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Rivals Of Rings Rivals Of Rings original

Rivals Of Rings

Author: Sumbal

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Chapter 1: Prologue.

'Master...! Catch it...!' Felsen shrieked after flinging something at him. After he hurled, a mysterious beast from his back, assaulted him. Because they all were quarreling in the air, so the onslaught of the creature compelled Felsen to plunge, and he strike the ground so hard.

"Ahhh...!" Felsen whines as he could feel much anguish in his back. 'You did it with an erroneous person,' Felsen gritted his teeth and stood up. 'Here you go!' He flew up in the air to whack him. The blaze in his eyes emerged a surge of trepidation in the beast body and he flew a little back for the sake of his safety. Felsen strides to him, but abruptly, he heeded a voice.



The voice of alarm. The voice encompassed Felsen, and he halted on the spot.

'Is that...the voice of my table horologe?' Felsen uttered with a pondering face.

"Felsen!! Felsen!!" Felsen withered, when heard his mom's voice, that traveled to him  from his right direction.

"Mom...Mom..!" Felsen wailed, and flew to the side to  follow the voice, and as he took a move to pursue the voice, he knockdown.

"Ahh...! my head," Felsen moans with closed eyes. He sensed his body laying on the hard surface. He struggled to open his sleepy heavy lids, and what he found out, he was on the floor near his bed.

Felsen lives with his parents, in a house with two bedrooms, one store-room, a kitchen, and a tv lawn. To the entrance, were some couches in the lobby, and, to the left side of them, was a small tv lawn.

Behind the couches was the dining table and was the kitchen to the right side of the dining table, and his parent's bedroom on the left side. The stair was situated to the right side of the couches, and up to the stairs was his room. To the entrance of the room, there was a table for study on the right side, and a bed and side table beside the bed, and following it, was the mirror and beneath the mirror was the washroom on the left side. The bed was with a wall, and that wall had a window which opens in front of the table.

  "Felsen, wake up...!" Mrs. Strew, Felsen's mom, stroked his shoulder and spoke in a polite voice. When his mom's voice fell on his ear, he opened his eyes fully.

"You are sweaty. Have you dreamed of that dream again?" wiping her beloved son's sweat from his forehead, Mrs. strew talked.

"Yes, and you again woke me up," Felsen replied, while rubbing his eyes, in a sleepy voice.

"Yeah! I did, because it's time for college."

"Enough mom! I am not a kid now. I am 18 plus, stop treating me like a newborn," Felsen muttered irritatedly, when he found his mom still wiping his sweat from all over his face.

"Ok!! Ok!! Relax," Mrs. Strew stood up. "Come on now, get fresh quickly, you are getting late for college," while arranging his room Mrs. Strew spoke.


Mrs. Strew, Felsen's mom. Mr. Strew and Mrs. Strew had only one kid, Felsen. And Felsen, was their world. They loved him so much and he had their full support. When Felsen told them that he wished to get admission to the biggest college of the city, they thought a bit about it, because as a middle-class, they couldn't do the expenses. Yet, to fulfill their beloved son's wish, they made it.

"So finally, you wake up," Mr. Strew Felsen's dad talked in his fresh heavy joyful voice, when Felsen met them at the table.

"Good morning dad," Felsen said and smiled.

"Why are you late? Felsen," asked Mr. Strew.

"Yes! because your beloved son, was dreaming that dream again," Mrs. Strew answered while serving food.

Felsen felt miserable for a moment when she said this. Seeing his sad face Mr. Strew voiced, "Well, I only want to say that...

"Dreams a new dream every day, because these dreams are the reason, that we live."

"These can not be your words. Who said this?" Mrs. Strew questioned him with a little frown and a little smirk.

"Our beloved author."

The three chuckled when Mr. Strew said this.

"I am done, bye-bye," Felsen chatted and left in a hustle.

"It's getting cold day by day," Ron, Felsen's best friend since his school, spoke in a low voice, while glancing out through the window, in the classroom, during a lecture. "What do you say?" he spoke more, asking for the answer, to the question he just rose. His eyes still peeking at the view out of the window.

"Felsen...!" he called his name, when he got no answer. Then he swiveled at him, to discover why he was not answering.

"So, you again dreamt of that dream," Ron conversed, when he saw him drawing a  superhero. Felsen had told him many times about his dream. As he was his best friend since childhood, they never disguise anything from each other.

"Yeah," Felsen nodded and then glimpsed at him.

"Yes, it again happened," Felsen spoke further.

"Forget about it. It is all useless. Especially, when we have no superpowers around us, not even a sign of them," keeping his voice low during the lecture, Ron chatted.

"Yes, I know, but why only me? Why don't you dream such dreams?" Felsen continued his drawing, and talked with a frown.

"No, this is not it. I also have dreamed about this kind of dream," Ron placed his head on the desk to see his face because Felsen was so attentive to drawing that he was not looking a little away from it.

"Tell me then," there came a pause in Felsen's drawing and he inquired.

"Mmm....!" Ron thought for a moment and gets nothing related to it, "No, actually not." Ron, while shaking his head, talked.

"But bro, don't think much about it. They are just dreams." Ron stroked Felsen's shoulder while chatting.

"I know they are, but..."

"Felsen, Ron, any problem...!" The Professor finally implored them, after avoiding them many times. They both stood up after the professor addresses them.

"No!! No!! everything is fine with us," Ron confusedly answered.

"What is fine?" Felsen whispered to Ron.

"Keep quiet," while looking at the professor, Ron replied to Felsen in a low voice.

"Sit down and be attentive."

"So this is the thing, you were doing during the lecture," after the lecture, Luc, the rich and bad boy of the school, snatched the paper from Felsen in one jerk, and smirked.

"Look what he drew "A Superhero", Luc showed Felsen's drawing to his haughty friends, and they laughed at him.

"See what is written here, "Felsen". Luc chatted when he saw Felsen's name on the paper. "Felsen and superhero," peeking at the sketch that Felsen drew, Luc voiced and his friend made fun of Felsen.

"Ahh! such a dirty drawing it is. Even my 6-year-old niece draws better than you," Luc muttered.

"Luc, give that to me," Felsen stood up, and tried to snare the paper from him.

"Really!! our hero wants his drawing back," Because Luc was a little taller than Felsen, so, he started playing with him, by bringing his hand in the air. "Come on, you can reach there. Come on, jump," Luc teases him, while he was trying to get his drawing back.

"Come on superhero, use your superpowers," when Luc said, his haughty friends starts laughing again.

The thing made Ron so angry and he finally spoke up,

"Luca, return that." Ron seized a step, and was about to catch the paper but Luc shoved him, and chatted in a playful manner,

"Stay away Ron. Let our superhero take his things, by himself."

Felsen tried many times, but he didn't reach the paper, and during all these, a sudden action transpired to him that was so new to him.

He sensed his vision got blurry, and his lids earned sober. The sound around him gets dim, he could listen nothing. And then he heard a voice, a deep voice, calling his name, "Felsen...!" He felt like someone was controlling his body. Like someone was mesmerizing his brain. He for a moment felt resilience, and at the very next moment, he felt so weak and tired.

Later, when Felsen was fine, and his vision also got cleared, he halted in his position, was trying to process what had just happened to him for the very first time.

During all these, he accidentally situated his foot on Luc's foot which caused him to get nasty in no time, and he pushed Felsen so hard that he fell to the ground on his back after hitting scarcely with the desks and chairs.

"Ahh!" Felsen moans.

"See, our superhero fell," Luc again made fun of him.

"Felsen!" Ron strode to him.

"Nick, give me that broad, black, permanent marker," Luc moved his hand to his one of friends, named Nick, and asked for a marker. After his friend handed him that marker, he went to Felsen, curved to him because he was still laying, and talked in a deep voice looking into his eyes,

"You are not a hero. You are a loser, just a loser...!"

Luc drive his hand toward him in which he was holding a marker.

"Hey Luc, stay away," Ron warned.

"Ron, stay away," Luc warned back.

"You go back," Ron in anger replied.

Luca then alluded to his friends to seize him, and when they did. Later, he wrote the word loser on Felsen's forehead in broad alphabets.

As what just happened to Felsen, he was so disturbed by that, his body was weak, and could do nothing to stop Luc.

"Now, this suits you,"  After writing, Luc smiled at him like a devil, and stood straight.

"Aaa! AAAA!" Luc made a sound of moaning while pressing Felsen's superhero drawing under his foot.

"Let's go guys," he said, and with his defiant friends, went out of the class.

Sumbal Sumbal

This is my WSA 2024 entery. I really need your vote as I have been trying to become one of the successful authors since 2020. Let's make it work together. Your comments and votes really means.

You will surely enjoy the story. It will disclose bundle of suspense and fun.

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