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100% Rewind: Back to school / Chapter 44: Planning

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Chapter 44: Planning

'He treated me with brainwashing if I do not corporate to his stupid plan.' Mijoo felt useless. It felt like she is doing something evil towards Daehyun. 'Just keep acting like that. Go with his flow.' Said Aron. 'By the way. How did you escape from that Tim guy?' Asked Joshua.

'I knocked him out and locked him in the small storage in my kitchen. If he wakes up. I'll pretend to be in the bathroom so I didn't hear him. That old storage room has an old door. It sometimes gets stuck. And for Mike. He thinks I'm at home. I left my phone behind. It'll be fine for 2 hours.' Mijoo had fire in her eyes. Daehyun smiled at her. 'That's my dangerous girl for you.'

'So, any plans on how to get this guy?' Began Aron.

'I was thinking of going viral. We should make him an internet icon. Let's exposure all of his evil deeds and make him face public execution. Let the citizens decide his verdict and punish him according to democracy.' Joshua was exited. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'I agree. It's been a while since we did something like that. His face should be published and people should not forget about him. I have some data about him. We can set the plan in motion when Mijoo is in a save zone.' Nick agreed with Joshua.

After some talking. It was time for Mijoo to get back home. The guys left too. Daehyun brought Mijoo to his car and they set off.

Daehyun parked the car in front of Mijoo's apartment complex. 'Just a speedy, 5 minutes. He pulled Mijoo to his chest. Mijoo looked with a sad expression. 'I can't. What if Tim has woken up? I have to run now.' But Daehyun did not let go of her, he held her in his embrace. 'You are not on your period right?' Mijoo shook her head, Daehyun had a naughty smile on his face. 'Then I won't let you go until I have sex with you. Nope. No way in hell you can leave this car without me giving love to you.'

Mijoo quickly undressed the coat and shirt. 'Just be quick.' Daehyun with that cue leaned in and kissed her. His hands dancing over her warm skin. He removed her bra with one hand and began to kiss her upper body. He left all kinds of marks around her neck and chest. Mijoo's moan got louder as she started to breathe faster and heavier. She started to undress Daehyun. Her hands found his jeans, unbuttoned the metal button, unzipped the gold colored zipper down. Daehyun let out a small moan as Mijoo rubbed him. She smiled. 'What are you laughing at? Is it funny to see me enjoying, you touching me?'

'Yes.' She said in a playful voice. 'Do you want me to blow you?' Daehyun shook his head. 'No time for that. I can't wait. Besides, if you blow me. I might come quick. Don't think of running away so easy.' Daehyun moved his hand into her underwear. Mijoo adjusted her position so that Daehyun could go deeper. 'You want it too, seeing you move so sexy. Lean on me. You don't have to help me, just your moaning voice is enough to make me hard.' Mijoo's face was flushed. She leaned against Daehyun and let her head rest on his shoulder. Now Daehyun could hear her voice better. 'Close your eyes.' He said in a low husky voice which made Mijoo shudder. Daehyun smiled naughty. He removed her legging and underwear that was in his way. He slowly entered her. Mijoo became stiff. Her body was floating in the air. Her head felt light like a feather. The excitement and thrill of being caught at any moment made it feel better then before. It was hard to move around in this position yet she wanted time to stop right now. To enjoy this moment forever. Mijoo began to move up and down making Daehyun look at her with surprise. She sat up straight with her hands against the roof of the car for support. Daehyun grabbed her waist and pushed her down in one go. Mijoo her body became stiff again. It felt so good. 'Did it feel good? You are so tight right now, clinging onto me like this. So cute.' Daehyun lowered the car seat into the laying position as he pulled Mijoo to him and made her lay down on him. He began to move in and out of her. Mijoo hold on to him while moaning in pleasure. Daehyun moved faster until he touched her love button and made her come. Sweat fell down her forehead that dripped on his face. Mijoo looked at Daehyun and kissed him. 'Come already. I need to leave.' Daehyun held in as much as he could. But Mijoo is not planning to stay until he comes on his own. She bites his neck as hard as she can. Daehyun felt adrenaline rush through his body. Mijoo tightened around him and made him come quickly. Both their heavy breathing molded together. Daehyun did not remove himself. Mijoo felt that he got hard again. 'Stop that. Don't make me pull out your hair and make you go bald. I'll really do it!'

'If you like bald guys. I don't mind.' Daehyun hugged Mijoo. He swiped the sweat from her face with his warm and big hand. With his other hand he touched her lips. Mijoo licked it. 'Okay, one last time.' She said. Daehyun's eyes lit up. She found herself pinned against the seat. This time Daehyun was hovering above Mijoo with lust in his eyes. He lifted both her legs up and threw them over his right shoulder. 'Give me your hands.' Mijoo knew that it was a stupid idea to give him the second green light. She lost to the naughty horny puppy. Her arm was floating in the air. Daehyun took them. He pulled at it and began to move again. This was another sensation to Mijoo. She could see Daehyun move his body and came eye to eye with him. 'You like this?' He asked. Mijoo looked away from him and nodded her head.

Mijoo peeking at Daehyun again. He looks like he is enjoying himself, damn he looks hot. Mijoo was mesmerized. The torso perfectly drawn out. Each and every section of his abs neatly shaped equally. She could see all his muscles moving one by one. She never had a chance to watch Daehyun making love to her. She would be in so much heat and trance, making it impossible to stay focused. Daehyun let go of her hands and hugged her legs. He trusted deeper this time which made Mijoo seek for air. Daehyun watched her as he is penetrating her with slow yet deeper moves. Every time he did that, Mijoo's body became stiff. She felt cold chills running up her spine all the way to her head which made her lose focus. It was like drug. 'I'll finish it. Don't worry. Once this mess is over. I will show you new ways of pleasures.'

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