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Reverend Insanity: Poison-Refining Demon Venerable Reverend Insanity: Poison-Refining Demon Venerable original

Reverend Insanity: Poison-Refining Demon Venerable

Author: ACDPQS

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Chapter 1: **Chapter 1: Reincarnation**

Author's Note: Hi, I am the author of this novel. I write this purely for fun and as a hobby. At this time, I have written 7 chapters, which I will release once a day. I will continue to do so for as long as I can keep up with it. There will probably always be 2-3 chapters in my back pocket for me to correct any little details I do not like about the story.

If you have any ideas or criticisms, I would like to hear about them in the comments or reviews.

Also, just a note: I am a native German speaker, and my writing process is as follows:

- I write the chapter in English.

- I ask ChatGPT to correct my lousy spelling.

- I read over the chapter to see if the good ol' LLM has altered my story in any way I did not intend.

- Then, I will usually still change and adjust little details I have noticed that I do not like.

For some ungodly reason, ChatGPT likes to change commas to semicolons, you will probably see some of the ones I missed.

Also, check out "Reverend Insanity-Blood Venerable Ascension."


In the final moments of his earthly existence, John Prescott found himself enveloped in an otherworldly brilliance, his senses overwhelmed by a blinding white light that seemed to erase the boundaries of time and space. As the throbbing pulse of life dwindled within him, the boundaries of his reality blurred, and he slipped into the unknown with the echo of his last breath.

When awareness returned, it did so in a surreal expanse of absolute white. No horizon, no discernible landmarks, just an endless sea of pristine nothingness stretching out in all directions. John could neither feel solid ground beneath him nor see a sky above. It was as though he existed in a void, suspended between existence and oblivion.

Panic seized him momentarily, but as he collected his thoughts, he realized that the absence of sensation was accompanied by a curious tranquility. There was no pain, no discomfort, only a strange serenity that defied explanation. As he attempted to orient himself in this boundless expanse, a bit of text appeared before him.

[Welcome, you have died.]

Questions surged through John's mind like a tempest, but before he could voice them, the text expanded.

[You will be reincarnated into the world of "Reverend Insanity."]

Here he was, just minutes ago, a normal nerd from Earth who spent his days reading manga and web novels. And now he was told he would be reincarnated into one of, if not the most realistic and cruel worlds he had read about.

Contrary to what one might believe, he did not feel fear, only an uncontrollable excitement. Not because he was so happy about the world that was chosen, but more because a second chance is still a second chance, no matter how difficult.

[You are allowed to choose one of the following three, while the other two remain random:]

[Firstly: The race you will be born into.]

[This can be any race that is native to the world of Reverend Insanity.]

[If you choose to decide one of the other two factors, your race can be any race with an Aperture and will be decided randomly.]

[With about an 8% chance each to reincarnate into the human, or any variant human race.]

[Secondly: The time period and place you will be born in.]

[You can choose any time after Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable was born up to the time at which Gu Ye Fang Yuan was born.]

[For the place you can choose any place on the 5 main continents of the gu world. Additionally you can choose to be born in the main world or any immortal Apertures.]

[If you choose to decide one of the other factors, the time and place of your birth will be random.]

[Thirdly: Your innate Talent.]

[You can choose any percentage to which your Aperture will be filled; if you choose 100%, you can choose any one of the Ten Extreme Physiques.]

[If you choose to decide one of the other factors, your talent will be random, with the only guarantee that you will have at least the worst D-Grade talent.]

"Well, I can only choose one, it seems…"

"Let me think…"


"On second thought, let me think fast."

"Now, what is my goal in choosing... HaHaHa"

"Who are we kidding here, this space chose Reverend Insanity for a reason; it has what I want, Eternity.... And I am going to get it, no matter the cost."


"Now, this is less of an opportunity and more of a risk. To have the highest chance of immortality, what should I choose? Now, the time period could give me the chance to steal a venerable's path, while they do not exist yet. That is tempting."


"But of the three options, it is without a shadow of a doubt the worst."

"Now the talent, again very tempting, but this already promised me that I will at least have the ability to cultivate with the lowest D-Grade Talent. This option would potentially make my path so much less difficult."

"Now normally this would be the best option to have a good and easy life, but…"


"To be anything but a human being is unacceptable because variant humans cannot choose their path, not really anyway. And most importantly of all, it is hundreds if not thousands of times more difficult, maybe even impossible to become a venerable if you are a variant human."


"Real pity that I can't use this chance to get a head start in talent or to steal a venerable's path by choosing the time, but hey, so is live."


"I choose the first option to choose my race."

[Please choose one of the following races:]


[Hairy Men]











"I choose human!"


[Now 'human,' you can choose one of the following three cheats, this is the last choice you have before you are reincarnated.]

"Oh man, compared to some of those MCs, I am really lucky, hope this carries over to the Gu world."

[Number 1: 3 Additional lives]

[This cheat works in that if you die, you get reborn with all your memories. The rebirth happens by turning back time, in a sense, so you will still be born to the same parents and have all the advantages of future knowledge.]

[This cheat functions, like the immortal gu: 'Spring Autumn Cicada', except that nothing and nobody can follow you back in time.]

[Number 2: Always full]

[This cheat gives you the ability that you never have to feed your Gu, or to be more specific, any Gu that you keep in your Aperture does not have to be fed unless you want to.]

[You can always decide to deactivate this ability entirely or in part.]

[Number 3: Rank 6]

[This option will transport your mind to the moment when a random Gu master in history has successfully advanced to Rank 6.]

[This Gu master could be anyone, with any size of the Aperture, any time flow in the Aperture, a random path with a random number of mortal and immortal Gu.]

[Keep in mind that this Gu master will be a normal inhabitant of the Gu world, up until the point that you would take over his body. This means that your family, friends, and enemies depend on luck.]




"These are some seriously powerful options, but I think the first one out is… Number 3. I just want to choose the path I cultivate myself. If I end up with a path that does not fit me, I will never be able to become venerable."

"Now, three additional chances at life, or a fundamental cheat of the whole power system. Hmmm."

"Well, I choose number...."





[Keep in mind that this is a second chance at life; there will be no third. If you die in the world of Reverend Insanity, it will be the end for you.]

[This is absolute.]

[Reincarnation will begin in:]





**In the dimly lit chamber, the air was heavy with tension and the musky scent of herbs. Gu Master Zhen Li paced anxiously, his eyes flickering between the bed and the servant, Mei Lin, who lay exhausted and pale. The flickering candlelight cast dancing shadows on the damp walls, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.**

Mei Lin's labored breathing echoed through the room as the midwife worked diligently to assist in the birthing process. The Gu Master's face was etched with concern and fear, emotions seldom seen on a man of his rank.

Ren Zhen clutched Mei

Lin's frail hand, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. "Hold on, Mei Lin. Hold on," he whispered, his voice strained with worry.

The midwife's wrinkled hands moved with practiced precision, her eyes reflecting a somber understanding. The atmosphere in the room became suffocating, each passing moment a heavy burden on Zhen Li's shoulders.

As the first cries of a newborn pierced the silence, Zhen Li's eyes widened with a mix of relief and joy. The midwife held the tiny, squirming bundle, a fragile life born into the world. But the joy was short-lived as Mei Lin's weak smile faded, replaced by a profound weariness.

"I did it," she rasped, her voice barely audible. "I brought him to you."

Mei Lin's gaze softened as she looked at the newborn in the midwife's arms. "Take care of him. Cherish him."

The midwife gently placed the infant in Zhen Li's trembling arms, and a bittersweet smile graced Mei Lin's lips. Her breaths grew shallow, and her frail form seemed to wither before their eyes.

Ren Zhen clutched his newborn son close, tears streaming down his face. "Mei Lin, you have given me the greatest gift, and I am eternally grateful. Rest now, in peace."

As Mei Lin's eyes closed for the last time, the room seemed to exhale a collective sigh. The midwife quietly withdrew, leaving the grieving Gu Master alone with his newborn son and the weight of newfound responsibility. In the silence that followed, Li Zhen cradled his child, the juxtaposition of life and death leaving an indelible mark on the room.

"Your name will be Fei Yu Zhen Wei. Make me proud."

**These were the first words that John Prescott heard in his new life. Not that he understood a word of what was said. He was very excited, though. It was not a dream or an imagination; he was truly in the Gu world. This is the first step to absolute freedom and immortality, both things that were impossible to achieve on Earth.**

'Hahaha, born and healthy, the first step to achieve my goals.'

'Now it's time to rest, getting born is exhausting as hell.'

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