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16.66% Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game / Chapter 18: Showed Himself

Showed Himself - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 18 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 18: Showed Himself

The warrior was immediately stunned when he heard Prince Xue's order.

"Me." He spoke while pointing at himself. He looked like he was unsure of the words Prince Xue had just said.

"I said; beat them all." Xue immediately repeated his words when he saw that the warrior was still motionless.

On the other hand, Chu Zhen and the others were immediately filled with disbelief at what they had just heard. They looked at Prince Xue and the players beside Prince Xue with confused expressions.

They looked like they wanted to ask what was wrong with them, but before they could speak, the warrior who was ordered by Prince Xue to beat them up had already moved towards them.

Now that the warrior was sure that Prince Xue was really angry, so he also showed an angry expression as he walked towards them.

He says. "You little rascals, who do you think you are that you dare to speak to Prince Xue like that."

After saying that, he then took out an iron staff from his storage ring.


After that, he immediately swung the iron staff at them.

Bang Bang bang...

He swung the iron staff many times. Under the pressure of his aura, they couldn't even move so they could only take the blows from the iron staff.

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The warrior then swung his leg at them. Even though the warrior's leg didn't hit their body, they were instantly thrown away just because their body was hit by the shock wave caused by the warrior's leg.

Whooss... Whooss... Whooss...

The warrior had probably adjusted his movements as each of them was thrown to the place where they came from. Chu Zhen himself fell right beside the table where Qin Tian and the others were.


Yang Ming and the others stared at Chu Zhen's body that looked like a dead fish with stunned eyes. One of them then let out a sigh of relief. "Luckily I didn't follow him." Said the person.

Even though Chu Zhen was lying beside them, none of them had come to help him.

In the end, he could only stare at them with a helpless expression. He looked like he wanted to ask for help, but his mouth only trembled without making a sound. Yang Ming and the others chose to pretend they didn't understand anything.

They hated Chu Zhen but they were worried that if they helped him, they might also come to blame.

Qin Tian shook his head when he looked at Chu Zhen. He then stood up from his chair. Yang Ming and the others originally thought that he would help Chu Zhen, but to their surprise, he simply walked past Chu Zhen without even glancing at him.

However, they quickly opened their mouths as they saw where he was going. "Brother Qin, what are you doing? Come back here quickly." Yang Ming immediately shouted.

The others also tried to summon him, they even got up from their seats to chase him.

But he still ignored them.

Seeing them trying to catch up with him, he immediately sped up his pace so that they could only follow behind him.

His movements seemed relaxed, but Yang Ming and the others found that they couldn't catch up with him no matter how hard they tried.

"What happened?" They are confused.

When they looked ahead, they found that Qin Tian had stopped walking, but the problem was; in front of Qin Tian they saw prince Xue's follower standing with fierce expressions.

Just looking at their expressions made Yang Ming and the others tremble with fear.

But Qin Tian remains relaxed. He didn't even look at them, his gaze was only fixed on Prince Xue and the ten people beside him.

Previously he had tried to talk to Yang Ming and the others, what he had talked about was of course the things related to the Sixteen Heaven Game, but they were completely oblivious to what he was saying.

After several observations, Qin Tian was finally one hundred percent sure that the people in that world could not hear the conversation related to the Sixteen Heaven Game, hence, he no longer felt worried about meeting other players.

Even though he actually wanted to keep a low profile, there were a few things he needed to ask the other players.

One of the things he wanted to ask the most about was the condition of their bodies in the real world.

He felt that it wasn't enough if he only confirmed through Angela's body, he also needed to confirm with the other players before he could be one hundred percent sure.

In front of him, while prince Xue's followers were staring at him with fierce expressions, Xue and the others were staring at him with wide eyes. Even their mouths were wide open.

They wouldn't have been too surprised if he were just another player, but his nickname definitely took them completely by surprise.

"Is he really that Jian, someone who spent 250 million dollars buying the Primordial God Body."

"It must be him, there is no nickname with the same name in this game."

"Oh my God, I actually met this rich player in this place. And he also looks very young. He must be the son of a very rich person." Obviously they already realized that the age of their reincarnation in that world was almost the same age as their bodies in the real world.


Qin Tian only smiled casually when he heard their words.

He then looked at Prince Xue and said. "So little prince, will you not let me pass?"

He looked at the warriors in front of him as he spoke.

Of course, what he said made the expressions of the warriors twitch. Some of them had already pulled out their weapons, they looked ready to behead them.

But the previous incident clearly still made the warriors not dare to act rashly.

After Prince Xue heard his words, he immediately tried to recover his stunned expression.

He then walked towards him with hasty steps. He even had to push the soldiers who got in his way. "Get out of the way,!" He said in a high tone.

After he arrived in front of him, he looked at him once again, and this time he looked him up and down.

"Ah, brother Jian, I never thought we would be on the same ship. This is truly an extraordinary fate." He said in an enthusiastic tone.

The people who saw them almost dropped their jaws when they heard his words.

(Note: Of course, there will be some items that can hide the identity from other gamers later.)

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