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Game TV - Richest Women on Earth - Chapter 19 by kaytise full book limited free

Chapter 19: Game TV

When Catherine woke up, she seemed to feel somewhat good indeed.

At least, the depressed feeling seemed to disappear.

Originally, Catherine seemed to resist herself a little bit, but now, she started to accept it. It made her feel much more comfortable.

After feeling a little relieved, the originally difficult script was completed all at once, and Catherine became even more excited.

When she returned to her bedroom, the chaotic and complicated images that occupied her brain also disappeared.

Sometimes I seem to care about unnecessary thing's too much. When I was an old woman before people said I try too hard. they also said I come off really awkward. You know I didn't mean no harm. I was just trying to be myself but sometimes I got confused because I can't read social cues.

I could accept men. Why do I feel afraid now?

This is not necessary!

She even wanted to write another script.

But she thinks it is better to shoot the script first.

Equipment or something, you can leave it to Lily, you don't need too advanced equipment, because sometimes the picture will appear unreal, and what you need is the kind of weird scene with a little shaking.

The plot of "Blair the Witch" takes place in Blair, Maryland.

Maryland is located just south of Pennsylvania. Although it is some distance from New York, it will be fast if you start from school.

It is necessary to shoot a full set of filming, and Catherine has even decided to see if she can pull the locals out together for a little flicker. In that case, things will become interesting.

But the materials need to be prepared, and it will definitely not be possible with just a few of them. Lily suggested that she should persuade the classmates of the photography club to make it easier to shoot.

The shooting time will start in mid-February and there are still a lot of things that need to be put in place.

And Catherine is going back to New York.

In the dressing room, Catherine was topless.

"I didn't expect it, there is already a B cover."

Lisa measured several sizes for Catherine's chest, not only the upper bust and the lower bust, but she also measured the vertical length, and God knows what she wants to do.

"Is this B?" she said suddenly in surprise.

"No way, it looks so small!"

Catherine was a little puzzled.

In fact, this was misled by the so-called comics of the previous life.

Some animations are selling meat, so they exaggerate women's breasts. Sometimes the E cup is like two basketballs, but in fact, the E cup is not that big at all. It can only be said that after wearing a bra, it can give people a feeling of fullness.

"Is B big?" Lisa glanced at Catherine strangely, and the latter could only scratch her head.

But Lisa suddenly smirked again.

"Maybe it can grow to G~H is not impossible."

Cold sweat seemed to flow from Catherine's head.

"too big…"

Lisa shrugged: "Don't people just like the bigger the better?"

In Europe and America, this seems to be the truth.

There was something like that in the famous adult magazine "Huahua Company", in which there is a popular saying that "the sales of playboys are proportional to the size of the cover girl's chest."

"Although H is a bit big, I think it is just right for G."

Sure enough, there is a huge difference in aesthetics between Europeans and Americans and Asians.

Although it is also in the Far East, any passerby on the Hong Kong and Taiwan side has a C, and there are many D, E, and F, but the vast majority of the mainland is A and B.

For Catherine, from the aesthetic point of view, she doesn't care too much about the size of her breasts, as long as the shape looks better.

From the point of view of freedom of movement, Catherine hopes that her own will not exceed C.

"It can only be C at most," Catherine told Lisa.

"That's too small to see." Lisa seemed to be dissatisfied with Catherine's behavior that doesn't pay attention to breasts.

"Let's take care of it, as much as you can grow up."

"Okay, put on your clothes. Although there is air conditioning, it is not good if you catch a cold."

finally got it done.

Catherine breathed a sigh of relief and then got dressed.

"Kate, come pick up the goods tomorrow, I will give you a surprise~"

Lisa looked at Catherine with a smile.

"Thank you so much."

It's strange to say that Catherine felt that being naked in front of her companions was nothing more embarrassing than buying a bra. She wondered if she really had any problems.

But now that it's done, it's meaningless to think about these boring things.

Back home, Catherine turned on the TV and put the videotape of "Superman" in it.

The video recorder that appeared in 1956 is now a veritable luxury, but when Oliver was changing the color of TV, he simply bought a set and by the way also brought a set of "Superman" videotapes.

This is an animated cartoon, produced in 1941, in color. It's nostalgic.

Each episode of Superman is only 8 minutes, but at the time, each episode cost was 30,000 US dollars... in 1941!

Speaking of it, the Americans are really strange. They obviously have only two hundred years of history. They still like nostalgia so much. If you take out the old things, whether it is Transformers or Superman, it is really strange.

Even if you are a celebrity, 30 years later

you should pass it, right? However, these fictitious characters and things did not exist but received a strong welcome.

Catherine actually wants to share a piece of the pie and create a few "classic characters", but she doesn't have that strength at all now. After all, whether it is anime or a TV series, it is not a person's job.

Thinking of this, she could only shake her head and then took out her own integrated circuit board.

There is a 2KB IBM-made memory on it, and the countless semiconductor transistors soldered on by Catherine are products of Fairchild, plus the circuit that controls the TV circuit, this board looks very complicated.

But to do it, this thing is very simple. The only problem now is to weld the cathode radio tube of the TV to it.

This electric board is something Catherine has been making. For this, she didn't have any pocket money left.

Just because there is no TV, there are some things that I still can't do.

The color TV was changed at home, and the original 14-inch black and white was placed in Catherine's bedroom.

She disassembled the black and white TV neatly.

The reason why Catherine studied software is that she is very interested in computers. Although she has also studied the directing department, it is just for fun. After all, it is not a directing department of a professional college.

It's just that I don't have a computer now, but Catherine has given full play to her advantage in learning "Electronics".

Although it was troublesome, after a few hours, she was able to figure it out.

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Catherine smiled triumphantly, but before the matter was over, she took out another typewriter.

What she has to do is simple, and that is to modify it into a keyboard.

This thing is not difficult. In the future, a person named Jack-Zylkin spent 9 months designing and manufacturing a typewriter keyboard that can be connected to a USB interface, but this is a design practice. The real production time only takes one hour. That's it.

After reading the report, Catherine once did it herself, and now it seems that she is familiar with it.

She wanted to buy a computer keyboard, but she couldn't find it anywhere, so she had to do it herself.

After everything was done, she turned on the TV and turned the knob. Soon, a black and white screen appeared. It was a game. People in this era may not know this game, but in the future, even people who have never touched a computer will know this game: Tetris.

"Get it done!"

Catherine jumped up excitedly.

Animation, computers, clothing, movies, games, and other industries are all that Catherine likes, but now, she doesn't have that energy.

Without money, everything is just empty talk.

So she is now focusing on all industries where money can come. The upcoming TV wave was also targeted by Catherine.

Of course, this matter is not in a hurry. Although a game has been made, she can't play it these days. She still wants to make a movie.

"By the way, what should I call this?"

Catherine thought for a while and decided to name it "Game TV".

Actually, Catherine also wanted to disassemble the main unit, but then the input interface would have to be modified again. She didn't have the time, and it can only be that now.

On the other hand, Lisa was also relieved. The underwear made for Catherine was finished. It looked good, and Lisa was very satisfied.

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