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Chapter 2: #2- Lotus Princess


In this novel, there are 4 empires, which are the Hu, Long, Gui and Feng Empires, and they respectively refer to tiger, dragon, Tortoise and phoenix. Our FL is currently in the Hu(Tiger) Empire.

Previously, she was in the Gui Empire(when she was still Chu Ning)

*Theres also other empires like the Heavenly City. Read to find out about it! =)

86th Jin Year

Lotus Manor

"Miss... oh my poor miss!"

The sobbing sounds irritated Jin Ning's ear. Her eyes fluttered open, and she stares at the ceiling in shock.

Has she not died?

She quickly sat up, shocking the sobbing girl beside her body. Her eyes widened as she looked at the room she was in. It was vastly different from her original room, and she could smell the distinct lotus fragrance that was strong in the room.

W...What is this?

She turns to look at the young girl whose mouth draped open. The maidservant, Shu Lian, simply stared at her Miss in shock, before her lips curved into a blissful smile and she couldn't help but embrace her Miss.

She's alive! My Miss is alive!

Jin Ning who was still in shock, didn't even bulge when Shu Lian hugged her. Her eyes widened and she stuttered,"Y-you... Who are you? Who am I?!"

Shu Lian paled when she heard her Miss's words. Suddenly, she started bawling, "Oh my poor Miss! That Prince is simply treacherous! Oh my Miss... you are the dignified and esteemed daughter of the Lotus Manor, and I'm your loyal maidservant, Shu Lian, ah!"

Jin Ning stiffened, and she rushed towards a mirror. Her hands trembled as she held onto the mirror.

The same almond shaped eyes, the same nose shape, the same lips....

However, her pupils were now a breathtaking scarlet red, instead of the plain black pupils she used to have. Furthermore, her hair was now a pure, beautiful white, a stark contrast from the raven black she used to have. Unfortunately, a bright red scar had tainted her cheek. It ruined the ethereal beauty the face could have.

Have I occupied another body?

Jin Ning shook her head, and she inhaled deeply. She needed to first calm down, and get explanations for everything that was happening!

She walked towards the crying Shu Lian, and placed her hands on the girl's shoulders, who was shaking. "Hey! Hey!"She shakes her, and Shu Lian looks up, her eyes red from crying. "Can you tell me who am I, in detail? I...think I lost my memory!"

Shu Lian pales, before choking out. "Yes, my Miss! You are Xu Jin Ning , the daughter of the Lotus Manor. Due to the Manor's high position and extensive contributions, the Hu Emperor*¹ has granted you the status of Lotus Princess. Your mother is Lady Xu Ning, and your father is Lord Xu Jin. You have a brother, Young Master, Xu Yun."

Jin Ning was surprised. She had actually emigrated to the prestigious Hu Empire! Moreover, it was as the daughter of the Lotus Family. Recalling the rumors she had heard in the past with regards to the Lotus Manor, she remembered that Xu Jin Ning was famous for being obsessed with the Crown Prince of the Hu Empire. The Crown Prince, Hu An, was disgusted with her because it was well-known that she was ugly and talentless. Nevertheless, Xu Jin Ning persisted in her pursue for love and kept sending him letters, and attempting to meet him.

Thinking of this, Jin Ning understood what had briefly happened. "Let me guess..."She says, looking at Shu Lian. "I was hurt by Crown Prince Hu An while trying to meet him?"

Shu Lian vehemently nodded.

"Crown Prince is terrible, wu... He insulted you so badly, and even let his Concubine Li Xin beat you up until you cried! How could he do this!"

Thinking of this, Shu Lian couldn't help but feel aggrieved for her Miss. Her Miss was so kind and lovely. The Crown Prince was truly blind to overlook her and pamper Concubine Li Xin instead!

Jin Ning was baffled when she heard this. She knew transmigration only occurred when extremely similar souls both died in the same exact way, and both had to have deep grievance.

However, she couldn't have been beaten so badly that she died, right?

"D...Did I commit suicide?"She wonders, albeit too loudly. Shu Lian's ears perked up, and she grabs onto Jin Ning's sleeves, before falling to her knees. "Miss! Please don't do that ever again! Shu Lian was so frightened when she found you! Master and Lady nearly fainted from heartbreak, and they are now looking for a skilled doctor to save you!"

"What?"Jin Ning frowns, and Shu Lian curses, slapping herself on the forehead. "Aiya, I'm so muddle-headed! I forgot to inform Master and Lady because Shu Lian was so happy Miss woke up. I'll go look for them right away!"

She scrambles out of the door, her pudgy figure swaying side by side. She resembled a hamster running out to seek food, and that made Jin Ning giggle. Although this maidservant of hers was a little silly, she was still loyal and devoted.

That's all I need, Jin Ning thought to herself, as her lips curve into a light smile. Thinking of this, she suddenly felt an immense heartache. Jin Ning instinctively knew that it was the regrets the previous Xu Jin Ning had.

"Don't worry, Jin Ning. Now that I've occupied your body, I will take revenge on those who hurt you!"She says, and it was as if the old Jin Ning had understood. The heartache that had gripped tightly onto her heart soon dissipated, and within the depths of her soul, she could hear a soft, gentle voice.

"Thank you... I shall leave everything to you...!"

Hearing this, Jin Ning was more determined. She quickly attempted to cultivate, wanting to know if she was truly useless. However, no matter how she adjusted and tried her hardest to absorb spiritual qi, she realised she couldn't sense an ounce of it!

Jin Ning was devastated. This Xu Jin Ning's talent was really rock bottom! Used to being someone who was extremely talented, and was above masses, Jin Ning wanted to cry.

She paced around the room, thinking of ways on she could make herself a cultivator. Since the Lotus Manor was so wealthy, surely they could help her with this matter?

While stomping around the room, Jin Ning didn't notice that she had kicked an insignificant-looking pendant in the corner of the room that had been almost completely covered by dust.

The black jads pendant shone dimly, and if Jin Ning's innate sense wasn't sharp, she would never have realised the pendant had some spirituality to it. She picked it up and used her hands to quickly sweep the dust away.

She studied it, and was surprised when she spotted the seal of Heavenly City at the bottom. Heavenly City was a place where the top talents from all empires gathered. The Overlords of the major clans- Dong, Nan, Xi and Bei, also lived and cultivated there.

All in all, it was the place where the strong of all the strong gathered!

How did this precious artifact appear in Xu Jin Ning's room?

Regardless of the reason, she must find out if she can use this to cultivate!

She quickly pricked her finger and dripped a drop of blood onto the pendant. It immediately shone, its brillance almost blinding Jin Ning.


Jin Ning was surprised, she gripped onto the back jade pendant tightly. It was a treasure, an absolute treasure! It must be at least an eighth-grade!

Even in her previous life, where she was amongst those at the top of the pinnacle in the Gui Empire, she had never been able to grab hold onto a decent treasure from Heavenly City. Moreover, this was a high-grade treasure!

Jin Ning squealed in happiness, as she hugged the pendant. There is hope! Surely such a good treasure can help her!

Suddenly, the treasure slipped out of her grasp and started bouncing! Jin Ning was shocked. She had never heard of a treasure that could move on its own will.

Suddenly, a child-like voice chirped in her mind,"Who are you!"

Jin Ning quickly scanned the room, but she didn't see anyone. She cursed in her heart and backed towards a fruit knife that was conveniently placed on a table, and pointed it warily, as she yelled"Who's speaking? Come out!"

"You idiot! I'm a spirit of the Black Jade!"

Jin Ning was surprised. She looked at the jade.

"How is this possible? I've never heard of a holy object with a consciousness!"

"Idiot! I'm a divine artifact!"The spirit says, pride emanating from it as it spoke. If it was a human, it probably would have been grinning from ear to ear.

"Wow!"Jin Ning exclaimed, as she picked Black Jade up to feel it. It was cold, and hard. However, she could feel faint wisps of spiritual qi floating around the jade, causing it to fluctuate with warmth.

"But..."Black Jade's voice trails off. It slipped out of her grasp and bounced about. "How did I get bounded to a useless owner like you!"

Its tone emanated indignation, and Jin Ning's mouth twitched. She wanted to insult Black Jade back, but realised that it was speaking the truth!

"Cough- Well, I will become powerful! So I need your help,"She says, and Black Jade stilled. It quickly darted around Jin Ning, and she frowned.

What a weird jade!

Suddenly it came to a stop, and bounced back to the front of Jin Ning. "Hmph,"It harumphed. "Lucky that you are actually a talented cultivator, too bad you are poisoned with the Poison Of Frost!"

Jin Ning was in disbelief.

The Poison Of Frost!

That was the most lethal poison a cultivator could ever get inflicted with. This Lotus Princess is truly unlucky! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"How do I cure myself?"She asks anxiously.

"Well..."Black Jade ponders. "You will need The Pheonix of Fire, Heart of Snow Fox and the Drop of White Spring..."

Jin Ning was speechless. She wanted to bawl right there and then.

Those were all precious treasures! Each was as costly as one's life!


The Black Jade exclaimed and Jin Ning's gaze directed to her.

"I have two of them in my hand. So count yourself as extremely lucky! All you need is the Drop of White Spring."


"Oh, I knew you were awesome! Thank you, Black Jade!"Jin Ning cries out, pulling Black Jade to her heart. Black Jade blushed, and it was hilarious, because faint traces of red could be seen on the Jade.

"Hmph, I did it for myself!"It corrects her, but it was deeply blushing.

At this moment, footsteps were heard outside. Her door was slammed open roughly.

"You witch!"


hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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