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100% RING OF FATE / Chapter 80: Beauty bathes

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Chapter 80: Beauty bathes

Han sha is wearing a wide white T-shirt today. Her lower body is matched with a pair of dark blue jeans. So, when she bends, the scenery in front of her chest falls directly into Long Yan's eye base, purple mask, and the white hemisphere. His age is the stage of full of fantasy about women's body. Therefore, his breathing can't help but become fast, and even his eyes are straight.

Women are generally sensitive to aggressive eyes. When she looks up, she sees that Long Yan is staring at her chest. She suddenly understands that she's gone. She quickly straightens her body and stares at Long Yang angrily: "little villain, where are your eyes?"

was caught. The Long Yan was not old. "I'm sorry," he said. I didn't mean to. "

Seeing his hurried appearance, Han sha's dissatisfaction vanished and puffed: "OK, change your shoes and bring the dishes to the kitchen."

"Oh, yes." Long Yang is busy nodding, but in his mind he can't help but think of the two strokes of white he saw just now.

Put the dishes, Long Yan went out of the kitchen, did not see Han sha, so looked at Han sha's residence, this is a single apartment with one room, one hall, one kitchen and one bathroom.

The living room is very simple. There is an old color TV, a simple sofa and a dining table. Suddenly a rustle comes from the room. He looks up and finds that there is a gap in the door.

His eyesight is excellent, and he can see a snow-white figure through the crack of the door.

"So miss Han sha went to the bedroom to change clothes." Long Yang said to himself that he knew it was wrong to peep, and subconsciously wanted to move his eyes, but somehow, Han sha's back had an inexplicable attraction to him. At the moment, Han sha was only wearing a purple cover and purple pants.

The mask and trousers are purple. It seems that miss Han sha likes purple very much.

After a comment in his heart, Long Yan felt sorry, if Han sha could get rid of her.

As soon as the idea came into being, he was shocked. How could I have such an idea? It's shameless.

Soon, Han sha changed into a housecoat.

Seeing that Han sha is about to come out, Long Yan comes to the sofa and sits down. He finds the remote control and turns on the TV.

When Han sha opened the door, she found that the bedroom door was not closed. She was shocked. I didn't see Long Yan when I changed clothes.

But when she saw Long Yan sitting on the sofa watching TV, she was relieved.

"Does Mr. Han need my help to wash dishes?" Long Yang pretends to be calm and turns to Han sha.

"No, just watch TV." Han sha smiled and went to the kitchen.

Seeing this, Long Yangmur took a picture of himself on the chest. Fortunately, it didn't arouse the suspicion of Han sha.

Soon, there was movement in the kitchen. The kitchen door was facing the living room, so Long Yanyi could see Han sha busy in the kitchen.

In less than 40 minutes, three dishes and one soup were served on the table. Hearing the fragrance of the dishes, Long Yan could not help but feel the food. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Wash your hands and get ready to eat." Han sha said.


Long Yang responds and rushes to the bathroom. Looking at the figure of Long Yan, Han sha feels as if she has forgotten something. Until Long Yan enters the bathroom, she remembers that the underwear and underpants changed yesterday are all hanging in the bathroom.

The bathroom is not big, but there is no smell. Suddenly, Long Yan's eyes have been staring at a purple underpants and a mask hanging in the small window.

"See purple again. Isn't all of Han sha's underwear purple?" Long Yang maliciously guessed.

"Have you washed the inkstone of Long Dynasty? Come out as soon as you have washed it." Han sha's voice came from the outside with a trace of anxiety.

"I'll be right away." Long Yang quickly takes back his eyes, turns on the tap and washes it at will, and shakes off the water stains on his hands and walks out of the bathroom.

"Wow, it's delicious. I can't wait. " Long Yang grabs his chopsticks, picks up a chopstick and puts it into his mouth. Then he squints and looks very intoxicated. I have to admit that Mr. Han sha's cooking is really good, which is better than the dishes made by Fuyue tower.

Spit out the bone, Long Yan picks up another piece of beef.

Very fragrant, very energetic way!

"How do you feel?" Han sha asked.

"It's delicious!" Long Yang finds that he can't stop when he starts eating, and he admires Han sha's future husband. Han sha is so beautiful, has a good temper, and makes delicious dishes. Whoever marries her is the blessing of his last life.

His cooking skill was recognized by Long Yan, and Han sha was also very happy. She picked up a piece of ribs and put it into his bowl and said, "eat more if you are delicious."

"Thank you." Long Yang said vaguely, but found Han sha didn't move his chopsticks, so he said: "Han sha teacher, you also eat, you just watch me eat, I'm sorry."

After dinner, Long Yan took the initiative to brush the dishes, Han sha did not refuse.

After washing the dishes, Long Yan went out of the kitchen and found that miss Han sha was missing again, but the sound of water from the bathroom told him that miss Han sha was taking a bath. Beauty bathes.

Long Yang's head suddenly popped out four words, and his eyes fixed on the glass door of the bathroom subconsciously.

Although I can't see the scene clearly, I can see a vague body outline. Even if it's just a vague outline, Long Yan's heart doesn't strive to speed up.

"How about perspective?"

Long Yang had an evil idea in his heart.

But then she denied that Han sha is her own teacher. Peeping is not good, let alone peeping.

"Or take a look, just one."

"No, it's better to peep at the teacher than the beast!"

Suddenly, Long Yan's vision became blurred. Then, his vision suddenly penetrated the glass door of the bathroom.


Long Yang's eyes were round, because he saw an unforgettable scene. At the moment, miss Han sha was naked, bowing and scrubbing her long thighs with her hands.

Even Long Yan felt his blood was boiling.

It's tempting to have wood!

Suddenly, he realized a problem, he did not start perspective, how can he see through the glass door?

"I think you are too tangled, so I will help you to open the perspective magic!"

Long Yang is furious: "meow, why don't you do this without my permission?"

"If you're cheap, you'll sell yourself!" Meow disdained.

"... You...! " Long Yang, angry with him, said, "you can't make decisions for me without my permission."

"Man, what a contradictory animal!" Meow sighed, and then there was no sound.

Seeing that meow doesn't respond, Long Yan can't help it. She reluctantly takes back her eyes and places her eyes on the TV set. But the rustling sound in the bathroom has a kind of inexplicable magic, which tempts him to look inside.

"NIMA, I've seen it all anyway. It doesn't matter if I see it again!" After finding a reason to persuade himself, Long Yan looks back at the glass door.

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