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Chapter 1: Luan Dimas

The streets were busy at night, with numerous pedestrians and noisy vehicles passing. There were workers coming home, children finishing school, elderly people buying groceries, and many passers-by, each with different objectives.

A discreet black car with tinted windows drove quietly down the street. Inside the car, passed out in the central back seat, was a young man between 17 and 18 years of age. This young man was handsome with a delicate appearance, with short white hair and white eyebrows. Even his long lashes were white. Along with him, there were four men who acted suspiciously.


Incredibly, the moment this young man woke up, he lashed out at the men beside him, punching one and elbowing the other in the nose. His attacks were fierce, even fiercer than a wild beast.

"Stop him!" The man in the front passenger seat of the car screamed.

"I can't do it. He's too strong," a man who appeared to be in his 20s said regretfully, having already had his nose broken by the young man.

The other next to him was already unconscious with just one punch from the young man with white hair.

The fight the young man put up against them was all quite impressive!

"Who are you? Why are you all in my room?" The young man lightly rubbed his eyes and frowned.

'Wait… a car?' The white-haired young man became confused upon noticing his surroundings. He hadn't seen a car like this in hundreds of years. And now, he found himself inside one.

"Damn, how can he be so strong? This is not what was reported to us before." A bearded man in the passenger front seat swore and pulled a pistol from his waist.

"Huh?" Seeing the gun in the man's hand, the young man with the white hair frowned again, but something entirely surprising happened. Instead of pointing the gun at the white-haired young man, the man aimed at the driver who was driving too fast and fired.



The car began to skid, and the strong smells of burning tires and blood were present.

"Damn it, Zig! How dare you kill Ricardo!" The strong man in the back passenger seat seized the man with the gun with both hands and squeezed tightly while the car continued to spin like a top.

"Let me go, motherfucker!" The man with the gun gasped while choking. He tried to stabilize the car, however, the man behind him did not loosen his grip; worse, he tightened it even more.

It didn't take long for the man to shoot behind him twice and kill the man who was strangling him.

*Bam!* *Bam!*


Before the man could take control of the steering wheel, the car crashed head-on into a lamppost.

Gray smoke came out of the hood of the totaled car. People quickly drove away from the accident in fear. Luckily, no one was seriously injured but the occupants, although in the process several cars ended up crashing.

After hitting his head against the car window, the armed man looked back for the white-haired young man. However, he was already gone.

"Damn, where did that shit go?" The man shouted in frustration. He just killed two of his brothers all to have the young man they had spent so much work to capture escape. He still couldn't process what happened just before. He felt that his body was being controlled, and because of that he ended up killing his comrades.

'How am I going to explain this to the boss?' Although he was afraid of being arrested, he was even more afraid of his boss. He saw that many people started to crowd around the car, and without thinking twice, shot upward through the roof of the car.



Pedestrians screamed in fright and ran as far away as possible; no one was bold enough to be around an armed man.

After getting out of the car. The man ran as fast as he could, holding his gun as blood ran down his head. However, he didn't have time to care about that.

After fleeing to a distant place, entering the alleys of the slum, the bearded man felt calmer and took out his cell phone with a shaking hand. He wanted to call his boss and tell him the mission failed. However, fear was visible on his face. He was not able to withstand his boss's fury...

After taking a few deep breaths, he dialed his boss's number still shaking, fumbling the number several times on his cell phone.

"Boss... it's like this... Luan Dimas managed to escape!"


In a suite at the Dallas Hotel in Brazil - Santa Catarina.

"My love, thanks to your sister, we made 5 million reais," Said a man.

"Is that true, Bernardo? But is it safe?" Said a woman with a seductive voice.

'Monica, Bernardo?'

'What is happening?'

On one hand, presently in the room there was a beautiful woman with long blond hair and crescent moon-shaped eyebrows. Her eyes were a beautiful purple and she had skin as clear as snow, so beautiful that it would not be a lie to say that any man would do anything to win her heart. But the features that would catch one's attention the most were her long, beautiful legs and large breasts.

On the other hand, here she was, draped on a bed, unable to move and barely able to remember how she got there. The last thing she remembered was that she was practically forced by her older sister, Monica, to go to a nightclub to have fun with her. However, after that she felt dizzy and didn't remember anything else. It was as if a part of her memory had been cut off and erased from her mind.

"Yes, my little angel, the film director, Rafael, has already deposited the money. Furthermore, after he sleeps with your sister, he's promised to help jump-start your acting career." Bernardo's voice echoed into the room again, startling the woman on the bed, who could barely open her eyes. "Don't worry. At the most she will lose her virginity to a rich guy. Although he is very ugly and skinny, he has a lot of money. Your sister is very lucky, heh."

What he didn't say was that Rafael was a director of porn films. Not that it made any difference, since Monica never liked her sister, and now having the chance to earn a lot of money with her, it was a bit of unexpected luck for her.

The man showed his girlfriend his current balance on the bank's app.

[Available balance: R$ 6,498,495,00.(Equivalent to 1,132,141,99 Dollars)]

"Wow! I've never seen so much money in one place! Hehe. And to think that someone would be willing to pay all this to sleep with my cold, bookworm of a little sister." said Monica happily, acting flirtatiously while kissing the man's face.

Monica thought, 'With this money, I will have enough to start up my career.'

"The drug you made Ingrid drink soon will take effect." Bernardo said seriously. "We need to leave."

"Yes, let's go." Monica looked at her sister and said to her sarcastically, "Have a fun time little sister; I hope you have a nice night. After all, it will be your first night with a man. Hahaha."

Her sister's laughter continued to echo through Ingrid's mind.

'Why do I have to be so unlucky? Why did my own sister do this to me?' These were the first thoughts that Ingrid had, but she soon dismissed them. She already knew about her sister's character, however, she never expected her to reach this point.

'Now it all makes sense - the way she practically forced me out today! How laughable it all is. I shouldn't have gone with her...' Although she wanted to move, she couldn't. At most, she could only think.

Gradually she regained the ability to open her eyes, however, it was difficult for her to control her body. In addition to this, a strong desire to masturbate began to fill her entire being.

'Is this how I am going to lose my virginity?' She felt a strong urge to cry. 'I have preserved my virginity all this time, and I have never dated before, but in the end, I will end up losing my first time to an unknown man who offered money to my sister's boyfriend?'

Ingrid was shaken. If she could have moved, she would have thrown herself out the window even if she were to die in the process. She couldn't stand to live feeling dirty. She wanted to have her first time with someone she loved, but in her 18 years of life she never had even so much as a boyfriend since she wanted to finish her studies and get a good job. Then, and only then, she would think about finding a boyfriend and marry...

Right after he left, Bernardo received a call that totally spoiled his humor. He was seething with anger, but he soon calmed down by thinking about the huge amount of money he had earned.

'There's no use regretting it now.' Bernardo shook his head and continued walking with his woman towards the parking lot.


Minutes after Monica and Bernardo left the suite, a mischievous little girl passed down the hall holding some sort of remote control. She pointed to several doors to the hotel's suites and changed the number of the suites while giggling.

It was not the first time that she had done this. Even though afterwards each time she was punished and promised not to do it anymore, she couldn't resist doing her antics. In addition, whenever she misbehaved she managed to spend more time with her father, which made her very happy despite being scolded.

"Ho, ho, ho. Dad is going to scold me again. Humph! It's his fault for not paying attention to Linlin." The little girl, Linlin, chortled and continued to change the suite numbers.

Lruska Lruska

{Edited by: Azurtha}

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