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100% Rewriting / Chapter 13: Chapter 7: The husband and wives!

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Chapter 13: Chapter 7: The husband and wives!

"Xue'er, are you okay?" Yang Chen softly whispered. From caressing her soft body, he could see that she was trembling and somewhat afraid for this first time.

"I...I...Brother Chen... I'm nervous." Lin Xue's body was trembling a little bit. Although Mu Qingqing was supporting her in the back, she wondered what it feels to do that.

Yang Chen looked at the naked beauty, alluring in the starry night. He was enchanted. Lin Xue was her fiancé, and if he marks her for being his, right here and now, how would his father-in-law say? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_45944216584504110">!_45944216584504110</a> for visiting.

Yang Chen's mind gradually formed an Image. The image belongs to a robust middle-aged man with raging fire from his forehead. The ferocious beast, Lin Tian. His father-in-law and Lin Xue's father! That man was ferocious beast, if he gets angry, blood would flow along the river. He was the Grand Elder of Thirteen Variation Sect!

Lin Tian was titled wild ferocious beast was because, once upon a time, a small sect offended one of his peripheral disciples. That disciple came to the East Sun Town for a mission. But because the disciple was low-key with powerful martial skills and artifact. The small sect's patriarch wanted to steal it for he thought that the disciple was merely a rogue cultivator that chanced upon a heritage. But after he killed the disciple like a silent wind, Grand Elder Lin Tian knew this matter through the spiritual essence he left from his disciple. That day, the Ferocious Ling Tian was awakened, and form a mountain of corpses in the small sect. He hangs up the head of the Small Sect's patriarch above that corpses and roared in the heaven and land. That time was their doom, and only a few were able to escape; the survivors were the disciples that went out for a mission. Once those disciples learn that earth-shattering news, they immediately panicked and ran off hiding from Lin Tian; fearing that they would die by his devil hands.

After that massacre, the earthshaking news immediately spread a thousand of thousands of li. That brought fear and alarmed from the surrounding region, thus, no one dares to act rashly when greedy people saw fat-sheeps walking alone in the side grasses. And even engraved words in their mind: Never to provoke anything related to Lin Tian!

Yang Chen shuddered as he thought of that man. Although he was his son-in-law, disrespecting him and taking her fiancé's purity even before the wedding, that would be impolite for his(Lin Tian) side.

He thought this for how many minutes and was back in reality. He holds Lin Xue's hand and softly said, "Xue'er... I think that that we should not do this..."

Lin Xue's face sunk, could it be Big Brother Chen was not marrying me anymore? Her smile vanishes, tears replace them. She said with her voice shaking, "Brother Chen... Could it be that you don't want Xue'er, anymore?"

Mu Qingqing also feels worried in her heart, as she thought: "Did Husband change his mind? No, this was absolutely not that case. Husband is sweet, gentle, and a man who knows not to back from his promises. I know that if he loves someone, then that would be the case. He would love her. But I hope that I am right." But of course what Mu Qingqing's thoughts were opposite of what she said, "Husband... What do you mean by that... Are you... you not a man? How could you be like this?!"

Yang Chen was stunned. Isn't this misunderstanding was too big? No wonder I had no girlfriends in my previous life, I am simply not good at picking words!

Yang Chen inwardly sighed. He grabbed Mu Qingqing to his left bosom, while Lin Xue to his right. He embraced them with warm and softly said, "Do you really think of your husband that much? Who said that I don't love my Xue'er and My Qing'er. Although I could not temporarily give My Qing'er a proper status, that would be not long after I will tell the world that both of you are my, Yang Chen's, woman!"

Lin Xue and Mu Qingqing were surprised and an expressed joy emerged from their beautiful face. Mu Qingqing thought that her husband was breaking off his relationship with her sister because he treated her as a little sister, but it seems that she misunderstood him: "That's odd though... In the past I thought that living with husband, starting that day I came here, I understand him more than any people would do... Even Sister Xue and I exchange Husband Preaching and we both thought that we understand him that much... It seems that I and Sister Xue is wrong... I didn't think that Husband is not good at picking words. I did not really expect that." She chuckled.

Lin Xue expressed joy and with a tear, it became the tears of joy. She looked at Yang Chen and blamed, "Husband... I'm sorry... I... I thought wrong."

Mu Qingqing also nodded her head and followed, "Husband... We are wrong... But why did you really mean by those words?" The two women expressed puzzlement through their faces.

Yang Chen smiled wryly. It was natural for them to be like this since he possessed this body. And their temperament was almost the same, but only that Yang Chen was not good at words, while the latter was pretty skilled to words.

It seems that I really need to digest everything the previous Yang Chen's memories. Including all the experience, temperament, personality, attitude, and etc... Or else people would be suspicious of me... Especially my parents.

Yang Chen caressed their naked curves and his cock that was hard as iron was propped between the two beautiful woman's legs. He said, "Qing'er, Xue'er... That words... I mean to say that doing this, not on our wedding day, is disrespecting father-in-law, thus, I thought it's inappropriate to do this before our marriage. Xue'er, how about we'll do that after our marriage, you know your father, right? I don't want to be whipped in my butt, again."

From the memories, Yang Chen made Lin Xue cry, thus, promised to marry her. But on that same day, he was also whipped by Lin Xue's father with ten slaps. Yang Chen could even feel what the Previous Yang Chen felt when he was beaten. And now that they grew up, he didn't know how harsh Ling Tian's beating would be.

Lin Xue was stunned. She immediately thought of that unforgettable day. Laughing, she said, "Brother Chen... How could that be? There's no way Father would know that we consummate each other prior to our wedding day, correct? So what we are afraid for?" Lin Xue's mind was immediately changed, as she thought: "Sooner or Later, Brother Chen is going to be my one and only man, after all, so giving my body today will set me at ease, and thus I could be Brother Chen's woman earlier!"

Yang Chen knocked her head and pinch her cheek, "You cunning demoness. I know that father-in-law would not find this matter out. But I respect him and I love you. I didn't love you for your pretty face and neither because I only thought of you as a sex slave. Rather, I treat you as my beloved precious princess. As your husband, I naturally would be the prince. Thus, you two being my woman was for I had feelings for you. Not as a toy, understood?"

At that moment, Mu Qingqing looks at him.

If you treat your woman like a princess why would you do that to me? Is it because of love or perhaps not?

Mu Qingqing murmured as she lowered her head. Even though she was his woman, and was rather easy-going, she has the mind to think. That look he had from the time he came to her room, she knows that it was for lust. Thus, she couldn't help but think, did he really love her? or could it just to purely satisfy his craving? She trusts and loves him more than herself. Even he would no longer look at her, she would always stay by his side... unless he would toss her out.

But soon, she heard Yang Chen following words that blushed her and no longer confused by what she thought previously.

"But... I know that I am not a perfect man, I, Yang Chen, am a bad prince. I let my other women hide from the dark, without proper status. I did that to her in the way of not being a gentleman. I am ashamed and I blame myself. Qing'er, I know that you thought that I came to your house yesterday for lust. And yes I admit it. But, as I said I am a prince. Not the good prince, but the Bad Prince. Qing'er would you accept this man to be your bad prince?" Yang Chen looked deeply at Mu Qingqing. He knew that behind this cheerful and blushing woman was a mind that can enchant men. Even the previous Yang Chen, which soul fused with him fell to her to the point he could not confess to her. And as both of their soul fused, Yang Chen also happened to experience through the memories of what the previous Yang Chen felt. He wanted to conquer and conquer that type of woman!

Mu Qingqing smiled and embrace Yang Chen tightly. She felt that she could now free everything from her heart. If not for her intelligence, how could she not easily befriended her sister Lan Xue, and feel this blessing together with her? 'As long as husband had me in his heart, I will be contented.' These words were the words that came to her mind.

Lin Xue in the bosom of Yang Chen also hung a beautiful smile. She had the same thought of Mu Qingqing. As long as husband had her in his heart, she would be contented.

"Husband, I am sorry. Your Qing'er suspected husband... You can punish me, anything you want..."

"Husband... If you think that way, then I would listen to you. Our wedding is not that far, I can wait for that."

"You two sweet demoness, you're making me transform into the bad prince. But, It is now midnight and I officially declared that your prince is now married to the both of you. If I notice that you two look for other men, I would not hesitate to kill them. I am only your man, and forever be. Let's now sleep together, as husband and wife..."




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