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"Dead,I'm so dead. Didn't even get to lose my virginity."

That was the first thought that crossed his mind when a black-clothed assassin attacked him. He was so afraid seeing the attacker that he didn't try to dodge. It looked like his legs grew roots in there and then. Well, the consequences were simple to tell.

"I wanted to see the vast world out there. Conquer everything in front of me."

"All the beauties out there for me to love. But now I'm going to the netherworld without even getting to know one. How frustrating also pathetic."

"Ah,how I wanted to fall in love with someone special. Maybe a few someone special. I can only imagine if someone will miss me if I'm not here. "

"So much for that. How nice it'll be if I were to regain my past life memory like the hero in novel & somehow managed to survive this or be reborn in another world. Being summoned to another world to fight the demon Lord and his army doesn't seem bad. All of them has the chance to pick up cute girls."

Like that gonna happen

Arthur was in his bedroom when he faced an assassination. A dagger went right through his heart. He was bleeding. A lot of blood was flowing out. It's very painful for him. But the assassin didn't even show the slightest pity towards him. The attack was very fast and it was completed very quickly.

Now he kind of regrets not practicing any martial arts or learning any magic skills. Not that it's his fault. He didn't have any talent for fighting. His talent is lower than average people in their locality. So there's no way to live past this tragedy.

It's just Arthur can't figure out why someone will try to kill him. He was always a shadow person.

No fight. No trouble. Didn't even offend a Chicken. So why does it all happen only to him. 'Why?'

Arthur is the thirdchild of a noble in blue moon empire. His father is a earl who also happens to be the city Lord of the city named Trafford. It's a medium level city with not much population. He's the youngest among his three siblings.

But among the siblings, he is the black sheep of the family. He is not so qualified as his elder siblings. By not having qualifications here means that he is pretty meek person. Never tries to stand up for himself or other.

His relationship with his siblings are not good. They have different opinion about him. But none that's in his favour. Sometimes they even preyed on him, which was very humiliating because they used to take things too far.

But he always wanted to live a life where he can be surrounded by pretty girl.

So he is just your typical perverted young master with no courage to act upon his desires.

He just daydreams about his sweet perverted thoughts, Minding his own business.

When he faced the assassination, he was 20 years old. Being a 20 years old virgin in this world is as rare as Phoenix feathers and qilin's horn. But that's the only unique trait of Arthur.

So here he lies in the cold floor waiting for death. At the last moment of his life he thought if he was given a second chance he will make sure to live his life differently. He will lead a more fulfilling life . He also vowed to find out who did this to him and make them pay.

It was dark outside. Arthur could see a nice full moon blossoming in the night sky. The silvery shine of the moon seemed to irritate his heavy eye. It seemed like the moon was sprinkling salt in his already wounded heart. Arthur felt life leaving his body. He could barely keep his eyes open as they felt so heavy,as if all the weight in the world rested in it. But when he thought he died, he felt a jolting pain in his brain.

After that he was in a groggy state for who knows how long. But then he heard a 'ding' sound that Waked him up. When he woke up he was surprised to find himself alright and it seemed he was still in his bedroom but it was daytime. The sun was up and glaring from above. It's golden rays barged through the window illuminating the whole room.

It was the same room he used for all his life. Nothing changed. No sign of assassination. No bloodstain in the floor to prove him being moved away.

"What happened! I'm sure I died from a night attack . So how am I alive. I am not hallucinating,am I? "

"The only other possibilities are either I am in hell or well,never mind."

"Wait,can you even hallucinate when you die?"

Arthur couldn't believe it. So he checks his body but can't find any clue. There is no chest wound or body patch. But he manages to find a slight problem. His body seems pretty young than he remembers.

Arthur then checks his surroundings and suddenly started laughing out loud. finally figured out what happened.

He can't believe he had such realistic dream about growing up and dying so young. No that's wrong. Its wrong to call it a dream. It's a freaking nightmare. That was really the most disturbing nightmare of all time for him.

Arthur thought to himself why was he so unlucky that even his nightmares are so dangerous. Why can't he dream about fucking a hot mature women or dating a princess. He wants to get laid even if it happens to him in his dream.

But he's so glad not to be dead. Being alive means countless possibilities for him. And he swears he will make sure to not fall in this position ever in his real life. He was really glad that it was only a dream/nightmare.

<"o no,this is no dream,you pencil-dick imbecile. you died. It's just you're back in idiot. ">


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