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Chapter 25: End Of First Arc[ 18+]

Before he did that, he needed to make his brand official, so Travis signed it up as an official store. When he did, he was offered many websites that could take in his products and work as a gateway to buying his stuff much quicker. Of course, this needed him to pay, which he didn't mind. After that, he made himself an account, which would be linked with the ads they always see on the apps.

Travis sat back in his chair and sighed; he was very satisfied with today's advancements in every way possible.

"Oh yeah, I said I'd get a TV set; I should probably buy that now," he thought.

Travis went online and visited a somewhat trusted brand that sold electronics. He then added them to his shopping cart and quickly made the purchase. His packages were said to arrive in about a day.

"Alright, what else do I need? I guess maybe some nice clothes; I think I might have outgrown these. I mean, look at how visible my cock is, yet I'm not even the slightest bit hard. Not that I mind, but I'd rather not cause public panic due to my huge cock," he thought as he laughed at the joke in his head. Even if he had literally no one to speak with, his own thoughts would forever be there. Sure, it sounds lonely as fuck, but honestly, he can't complain about it since that's all he knew.

After he was done with everything, he went into the system store and searched for some nice martial arts techniques he could buy. When he found a very nice one inside the C Level section, he didn't hesitate and bought it.


Travis installed the techniques into his head, which quickly applied to his whole body right after. He smiled when he felt his whole body change as it adapted to the many styles he had learned in under a second. He was now slightly confident as he had many things going for him.

He opened up his system and checked out his stats.


Strength - 50 [Normal adult Human is 20]

Speed - 50 [Fastest man alive is 40]

IQ - 60 [Smartest person to ever live was 58]

Dexterity - 50 [He can do anything within the human limits without hesitation]

Charm - 90 [If looks could kill, you'd be considered someone who committed mass genocide]

"Alright, I'm good with this. I'd like to test some of these, but it's too bright outside to be seen running that fast."

While he was busy preparing his physicals, a certain woman was thinking of what had happened yesterday. Who else would this be if it isn't our lovely blonde-haired MILF, Jennifer.

She was laid down on her bed as she had her hand inside her panties touching her wet pussy which was slimy like a nickelodeon award show, her face had a pink blush as she continued to gently touch herself, she then brought down her other hand and began playing with her clitoris while the other hand touched her pussy and gradually began to move inside.

' Fuck! This isn't enough pleasure. I need Travis right here an now Pronto!' She thought as she twitched from the sensitivity. Before long, Jennifer released a loud moan as she orgasmed all over her sheets.

'That felt like I just did it for the first time today, but this is actually my fifth. I need Travis here now' she thought.

Lust: 100% ( Her body is bound to you)

Love: 53% (She leans on you as man who can give her what she needs. )

Interest: 100% (She's very interested in you because you're the only man who can give her what she needs)

She got up from her bed and changed the sheets. Looking over to her son that was quietly asleep in his crib, Jennifer smiled wholesomely when seeing his cute face, she then walked out the room. Going to the first floor where she took a huge chug of water. Her whole body needed Travis and she couldn't resist it, before this she tried to fight her emotions but I'm sure we already know how that ended, it was as if she was addicted to Travis.

' I can't leave without telling Caleb, so I should do that' she thought. She then hurriedly went to her Caleb's room and entered. She saw him chilling on the bed as he watched some random series from Netflix.

" Caleb, I'll be out for an hour, go to my room and check on your brother now. Also If you plan on making food, make some for him as well, if he wakes up of course." She said. Caleb nodded then got off the bed planing to relocate to her room. Jennifer smiled then turned back and hurriedly began to run towards her garage. She took a random car key and entered the car. As the car engine roared, Jennifer's hand was in between her legs, watching the gate as it opened up. She then drove off, doing a sharp curve before driving down the street at fast speeds.


" I'm so bored right now" He said as he laid down starring at the ceiling. Suddenly he heard his phone buzz, he got up and checked it as it was placed on the desk. Seeing that it was Jennifer Travis smiled.

' Not surprising since she's a nympho which would've terrified me if I wasn't the guy I am now' he thought. He wondered how things would play out now. Well he could only wait and see. The car pulled up and parked outside, understanding that if she entered the neighbors would try by all means to find out who was at his house. So she locked her car and entered through the gate. Walking towards his door step and ringing the bell, Travis opened the door and smiled as he saw her cute red face.

" You couldn't go a day without my massages. I'm flattered to know that they're so efficient in giving you pleasure. Let's take this conversation inside before anyone sees the multi-billionair standing infront of a young teenagers doorstep. " He said as he pulled her in and closed the door, Travis pined her right on that door as he ran his hands on her thick thighs.

The knowledge on the female body entered his mind, he started applying to all his movements as he gently grasped her ass. Jennifer was wearing a cute sun dress that did nothing to hide her curvey figure. He raised her dress up and grasped on her thighs, making her slightly yelp in surprise.

" You enjoy that, your vagina must be causing all your other body parts to be sensitive just so it can find the highest point , then it can also gain pleasure, wow such a greedy pussy you have. I might have to punish it " He said softly in her ears, Jennifer's eyes rolled back as if under hypnosis. All the emotions on the Meter rose every second until none of the stats could possibly go any higher , she had reached her peak, and Travis knew that very well.

[ Lust: 100% (Her body is bound to you)

Love: 100% (She'd do anything for you because you are her man. )

Interest: 100% (She's very interested in you because you're her everything and nothing is more interesting then you) ]

With his new skill, getting women would be the most easiest thing to possibly do yet that doesn't mean his fun would end, no. He'll find more challenges that would take more than sex to complete, because in this world not all people are normal.


deadpotential deadpotential

That was a hectic arc even though it's only been three days since he got returned. There has been a lot of change in the time line. I hope you will continue to support me thank you for reading.

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