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100% Rogue God at the Highschool / Chapter 5: The secret of the Gale.. (Final part)

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Chapter 5: The secret of the Gale.. (Final part)

"Nina Dojo keep them busy, I will perform the ritual."

Rankar was about to turn when he heard a voice Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"fufu my beloved wants to punish you so I will remove the distractions first."

He saw the strange girl vanish with Riko.

"How is that possible, boss has specially created this place to seal space magic"Dojo was flustered when he saw her effortlessly take away their hostage. He did not even had a chance to think when his heart was suddenly pierced by a pillar of light. He turned around and saw Alex grinning to him

"You were able to evade my senses using that cape, but not this time I made special preparations for you"

Although devils can heal even if their heart were pierced but Dojo sensed something eating him from inside out. He knew the light arrow had a holy attribute in it which will plague him like a curse eventually leading to death. He thought that his end ha come but Alex attacked Nina instead of him, he saw her being sucked into a strange bead like she vanished and next second his vision blanked as his head exploded with Alex's punch.

"Well that takes care of small fries. Then we should start the main course shall we" Alex looked at the bulky devil in front of him/ He knew this one was much more powerful than the other two. Devils had 3 divisions each for low and medium rank but high rank ones contained 7 divisions with 1 grade being highest. He could sense that his opponent was of third grade. his instincts were also telling him that he had something dangerous with him.

"You, you will pay for this, no one can interfere with my work and live to see the sun net day" Rankar was furious, this human not only foiled his plans but he also captured and killed his subordinates.

"Oh well its funny to see a devil talking about seeing sun. Don't worry you will join other devils soon. I was wondering about the location of you base and you were kind enough to give this wonderful opportunity"

Alex charged himself with ki and his aura exploded. Rankar created a big sphere with magic and threw it at him but he just slashed it with a karate chop and it vanished. Rankar was astonished to see his magic being cancelled but he charged 10 similar looking spears and threw them at him from different angles. Alex just dodged them effortlessly, his movements were smooth like he was dancing. Alex made a huge spear from magic and compressed it to 5 times smaller size. He then spoke to Rankar

"take this this is how you attack"

Rankar did not have the time to think when the spear pierced him at lightning speed. He was stupefied how effortlessly Alex was toying with him. Clouded by anger he made a decision which was very harmful for him but he needed to teach this bastard a lesson for toying with him.

Alex was gazing him coldly, waiting for Rankar to see what he will do next when suddenly Rankar pulled out a gloomy and dark looking sword. He saw as Rankar canted something ad suddenly dark miasma exploded in surroundings. There was a pillar of miasma in front of him, radially extending in surrounding. He felt a strange disgust towards the miasma.

Inside the pillar Rankar grew a feet in height, his skin was covered in dark scales that was leaking with miasma. He shouted in a hoarse voice towards Alex "You insect I will tear you limb to limb and devour you soul"

"Looks like you have finally gone insane" Alex chuckled And his eyes became sharp he chanted

"Show me the glory of a king. The gathering breath of the star. The shining torrent of life. Excalibur"!!

A shining sword was formed in his hands. Its blade had the glory of a king and hilt contained a strange cross.

"What!! why do you have that sword"Rankar said warily, he sensed very strong holy aura from this sword.

"you don't need to know" Alex suddenly teleport to his side ans slashed at him but Rankar just shifted and blocked his slash. They both kept attacking each other and each collision created a deadly shockwave. The exchange kept going on for a few minuted when Alex suddenly performed a sidekick and Rankar was thrown downwards into the debris. Alex looked around into his surroundings and saw most of the building was demolished and there were craters everywhere.

He looked warily towards the debris when suddenly whole place started shaking. There was a huge explosion of miasma "YOU BASTARD. I WAS SO CLOSE TO GETTING THE WIND ESSENCE AND YOU MESSED UP MY WHOLE PLAN"

'Wow I don't even need to interrogate you. you spill all of it in anger' Alex thought funnily, he could sense that Rankar was reaching his limits but he needed to end this soon as he had the feeling that something troublesome will be coming here soon.

He looked towards Rankar and charged Excalibur with full power and slashed it towards Rankar.


A huge blast of holy power was created and it enveloped Rankar. Alex sighed thinking it was over but suddenly he saw Rankar shooting towards him. He had a crazy looking face and shouted

"DIE b-bastard"

Whole area exploded as Rankar self destructed and Alex did not had the time to think he just called


The explosion was too loud that it can be heard several kilometer away. There was half a kilometer big crater in the ground and there can be seen a small colorful sphere in between. It suddenly shattered and Alex can be seen there unharmed but panting heavily.

"*Ha* *ha* *ha* That was crazy did he really self exploded. Shit I can't find any more clues here"

He looked around and saw all surroundings were destroyed.

"Well at least I have this" he looked towards a bead in his have and smiled. He suddenly vanished as he teleported from there.

********( 2 mins after Alex was gone)*********

Several silhouettes can be seen as one of them talked

"Just what happened here, I sensed some really creepy energy"

"I also sense holy power" Second one talked

"It seems there was a fight here but why were we not informed"

As they were discussing one lady can be seen silent. She looked from inside her hood and said

"Enough we can't gather anything here lets return"

No one could think that she was thinking about a man she saw an year ago

'Just are you planning just you wait I will find you ZERO'

What Alex didn't knew that someone has guessed that the destruction tonight was his deed....

Alex_Lockheart Alex_Lockheart

Well guess what will happen to our naughty devil that Alex captured.

What will be the reaction of Riko about this event.

I will try updating everyday so stay tuned an I will appreciate some some comments or powerstones XD

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