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Royals Into the Darkness

Author: Royals_Official

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1-3

I was young when we were a family. Mother, Senata, and I would curl up in blanket forts and read books. Mine and Senata's was the story of how the world we knew came to be.

"You girls really do love this story, don't you?" Mother would say.

"Because Mommy is in it!" is what we would say while we would giggle. Then she would have us climb in bed and snuggle with her as she read the story to us and it would always go like this:

"It all started long ago," Mother would say.

"Before the 6 kingdoms were created there was nothing but light and dark, yin and yang, but the darkness started to take over the light. Not knowing what to do, the light morphed to the first of the quod veteres. And she fought off the darkness, freeing the heavens above, creating our planet and moon! Greatly weakened by fighting the darkness, her soul fractured into 5 crystals called royal stones. These crystals became the first citizens. Each of the 5 crystal vessels became the rulers of this land and it gave the 5 kingdoms great powers. But there was one kingdom who did not possess a royal stone. Therefore I had no magic. Instead they got the wisdom of the first one."

"As time went on the royal stones took on new vessels by being passed from parent to child. And over time the royal stones got stronger, for each person enhanced the power as they made it their own. As time passed the darkness grew and waited to attack once more. The darkness thought with the first one gone it could take over once more when the time came that the darkness thought fit to attack, it did but 2 brave rulers confronted it head on, not knowing if they would win. Those rulers were Nocte of Eclipsis and Solis of Solaris."

And I would pipe in and say "MOMMY AND DADDY!" or something like that and she said "That's right," and began telling the story once more.

"Nocte and Solis managed to defeat the darkness. To celebrate the glorious feat Solis and Nocte were wed and after 1 ½ years the two welcomed twins: Luna, daughter of Eclipsis and Senata, daughter of Solaris. They became the new vessels of the royal stones and the new protectors of the world. The End."

Then she would tuck us into our beds and leave to sleep herself, but Senata and I played after she left the room until we fell asleep.

Chapter 1

That was the last time I ever saw Senata. That night I woke up to someone trying to take me, but I fought back and ran to get my parents. But when we returned, she and her kidnapper were gone. I felt so powerless because I couldn't save her. Ever since then I was the sole crystal vessel to my two kingdoms. As well as that I rarely saw my parents after that. Father had to run Solaris and Mother had to run Eclipsis. And neither stopped looking for her. When they had days off they would use the magic they had to search the kingdoms for her. After a while I stopped hoping for her return. I knew very deep down I missed her but I was mad she left me, mad that she made me go through life alone and that she disappeared. But most of all, I was mad at myself for not saving her. I locked those feelings away along with everything else, so much so that most everyone called me a doll. It was like this until I met Rose, she is the princess of Chi, a land who specializes in healing magic.

She brought me out of my shell and almost made me forget about Senata and what happened to her. We were inseparable, and I hadn't been happier. After a while of trying to convince me we decided to take a trip to the Kingdom of Terra. The Terrians don't have magic, so the kingdom is very peaceful. We were to stay in the Eclipsian royal family's vacation home.

When we arrived in Terra, it felt off. But Rose and I dismissed it.

"Maybe it is because there is no magic here." Rose said. I agreed but it felt like the opposite of no magic. It felt familiar, as if it was Father or Eclipse, but both were home in the kingdom of Solaris, I was snapped out of my thoughts by Rose.

"Lu we're here!" I looked out of the window and saw the house in the distance. It was very large, and had rose bushes climbing up the side of the house, and a very large tree right in front. The closer we got to the house the stronger the strange feeling got. When we arrived, we were greeted by the help and our guards. As the maids showed Rose and I to our rooms, we passed Senata's former room and the strange feeling stopped me in my tracks.

"Lu, are you okay?" Rose asked. As if I was under a spell, I opened the door and the room was as I remembered it to be. That's when I noticed a girl in the middle of the room. She had long blonde hair. She looked to be the same age as Rose and I. There was something very familiar about her like I had known her all my life.

"Who are you...?" I said. This startled the girl. Then I realized she hadn't noticed me.

"P-Princess Luna I'm sorry I didn't hear you come in." When she turned around and our eyes met the strange feeling flooded me, and by her face, I knew she felt it too. The warm feeling felt like ... home.

"...S-Senata?" She looked at me, wide eyed.

"P-Princess h-how did you know my name?" She questioned. I started to cry.

"Senata, is it really you?" I said after wrapping my arms around her as tight as possible. She hesitated to hug me back. When she did I knew for sure this girl was my sister. She was Senata .

The moment was cut short by Rose.

"Lu are you alright in there? Can I come in?" All I could say was "I finally found her."

"Found who..?" she said as she walked in and looked at Senata.

"Is that really her?" she asked. I nodded and she ran to introduce herself

"I am Princess Roselia of the Kingdom of Chi. You can call me Rose. It is a pleasure to meet you, Princess."

Senata looked confused. "I'm sorry what did you call me? How do you know my name, Princess? And what do you mean 'Is that really her?'"

"What do you mean? You are my sister, the second born daughter to Queen Nocte and King Solis, Princess of Eclipsis and Solaris, vessel of the royal stone of Solaris." I said.

"N-No that can't be true! I am just a peasant. I can't be your princess. My parents died in a crash 11 years ago."

Rose chimed in. "Then how do you have the royal stone of Solaris? No ordinary person could survive with it inside them! Only the royal families. Which means you are indeed Princess Senata and Lu's twin sister."

I called for the maid to bring me my bag. When she returned with it I rummaged through it and grabbed a small object and set it on the table.

"Illa nocte vocantem." I said. The object then produced a hologram where it showed Queen Nocte. She didn't realize yet that I called her until I spoke.

"Mother." This of course made her jump a little bit but she quickly composed herself.

"Yes Luna? How is your trip so f-" I quickly cut her off.

"I found her." She looked very surprised by that statement.

"What..?" and Rose quickly pulled Senata into view.

"Meet your mother, Queen Nocte." She looked at Senata and started to cry and said

"Is it really you? Are you really my baby?"

"I am sure of it, mother" I said.

"I know you just got there but I want you to come home right now. Your father and I have been waiting 11 years to find her. I can't wait one more day to see my baby again."

"Yes Mother."

As soon as the screen went dark, Rose yelled to the maid

"You heard the queen! Prepare the carriage for Lu and Senata quickly. They must go home as soon as possible." I looked at my dear friend and said to her

"Are you sure you are okay with this? You have been begging me for years to take this trip with you and for it to be cut short like this doesn't feel right to me."

"Lu I know you want your sister back more than some stupid trip. There will be all the time in the world to go on more trips, but this is your chance to be a real family again. And I know that you have wanted this since she disappeared." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Thank you Rose" As I went to hug her, I said "You mean the world to me, and I want you to know that." I smiled as I pulled away.

"I know and you mean the world to me too, but right now you need to bring you sister back home to Eclipsis where she belongs okay?"

"Yes I will-" Just as I was about to say goodbye to Rose the maid came back.

"Princesses your carriage is ready for you."

"Thank you." I said to her. "Well we should be off. I am really sorry Rose but mother is waiting for us to return finally."

"But if there is a celebration, I'm invited. Right, Lu?" We all laughed a little bit and before I left the room, I heard Rose say

"Take care of your sister for me."

Chapter 2

As Senata and I made our 6-day journey home to Eclipsis we made small talk and eventually it turned to me teaching her all she needed to know to be proper in our kingdom. We grew closer by the day on the last day of our ride home we stopped in the city of Lunae Lumen which was a city just off of the capitol for her to meet our people.

Lunae Lumen was a very lively city. It was called the pride of Eclipsis for its beautiful sights and also for how it was always full of life. But today they were preparing to celebrate the twins' return for the first time in 11 years. I could tell Senata was overwhelmed with all the attention. I wouldn't blame her. She lived her life thinking that she was just a normal person, then finding out that she was a princess.

If I were her I would feel the same way. But I grew up in the royal courts of both of the Kingdoms due to her absence. But now I won't have to go through it alone, I know she doesn't know how to feel and I don't either but we have each other and I will be okay. I have a real family again.

I am snapped out of my thoughts by Senata.

"Luna, are you sure I'm your princess? I mean, are you sure I can do it...?" I looked at her baffled and say

"Of course you can do it. You are my sister and I believe in you. If we can't make it alone then we will do it together. I will always be right next to you and I'll be there if you need me to be. Okay, sis?"

I can tell my words helped her to calm down and she says

"Thanks Luna." I say to her "Now get some sleep because tomorrow is going to be long."

"Okay." I hear her say as she rests her head on me. Before long she was fast asleep, after a while I was too.

I woke up before Senata as I realized we were nearing the castle. I shook her awake

"Senata we are finally home." She looked out the window and gasped

"This is the castle?" The castle was very large, and it had many large spires with large banners with the royal crest adorning them. The castle was surrounded by large flower gardens.

"It is like the ones from the books sister Tia used to read to me." Puzzled, I asked "Sister Tia?"

"Oh, she ran the orphanage I grew up in." Senata replied. I was going to ask more but the carriage stopped, and the footman came to help us out. Right as I stepped out something came crashing into me.

"Big sister! You're home!"

"Oh Eclipse! There you are." I hugged her back and said "I have a surprise for you." This made her excited. "What is it big sister?" I smiled and revealed Senata.

"Nice to meet you, Eclipse. I'm your older sister." She said shyly. As Eclipse looked at her, she started to get confused. "Big sister? But the only big sisters I have are Luna and Sena-" she started to realize that this girl was in fact her sister. That she was the missing princess. She started to cry and ran to hug the both of us.

"A thirteen-year-old shouldn't cry" I joked, but I was crying too. We all were. None of us wanted to let go until we heard Mother's voice.

"Finally I get to see all three of my children together again." All three of us turned to look at our mother. She was wearing a midnight purple gown with gold accents at the bottom and a gold belt, with a slit revealing a gold band wrapping her right thigh. The top of her dress was cut into a pointed neckline topped with gold chains drooping down her arms and behind her a large train followed.

"Mother!" I said as she began to approach the three of us. As she got closer, I could make out her face more. She had a slender face, but half was always covered by her long dark red hair. Like always she had her hair braided around her head with it wrapping around a bun in the back of her head. On top of her head was the royal crown of Eclipsis. In the middle of the crown was a crescent moon with a gem in the middle other than that it was very ornate.

"My darling daughters. You are finally reunited." She said as she hugged the three of us.

As we pulled away from the hug I asked "Where is Father?"

She looked at me and said "He will be arriving later. For now, how about you show Senata to her room and help her to pick out an outfit to meet your father."

I looked at Senata and then at Eclipse and said "Okay Mother."

As me and senata started to our rooms, Eclipse suddenly yelled "WAIT, I'LL COME TOO!" She ran after me and Senata, causing the two of us to chuckle. I showed Senata Eclipse's room first. It wasn't very small but it wasn't very big either. Next, Eclipse and I showed Senata where our room was. It was twice the size of Eclipse's room.

"This is our room Senata." I said happily. "This was our room as kids and I had the maids put all your old furniture back," I said.

"Yeah, it was not fair for Lu to get the biggest room other than Mother and Father's all to herself!" Eclipse said.

Senata and I laughed as I walked to the far side of the room. I said "Sure, it was fair because I'm older and can do this."

When I got far enough away from them I summoned my staff and said "Magicae clypeus." and a barrier of arcane magic engulfed my body.

Senata was very surprised by this and said "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!"

I laughed "Oh I forgot you grew up in Terra, so you don't know what magic is do you?"

This caught her attention. "That was magic? Am I able to do that?"

Before I could reply Eclipse said "Well DUH you are a royal stone vessel you are not just able to do magic you are the source of magic."

"Royal stones. I remember that Rose said something about them back in Terra but I still don't know what they are" Senata said.

I lowered my shield and walked over to her. I pointed to the large purple gem in just about the middle of the staff just above where the hand grip was. "That is my royal stone. You have one too. I can sense it. That is how we know friend from foe out on the field. It is because all magic comes from five sources. Me, you, Rose, (she is called the healing bud) Princess Celia also called 'Celia the Angelic,' and Princess Jaclyn. She is the strongest of us when it comes to swords. That is why she is called the sword princess."

"Luna's nickname is the coolest! Come on, tell her!" Eclipse looked at me impatiently.

"What is your nickname Lu?" I groaned in defeat. "I have many nicknames but the most common are Daughter of Eclipsis, Daughter of the Sun and Moon. But that one doesn't apply to me anymore."

Senata looked confused and said "Why?"

But before I could answer Eclipse said "Because you are here, she is the daughter of the Moon and you are the Sun!"

Senata looked at me and I could tell she had a question "What is it Senata?"

"If you are the Divine Princess of The Moon then am I The Divine Princess of The Sun?" She asked.

"Yeah. One day." I said. This made her confused. "You only get a nickname when you pass each level of training."

She looked at me and asked " How many levels of training are there?" and Eclipse said "there isn't a system with levels. You pass training when your crystal thinks you are ready."

This only raised more questions for her but before she said anything I said "You can't ask questions, you have to make answers."

She looked at my staff and said "Will I get a staff like that?"

"You won't know until you summon it. Every royal stone takes on a different form for each vessel." She looked excited.

"How do I summon my stone?"

"There are many ways to summon your crystal. Mine was summoned by my want to get stronger because I couldn't save you that day. The more levels you pass the more your stones improve, you can visually see it because your weapon will change."

"What do you mean, 'change?'" Senata asked.

"It means that my staff has gone through many changes."

It has gone through many changes. When I first summoned it, it was a month after Senata disappeared. I was so happy because I thought since I summoned it I could find her and fight her kidnappers. But I was still very weak to the point that summoning would take all my effort. But as I grew, my magic grew too. So I worked as hard as I could to get stronger. At first it was a very simple staff but now it was a large black staff with gold detailing. Where I placed my hand right above it was the royal crest of Eclipsis and then four gold pearls with my royal stone in the middle. On top of that there was a silver crescent moon shape then at the very top was a large gold crescent moon. It was fixed on by two large silver panels and from that three small white wings with six pairs connected to it.

"Here, you can look at it." I said as I handed it to her.

As she was looking at it, she said "Just how powerful are you?"

"She is the most powerful person in all of Eclipsian history. Mother told me"

"Well then I have a lot of catching up to do if I am ever to be as powerful as you Lu! So, Eclipse how powerful are you?" she said.

"Oh, I don't have magic. You are the only royals in this kingdom to have magic. But Father is going to be home soon so you two should get changed." said Eclipse. She then went to leave.

"Oh, almost forgot! Over on this side is your closet" I say as I walk towards the closets. We're right next to one another and we're identical in almost every way. In every way other than the colors.

As I helped Senata choose a dress to wear we decided on a yellow floor length mermaid gown that hugged her body in all the right places. The sleeves were slit down the middle and connected to her wrists by a golden bracelet. We paired it with a golden belt that had four strands of golden pearls wrapping both sides of her body. The bottom strand had another strand connecting the two along with a golden chain that went down the middle of the strands with a sun pendant. As well as a choker style necklace. After she was done, I did her hair. She had very long hair. So long it went past the base of her back.

"You have gorgeous hair. Did you know that Senata?" I ask as I brush her long hair and put it into a ponytail.

"Your hair is pretty too; it looks a lot like Mother's..." she said. As she said that her face looked somewhat happy and it wasn't like before. This looked more content.

"What's with that face?" I said.

"It's just for as long as I can remember I lived in an orphanage and I never had a mother. I was all alone. Now I have a mother, father and two sisters. It is a dream come true." She replied.

"You look just like Father" I say, "there is no doubt that you are his daughter."

This made her chuckle "I do?" she said.

"You do." I reply, chuckling myself.

"I just hope he likes me," she said.

I reply with "Of course he will. You are his daughter after all."

As we talked I finished her hair. Then I go to grab the crown that mother used to wear. It was very simple, but as a child Senata loved it.

But as I went to put it on her she gasped. "That crown."

"What about it?" I asked and she replied "I have seen that crown every night in my dreams for as long as I can remember."

I smiled and said "Mother used to wear it every day. She would always let you wear it and run to Father and say, 'Look! I'm just like Mother!' and we would always laugh. But when you disappeared she tried to lock it away. To get rid of it. But I found it and kept it safe for you when you returned."

Chapter 3

When Senata and I were done getting changed, I showed her around the castle. For her to be here was definitely a dream come true for me, but it hurt to know that she didn't remember anything from when we were kids. That she didn't remember playing after Mother went to bed or the story she used to read. But I was happy to have my sister back. To not have everyone in the courts eyes on me because I was the heiress to both Kingdoms. To never slip up, to be prim and proper.

I felt relieved because I wasn't the lone twin any more. I was relieved that I wasn't being pushed to be stronger. I wasn't pushed to confide in just Rose any more. I had my sister back. My other half. The bridge between the Kingdoms. And it wasn't crumbling anymore. I wasn't crumbling anymore. We had each other, and that's all I could ever ask for. When we were notified that Father would be arriving soon, we went to the castle entrance and found Mother and Eclipse waiting at the steps for the two of us to arrive. Soon we see his carriage coming up the winding road and Mother went to greet him as soon as he got out of the carriage with Eclipse, Senata and I still waiting at the entrance.

Father was a tall man. He was always tougher. Senata looked very much like him. When he stepped out of the carriage he embraced Mother, which caused Eclipse to pretend to gag.

"They are so lovey dovey. It is so gross!" she said and Senata and I giggled a bit. He started to approach the three of us while still looking at Mother, not noticing Senata. Before he looked up Eclipse ran to him and hugged him like she did with me

"Father, you're home!" Eclipse said happily.

As he hugged her back he said "Now where is Luna and this big surprise your mother told me about?"

Mother looked up at the two of us and said "Right there, love."

He followed her gaze up to Senata and gasped. "Is that who I think it is?" He said and I nodded.

He started to cry as he walked towards us. "My family is complete once more." He said as he hugged us as tight as possible. Senata and I melted into his embrace as we let tears stream down our faces. Mother and Eclipse joined in on the hug, tears going down their faces as well.

When we broke from the hug, there wasn't a single dry eye in the crowd of help and guards.

As Father looked out to the staff he shouted "This is cause of celebration! Tell all the citizens they are invited! For the long lost princess has returned"

That night we held a large feast and all the citizens danced.

Father came to where Senata and I were sitting and held out both of his hands and said "Princesses, care if I steal this dance?" We laughed and took his hands and danced like we used to before she disappeared. It was like she never left. Like we have been a real family all along.

"How come I wasn't invited?" Someone called out.

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