit.


<Nickname: Jian>

<Race: Human>

<Body: Primordial God Body>

(Unlocked skills: <Divine Perception>)

<Bloodline: Primordial Bloodline>

<Soul: Primordial Soul>

Cultivation Technique:

<Longevity Scripture (First Stage: Can absorb one spiritual energy in 1 second.)>

Martial Arts Techniques:

<Iron Dragon Fist (First Stage: Can release 100kg of strength with one spiritual source.)>

<Cultivation: Spiritual Apprentice first layer> / <Spiritual Source: 1/10>

<Spiritual Energy: 5031> (Note: 100 spiritual energies can be converted into 1 spiritual source. The speed at which spiritual energy converts to spiritual sources depends on the player's talent.)

Looking at his stats, Qin Tian showed a satisfied smile.

"I'll condense them later." He said to himself.

He then observed Yi Shi who was welcoming Uncle Lin.

"Ha-ha-ha, thank you Uncle Lin for helping." He says.

"It's just a little thing." Uncle Lin replied.

He then nodded towards Prince Xue who was still sitting on the chair.

After that, the old man disappeared again.

At the same time, Prince Xue stood up from his chair.

"It's really too short, but I have to admit that it's a lot of fun." He says.

Yi Shi, on the other hand quickly turned towards Prince Xue.

"Hahahaha, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. If you want to enjoy the wolf fish meat dish, you can wait a little."

"Sure." The little prince replied.

He then looked at Li Baiyi who was still lying in front of the crowd.

"But you may have to take care of the man first. Since I promise to guarantee, I naturally have to make sure he gets the results of his work."

Yi Shi's face twitched slightly but he still nodded his head. "As the prince wants." He says.

He then looked at his followers and directed them with a gesture of his hand.

One of his followers who looked like an alchemist then stepped closer to Li Baiyi.

He crouched down in front of Li Baiyi, and he then placed one of his hands on Li Baiyi's thin chest. His hand that touched Li Baiyi's chest then emitted a green light that emitted a life aura.

After that, his other hand then took out a green pill. The pill also emitted a life aura, and he popped the pill into Li Baiyi's mouth.

Li Baiyi's body suddenly trembled several times, but after that people saw that the wounds on Li Baiyi's body were recovering very quickly.

About ten minutes later, Li Baiyi's eyes that were tightly closed finally opened again. He was able to sit up straight away after that even though he still coughed a few times.

After he sat down, he immediately looked at Yi Shi. "Hand over the box now." He said aloud. His tone also sounded quite harsh.

His actions stunned people.

They didn't expect that the skinny man would dare to show his anger when he spoke.

"Hmph." Yi Shi snorted. If it weren't for Prince Xue standing beside him, he would probably have hit Li Baiyi's head at that instant. He then threw the box in his hand towards Li Baiyi.

Only after receiving the box did Li Baiyi calm down. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Staring at the box that was now in his hand, Li Baiyi spoke in a low voice so that no one could hear his voice except for Qin Tian, ​​who was observing him with spiritual sense.

"This shame will become a symbol of my struggle when I become Heavenly Emperor later." Those were the words he said.

Qin Tian's mouth couldn't help but twitch when he heard what the skinny man had said. He had to refrain from laughing.

But even though he almost laughed, he didn't dare underestimate that man's determination.

Sometimes someone with determination is more terrifying than those with talent. It could be seen from the number of heavenly emperors who were born without talent and background.

As people say, the Dao is infinite and it can change everything.

"But if I can't become a heavenly emperor with this primordial god's body, I'd better just die." Said Qin Tian as he looked at his body.

The reason why being a Heavenly Emperor is so difficult is because there is only one Heaven's Will that appears per era, but at the same time there are many geniuses fighting over it.

As victors, every Heavenly Emperor could basically think of themselves as the protagonists of their era.

Unfortunately Qin Tian didn't have the talent to write novels, otherwise he would have already created a novel that told each one of their stories.

After Li Baiyi spoke, he then opened the box in his hand. He opened the box slowly. And when he opened the box, he purposely aimed the open portion of the box towards the crowd. His intentions were clearly visible in the eyes of the people.

But when the box was fully opened, what he received weren't the envious glances from the people. Instead, people widened their eyes when they saw what was inside the box.

Of course, Li Baiyi was the most shocked of them all. He jumped immediately after he opened the box.

"What the hell." He screamed

Yi Shi previously immediately took his eyes off Li Baiyi after he threw the box, but when he heard Li Baiyi's shout, he shifted his gaze once again.

Just like the others, his eyes also widened as he looked at the box in Li Baiyi's hand.

The dragon fruit that was previously filled with spiritual aura no longer gave off a spiritual aura, and it had even rotted like stale food.

"Hmm." Qin Tian smiled as he shook his head. After which, he immediately turned around and left from there. He just wanted to see their reactions, he wasn't interested in seeing how they would solve their problems.

But because of Prince Xue, Yi Shi would probably give Li Baiyi another gift.

When he saw how respectful Yi Shi was when he spoke to Prince Xue, and even Uncle Lin nodded before he left, he guessed that the entire sect on the ship was probably in the territory of Prince Xue's kingdom.

Saubi1234 Saubi1234

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