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6.66% RPG: The Divine Deconstructor / Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Divine Deconstruction Technique

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Divine Deconstruction Technique

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

His sight went dark again and a wave of dizziness overwhelmed him. When Jiang Ming opened his eyes again, he had already appeared in a village with beautiful scenery and fresh air.

Looking at the blue sky and the lush plains in the distance, he felt relaxed.

Such a beautiful environment is rarely seen in the real world. The ability to make the scenery so authentic that people feel as if they were right in the scene made Jiang Ming's anticipation for this game rise to a new height.

The only thing that made Jiang Ming dissatisfied was that there were just too many people!

Ever since he appeared in this Novice Village, he was surrounded by people, and from time to time, a stroke of white light flashed, meaning that some more players were assigned to this Novice Village. In the end, the whole Novice Village was so crowded that no one could take a step, and from time to time he could hear filthy noises of people cursing.

"Screw you, whoever touched my butt! Stand out, and see if I'll crush you!"

"Hey, f***, what are you doing with my pants, you freaking pervert."

"Damn! The players at the entrance, what are you doing there? Are you squatting on the toilet? Why haven't you moved after such a long time?"


Realising that he wouldn't be able to get out for a while, Jiang Ming decided to read the basic game guide first. Following the instructions on the game guide, he silently whispered "inventory" to open and check it, and muttered, "Divine weapon, divine weapon..."

"What the f***, the game had just started, and you're dreaming about divine weapons?! You idiot!"

Jiang Ming just muttered a few words when he heard a man cursing at him by his side.

He was very disturbed by the scolding and was prepared to fight the man, but the surrounding crowd squeezed him to the other side. He had to give up the thought and continued to check his inventory.

After opening his inventory, there were three items in the first three slots of his twenty-slot inventory.

The first inventory slot contained a gift package, it was obviously the Supreme gift pack from the Supreme account.

The second inventory slot held an alchemy furnace.

The third inventory slot held a red pill.

Seeing that there was not a single piece of equipment, his expressions turned disappointed, but after seeing the supreme gift package, his face turned bright with anticipation again. "Heaven and spirit, please give me a piece of equipment! I won't ask for a divine weapon, spiritual weapons or immortal weapons are good too."

As he said this, he opened the gift package.


After opening the gift pack, he couldn't help but curse because after opening the gift pack, there were no additional items in the inventory. Instead, the item slot with the red pill was labelled with a small '3', and his money was increased by 10 silver coins.

In other words, only two red pills and 10 silver coins were present in the gift package, and there was nothing else. His hope was shattered again, so he inevitably felt a little unhappy.

"Forget it, at least I've got the gift package. There's only three supreme accounts in the entire Hualong Country, which means that only the three of us have supreme gift packages. I should be content."

Although he complained a little at the beginning, he wasn't bothered by it anymore. After all, he was already one step ahead of many people, and there was no reason to be dissatisfied.

As he said this, his sight turned to the alchemy furnace and the three red pills in the inventory.

The alchemy furnace and one of the pills should have been obtained from the two lucky draws. He didn't know the function of the two items, so he clicked on them and checked.

[Divine Furnace]: Special prop

Attributes: Luck +5, success rate of fusion increases by 10%

Fusion Level 1: Any five level 1 items can be fused to produce a new item with a success rate of 20%.

The furnace cannot be traded, cannot be damaged, and cannot be stolen.

[Doubling Pill]: Special medicine

Attributes: It can be used to double the character level, skills, money, items and materials, etc. Each pill can be used 10 times, restricted to Levels 0-9, and the pill will automatically disappear in 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

"What? A divine-level furnace that can fuse any items. Does it mean that both living and non-living things can be put in and fused? That's just too powerful! And pills that can double everything. That's so insane! I just wish that there was no time limit for the Doubling Pill. Then I would be able to use it later in the game."

Jiang Ming looked at the attributes of the two items, and his expressions displayed his shock as he thought excitedly.

"Doubling Pill has a time limit, so it's better to use it as soon as possible, so that I won't cry when it disappears." Jiang Ming stared at the Doubling Pills and thought about how to use it.

"That's right!" Jiang Ming suddenly exclaimed after thinking for two to three minutes. He looked at the three Doubling Pills and thought, "I wonder what effects will it produce if the Doubling Pills are used on other Doubling Pills? "

Thinking of this, he silently thought of using the Doubling Pill, and the target were the other Doubling Pills that were placed together in the slot.

"Ding~ Doubling Pill is successfully used, congratulations on getting two Doubling Pills."

"Haha, it works, let's continue!"

Excited, Jiang Ming used a Doubling Pill again. After the second time, the double pill increased to 6. He then repeated it again. After three times, 10 Doubling pills appeared in his inventory, and there were just 7 times left.

Looking at the 10 Doubling Pills in the inventory, he felt extremely excited, and at the same time he secretly thought, 'It is a pity that it still can only be used ten times, if only the number of times can be doubled too.'

The Doubling Pill could only be used 7 times now, and the number of times could not be doubled, which was a shame.

"I'll look at my own attributes first, and then use the Doubling Pill."

After obtaining 10 Doubling Pills, he did not use them immediately. He was cautious and wanted to check all his character information before using the pills. This was also a habit he developed as an experienced player. He would be careful to use whichever items he got to prevent errors.

Muttering 'Attributes' silently, his attribute column appeared next to the inventory screen in the next moment.

Character: Misty River

Job: Special Professions (not transferred)

Level: 1

Reputation: 0, Fortune: 10 Silver Coins



Vitality: 5 (1 point vitality equals 20 HP and 0.5 physical defense)

Magic: 5 (1 point of magic equals 20 MP, 2 points of magical attack, and 1 point of magical defense)

Strength: 5 (1 point of strength equals 2 points of physical attack)

Agility: 5 (1 point of agility equals 1% increase in movement speed and attack speed)

Endurance: 5 (1 point of endurance equals 10 points of stamina, 0.5 points of physical defense and 0.5 kg load)

Physical Attack: 10

Magic attack: 10

Physical defense: 5

Magic defense: 5

Stamina: 50

Load: 11kg

Movement speed: 252.25

Luck: 5 (related to the random drops, evasion, critical hit, mission trigger and the success rate of refining items)

Intelligence: 5 (related to the chance to get certain experience bonuses and comprehending new skills)

Charm: 5 (attraction to monsters and NPCs)

Possession by Jinx (this skill cannot be upgraded): Unable to join teams or guilds, cannot add friends. Experience when killing monsters is halved, all attributes are halved. Gain the skill "Jinx Attack". All players or monsters attacked by this skill will have their attributes reduced by 50%, the duration is 1 minute, and the cooldown time is 1 minute.

Talent: Deconstruction Technique Level 1: Able to deconstruct any unowned or self-owned level-1 items (cannot deconstruct living things) into raw materials.

"F***, the Possession by Jinx skill is so disgusting! How can I play with this? And why do I have a talent out of nowhere? I remember that talents aren't even mentioned in the basic game guide. Does everyone have a talent?"

After checking the attributes, he looked at the two skills after the list of the attributes. The talent was nothing worth noting, but the skill of Possession by Jinx made Jiang Ming so angry that he almost vomited blood.

This skill completely limited his levelling speed, and even isolated him. If it weren't for the fact that this game did not allow it, he guessed that he would have even thought of ​​deleting the account.

However, after calming down slightly, he took a closer look at his attributes and the Possession by Jinx skill, and found that the Possession by Jinx skill did not look so terrifying. Although he was isolated and many of his attributes were reduced, and experience gained from monster killing was also halved, there was also a merit. That was the skill "Jinx Attack".

There was no restriction placed on the enemy's level and strength for using this skill which could forcibly reduce the enemy's attributes. In other words, even if he used this skill to attack a divine-level beast, the attributes of the beast would also be halved. Not to mention just a normal BOSS, it would be a kryptonite to them, which will be his greatest killer weapon.

Also, although his stats had been halved, after carefully calculating the stat points, he obtained a total of 45 points, which meant that his current stats were equivalent to the public stats, so he was not behind. Instead, the hidden stats of 5 points of luck added by the Divine Furnace allowed him to have 5 points higher than the average player.

After figuring this out, he was in a much better mood. Looking back at the Doubling Pills, he found that there were only three to four minutes left. He didn't hesitate to use them on the 'Fusion' skill of the Divine Furnace.

He now had nothing to double except for his skills and level. There was no need to double the number of the Divine Furnace. After all, he would not be able to trade it after doubling. It was easy to level up in the early stage of the game so there was no need to double that as well. His money was too little to be of much significance when doubled. Finally, he chose to use them on his skills.

Everyone who played games would know that in addition to level and equipment, skills were the most important.

"Ding~ Fusion skill increased to level 2."

"Ding~ Fusion skill increased to level 4."

"Ding~ Fusion skill increased to level 8."

"Divine Land" skills were divided into nine levels, namely Elementary Level 1, Intermediate Level 2, Advanced Level 3, Master Level 4, Grandmaster Level 5, Spiritual Level 6, Immortal Level 7, Divine Level 8 and Heavenly Level 9.

Jiang Ming used three Doubling Pills to upgrade his fusion skills to Level 8, which is the Divine Level.

After the fusion skill reached the Divine Level, he began to upgrade his talent skill "Deconstruction".

"Ding~ Deconstruction skill has been upgraded to level 2."


"Ding~ Deconstruction skill has been upgraded to level 8."

"Ding~ System notification: Congratulations on having one skill upgraded to the Divine Level, you are rewarded with 1 level of experience, 1000 gold coins, reputation +1000."

"Ding~ System notification: Congratulations on having two skills upgraded to the Divine Level, you are rewarded with 2 levels of experience, 2000 gold coins, reputation +2000."

"Whoosh… Whoosh…"

After his two skills reached the Divine Level, the system voice sounded two times in his ears, and then three rays of light flashed on his body and he rose to level 3.

"What the! Buddy, why are you suddenly flashing with the upgrade light?"

The sudden glow of the upgrade caused Jiang Ming to attract the attention of the surrounding players, and a male player even asked him out loud.

"Hehe, I'm using a gold account. The system has given me three Divine Lights. Each Divine Light will give me 10 silver coins. Isn't it cool?"

Jiang Ming feared that he would cause a sensation if he managed to consecutively rise to level 3 without leaving the Novice Village, so he made up a lie.

"Wow, brother you're so rich, you can even afford a gold pendant watch. I admire you so much! Can I add you as my friend to chat privately?"

"Hello handsome! Let's find some secluded place where there's no one later and 'train' together, what do you think?"


As Jiang Ming's words just fell, many female players began to move closer to him, while the men watched with jealousy and hatred.

Jiang Ming had always looked down on women who betrayed their bodies for money. Seeing that the mass of people was not so crowded, he quickly squeezed out.

On the way, he glanced at the Doubling Pills that had less than a minute left, and he still had one chance to use it. He did not hesitate to use the last chance on his money.

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