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28.07% Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game / Chapter 31: Wingless_Butterfly

Wingless_Butterfly - Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game - Chapter 31 by Saubi1234 full book limited free

Chapter 31: Wingless_Butterfly

Qin Tian finally went home using Shui Yingyue's car.

When he arrived at the villa, he was a little surprised because he saw his aunt's car in the villa yard.

"What has she done?"

After parking the car, he immediately walked towards the villa. And as he expected, he saw his aunt sitting alone at the guest table drinking beer and smoking a cigarette. She was still wearing office clothes, but her clothes looked messy.

"Um, you're back." Said his aunt when she saw his arrival. Her voice sounded trembling as she spoke. Obviously she was pretty drunk already.

Qin Tian couldn't help but sit in front of her before speaking. "Auntie, you must drink less and smoke less." He advised her.

Even though his aunt looks healthy and young, he knows that she is not as healthy as she looks.

His aunt did not answer his words of advice, instead, she changed the subject. "Did Yingyue go to see her father?" She asked.

"Em." Qin Tian nodded.

"Hmph." She suddenly snorted. "I hope that man can die sooner."


"Auntie, if Uncle Shui heard what you said, he might really die!" Qin Tian smiled wryly.

"But I really want him to die sooner. That old man will probably give Yingyue a large part of his inheritance, at that time, I can teach them some lessons."

She drank another can of beer after saying that.

After that, she suddenly stood up. "I want to sleep." She says.

She then walked towards her room with wobbly steps. Luckily her room was on the lower floor so she didn't have to climb the stairs.

"Aunt." Qin Tian then called out to her while she was still halfway away from her room. Qin Tian's tone sounded serious as he called out to her.

"Uhmmm." The woman then stopped and looked back.

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Qin Tian then asked. "Auntie, do you have enemies?"

"If you need help, you can tell me, I might be able to help you."

Maybe if his aunt wanted him to kill someone, he was sure he could do it without a trace as long as that person wasn't hiding in certain places like military headquarters.


His aunt's expression as she looked at him immediately turned strange.

She was silent for a moment before speaking. "Now that I suddenly realize it, you seem different from before."

"Hmmm." Qin Tian cleared his throat with an embarrassed expression.

"Are you?" His aunt looked like she wanted to say something but she didn't say anything in the end.

"Emm." He then looked at his aunt in confusion.

From the moment he mentioned the Primordial God Body item, he had always felt his aunt was acting strange.

He felt as if there was something about him that his aunt knew about.

"Well, I don't want you to solve my problem, but if you really want to help, you can start by building an underground faction."

"Oh, of course it would be great if you could rule the entire underground world of this city." She says.

Of course, she spoke in a joking tone.

After saying that, she immediately turned around and walked towards her room.

And she immediately closed the door to her room after she entered her room.

Qin Tian who was left alone in the living room couldn't help but be pensive for a moment.

"Ruling the underground world, huh? This sounds fun."

"But now I'd better focus on sixteen heaven first."

After saying that, he immediately walked towards his room.


Not long after, he then opened his eyes in sixteen heavens.

He got up from the bed and took out the communication talisman that he had placed in his storage ring. He only got the spatial bag before, but the Yuan trio gave him a storage ring.

It was very much needed because he found that things that did not come from the game system could not be included in the game inventory.

"Dina, come to my room, and don't forget to bring the book that Yuan Ji gave you." He said to the communication talisman.

On the surface, he might be Yuan Ji's servant, but in that Yuan trio's residence, he was the real boss. The Yuan trio naturally didn't make him stay in their residence without a servant to take care of his necessities of life.

Dina herself was just one of the orphaned girls the sect gathered. The reason why they could be gathered by the sect was because they had the potential to cultivate. But before they could cultivate, they would usually be assigned the task of helping sect disciples.

Of course, their status was different from servants like Qin Tian. They were only considered mortal servants whereas he was cultivation servants.

Not long after, he heard a young girl's voice outside his room.

"Master, are you in there?" The young girl's voice sounded very soft.

"You can come in!" Qin Tian replied.


The door to the room immediately opened right after he spoke.

A 10 year old young girl then entered his room.

She has a cute face, green eyes, and reddish black hair that is still short.

However, the moment he saw her face, he was immediately shocked as he saw a virtual screen suddenly appear right above her head.

(Nickname: Wingless_Butterfly)

Not only was Qin Tian shocked, the young girl was also very surprised when she saw him.

"She was a real person before, but now." Qin Tian couldn't help but be astonished.

"You are a player?" Qin Tian asked.

"Mm." The young girl nodded. "You are also a player, brother Jian, oh no, master Qin?" She said with a nervous expression. She was very polite when she spoke.

"You don't need to be so polite to me." Said Qin Tian.

"But my mother said I had to be polite to every older brother I met if I wanted to be loved."


"By the way, do you know who I am?" Qin Tian then asked.

He was surprised that he found the girl didn't look like she was being surprised when she saw his nickname. She seemed only to be surprised when she saw his identity as a player.

"Emmm." The girl suddenly showed a confused expression.

"My nickname, have you never heard of it?" Qin Tian said while pointing upwards.

"Your nickname is Jian!" She still showed an innocent expression.

"Ehmmm." Qin Tian cleared his throat.

"If you open the Night-Heaven Game website, you should have read my nickname there."

After saying that, he found the little girl's expression suddenly turn sad.

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