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35% RPG: The Divine Deconstructor / Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Purple Thunder Dragon Skin

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Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Purple Thunder Dragon Skin

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Jiang Ming, who was standing on top of the Demon Wolf King, looked at the group of players gathering around the Demon Wolf Valley. He was stunned initially, but when he remembered about the situation that he was in, he disregarded the players and focused on resisting the Purple Lightning Tribulation that was approaching.

"Here it comes!"

Jiang Ming's eyes turned sharp and his pupils dilated. He shouted with a shocked face as he saw the thunder accelerating.

For some reason, the thunder that was supposed to be thousands of meters away suddenly accelerated and was already right in front of him within minutes.

He swung the scythe that was in his hands towards the Purple Lightning Tribulation and at the same time, his other hand reached out to it while releasing the Divine Deconstruction Technique.


As soon as he touched the Purple Lightning Tribulation, a large force threw him out to a distance and his body was enveloped in purple lightning.

When he landed on the ground, his HP immediately emptied and his face was twisted together due to the aftermath of the thunder. Closely after, his body turned into a white light and disappeared into thin air. He could still faintly hear the sound from the system and also saw the body of the Demon Wolf King lying next to him after being struck by the Purple Lightning Tribulation.

The pain that came with his death soon disappeared and when Jiang Ming reopened his eyes, he was back to the novice village that he was born in.

"Misty River, save me! I am besieged!"

Jiang Ming just got revived and immediately heard the sound of the Demon Wolf King in his head. He suddenly remembered about the players who were gathered at the Demon Wolf Valley in the 00520 novice village. He couldn't help but frown as he rushed to the mine that led him to the valley.

While he was running, he looked through the system's record as he remembered hearing a notification before he was killed.

Ding~ System notification: Deconstruction successful. Congratulations. You've received a Purple Thunderball, a Purple Thunder Dragon Skin, and a Purple Thunder Elf.

(Purple Thunderball) : Divine Gemstone

Attributes: Can be attached to any equipment. 100% immunity to any thunder skills attacks, 100% thunder attributes absorption and additional 50% lightning damage to other basic damage.

(Purple Thunder Dragon Skin) : Divine Fashion Item

Attributes: Accessories. Can be applied on any part of the body and will increase the compatibility of any thunder skills.

(Purple Thunder Elf) : Protection ( Will be turned on after three turns )

When Jiang Ming saw the items that he obtained, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Here comes another crazy person. Tenglong Company should really filter the type of people they allow into the game."

"Hmm. He's quite good looking though, why did he have to be a crazy one?"


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As Jiang Ming continued to laugh, most of the players around looked at him with a sympathetic face.

Jiang Ming didn't care about them as he was still immersed in the happiness from obtaining the items.

Needless to say, the Purple Thunderball was a very powerful item. He could fearfully fight any mage or monster of the thunder series since he had this item. The Purple Thunder Dragon Skin might not have any special attributes, but it's a fashion item. Those who played games would know that a fashion item was more valuable than some of the top-rank equipment.

Protection Purple Thunder Elf? This was something that could be used later in the game. As for its attributes, Jiang Ming wasn't sure if it would be the same as in all the previous games that he had played before this. Since he couldn't look through its attributes now, he just left it in his inventory and ignored it.

"Since this is a fashion item, it should have some special effect. Let me try it!"

Jiang Ming looked at the card that had a purple dragon printed on it in his inventory. About ten minutes later, he finally arrived at the mine and after ensuring that there was no one around, he took out the card. He placed it on his chest and muttered the word 'employ'. Then, the card disappeared and Jiang Ming felt a sharp pain in his chest.

s surrounded by a purple dragon phantom figure along with thunders and lightning flashing around him. Not only that, when he took off his armour, he realised that there was a purple dragon tattooed all the way from his right shoulder to the left side of his chest.

The tattoo on his chest was extremely realistic. Its eyes were radiating lightning and it looked as though its claws were actually moving and might crawl out of his body at any time.

This was the effect of the Purple Dragon - the tattoo across his chest along with the holographic figure of the purple dragon around him. Jiang Ming couldn't be any more happy with the effect, this was so damn cool!

As he went through the stone chamber and headed towards the tunnel that led to 00520, he turned off the effect in case he caught any unnecessary attention.

When he was immersed in the surprise from the Purple Thunder Dragon Skin, the Demon Wolf King had been sending him multiple help signals. It looked like if he had gone there any later, he would have been killed by thousands of players there.

Fortunately, there was still a large group of demon wolves and Chikage to help it. Otherwise, the Demon Wolf King would have been killed.

However, even with that, they would not be able to resist it any longer as there were tens of thousands of players attacking them.

"F**k! The Demon Wolf King promised me three items and I haven't received it yet. It even promised me that it would help me with ordeals! If it's dead, all of you will be as well!"

As Jiang Ming got closer to the Demon Wolf Valley, he saw a large group of players right in front of him. He cursed internally while speeding up.

When he finally arrived at the valley, Jiang Ming realised that there was one major problem.

He couldn't get in!

The Demon Wolf Valley was completely surrounded by thousands of players and there were no ways for him to get any closer.

"Dumbass, move!"

Jiang Ming, who was getting agitated, shouted at one of the players.

"F**k off! Get lost if you're trying to snatch the boss!" One of the players in front of Jiang Ming turned around and shouted at him. Then, the player resumed trying to squeeze into the crowd again. " Damn it! Move aside!"

"Hmph! You guys are the one who made me do this!"

When Jiang Ming noticed that it was impossible for him to move any closer, a murderous look slowly began to appear in his eyes as he slowly took out the Reaper's Scythe from his inventory.

"If I kill all the players here, I would be able to complete the first two missions!"

As he thought about it, Jiang Ming no longer hesitated and immediately swung the scythe at the player who shouted at him.


There was a terrifying damage point that came from the player's head after being killed. Jiang Ming was stunned as he didn't realise that his attack damage had already become that high. However, when the player that he hit turned around and was about to attack him, he immediately swung the scythe again without thinking much about it.

With only two strikes, he had already killed the player.

This was just the beginning. After killing that player, he continued attacking the other players around.

As his attack damage increased, he only needed to use two strikes to kill one player. Soon, he had already killed dozens of players and his name turned red as well.

"Look! Over there! That's the NPC that was standing on the Demon Wolf King! He's killing the players over there! Let's get him!"

One of the players who were trying to get to the front noticed Jiang Ming and shouted out loud, causing most of the players to turn around and start attacking Jiang Ming.

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