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Rubeus Hagrid: Grand Druid Rubeus Hagrid: Grand Druid original

Rubeus Hagrid: Grand Druid

Author: arcanist_druid

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Chapter 1: chapter 1

29 June 1942

He woke up with the world's worst hangover; This means nausea accompanied by a terrible headache. When he looked up, he realized he wasn't in his room. While trying to get up from the bed he was lying on to understand what was happening, he found himself on the floor. When he looked at the mirror in front of him, he saw someone else's corpse. As he tried to understand what had happened, memories literally began to flood into his head, along with a worse headache than before. When the pain exceeded the limits I could bear, the darkness took me into its familiar arms again and I fainted from great happiness.

July 1, 1942

 I woke up with familiar hunger pangs in my stomach and a headache. When I stood up with difficulty and saw myself in the mirror across from the bed, memories of yesterday came to my mind once again and I realized that I had been reincarnated. The body of Rubeus Hagrid, whom I know from the Harry Potter series. As Hagrid's memories swirled around in my head, I slowly began to understand what had happened. Apparently Hagrid started drinking excessive amounts of alcohol out of grief after losing his father earlier this summer, and from what I understand, this is no ordinary alcohol. There are some ingredients in the drink that Hagrid's father makes with various ingredients that I think are magical. At the end of the day, when Hagrid was dying from excessive alcohol consumption and pain, I took his place.

God, the headache and hunger are so bad. I took one last look at myself in the mirror before going to the toilet and Hagrid was absolutely huge, probably six feet tall despite being 13 years old. I'm sure if NBA star scouts saw him, their mouths would be watering.

After washing my hands and face and taking a short shower, I went to the kitchen for breakfast. Hagrid's house, no, my house consisted of a basement, ground floor and attic. I let out a soft groan as I went to the kitchen. Man, I'm not a hygiene freak, but the kitchen was a complete mess. After his father's death, Hagrid had definitely not bothered to clean. While I was trying to take my wand and cast the cleaning spell I remembered from my memories, I suddenly remembered that in Harry Potter, little wizards were forbidden to cast spells at home. After some thought, I remembered that Hagrid had used magic in the house more than once since his father's death. So I tried to cast a cleansing spell. Now, if you pay attention, I said I worked, not I did it, because nothing happened. Literally nothing. Not a single grain of dust was blown into the air.

Because of hunger and headache, I entered the kitchen and without thinking much, I started looking for something to eat. All remaining problems were left to future Alex.


July 8, 1942


A week had passed since I woke up in my new body, and it was only after dinner that I realized the cause of that terrible hunger. He had been unconscious for exactly two days. No wonder he was so hungry. Indeed, hunger had taken over all my thoughts. Of course, a lot has happened in the week since then. First of all, good news!! It had not lost its magic. Frankly, this thought scared him quite a bit. After being thrown into the middle of a magical world. To think that his body had lost the magic he knew it used to have. It was like a nightmare. Finally, as a result of his exercises after dinner, he was able to create a random magic explosion when he got very angry.

Another proof that he had not lost his magic was his innate magic ability. Yes baby the magic ability is the sameMetamorfmagus like or so I think. I called it the voice of nature. From what I understand, Hagrid also had this ability. But it's a weaker version. Somehow transforming into this body had strengthened the ability. This ability allowed me to sense the emotions and states of animals and plants around me. I could sense if animals were angry or plants needed watering. No wonder Hagrid got along so well with magical beasts. From what I remember from Hagrid's memories, he had this ability, but it only worked on animals. Based on these two pieces of evidence, I conclude that I have not lost my magic, but my wand no longer recognizes me as its master.

From what I remember from the Harry Potter series, I knew that a wizard could lose ownership of his wand. So today I'm going to Diagon Alley to get my new wand or just to find out what it is.

 With these thoughts, I walked towards the door to leave the house. Just as I was about to walk out the door, I stopped and took a deep breath. I barely went out last week. Except taking out the trash. Man, the kitchen and the house sucked. The cleaning took 5 days and the house was still not completely clean. I shook my head quickly, as if to clear the thoughts in my mind, but it wasn't enough to clear my thoughts. I knew one thing very well. From the moment I walked out the door I would no longer be Alexander Taylor, I would be Rubeus Hagrid. The door was a threshold, a threshold between my new life and my old life. I know it sounds ridiculous, but this feeling just won't go away. I took a deep breath and walked out, half determined, half hesitant. After the first step, the next steps felt easier.

I crossed the garden and stopped in front of the garden gate. I pulled out my wand and waved it slowly, I didn't know what to expect and part of me wondered what I would do if it didn't work. Thank God, my worries were unfounded and within seconds the speeding bus appeared in front of me.

 The bus literally ended there. "Ranger Bus" was written in gold letters on the windshield. Then a conductor in a purple uniform got off the bus and started talking loudly.

 "Welcome to the Knight Bus, the emergency vehicle for stranded witches and wizards. Pass your wand, hop on the bus, and we'll take you wherever you want."

Rubeus nodded quickly, as if he understood, and got on the bus.

"Where are you going?" conductor.

"London crack cauldron." I replied.

"8 sickles but we give 9 of them in hot chocolate"

Rubeus immediately agreed and gave him the money, then went to the back and sat on a chair. As soon as he sat down, the bus started to move and after the most shocking 20 minutes of his life, he got off the bus as if he were running away as the conductor wished him a good day. He rested on the roadside for a few minutes. Merlin, the wizards and witches who built this bus were definitely missing a few boards. What sane person could create such a means of transportation? After coming to my senses, I quickly walked towards the cracked cauldron. When he walked in I looked around and it was just as he remembered.

When the bartender Edmure Abbot saw him, he waved and saluted.

"Hello Hagrid. I'm sorry for the loss of your father. Be sure to let me know if you need any help."


"Hello Mr. Abbot. I'm trying to get over it, I had work to do on the street today. That's why I came." I returned his greeting.


"Safe travels and happy shopping, Hagrid," he said and returned to his work at the bar.


He quickly went to the back and walked towards the wall that concealed the secret passage to Diagon Alley. When he took out his wand and hit the wall in the correct order, the path was opened. Man, the books were completely inadequate to describe this scene. Although I was familiar with the entrance to the alley from Hagrid's memories, it was absolutely fascinating. The various magical tools and ornaments displayed in the shops, the colorfully dressed people wandering around the various stores to shop made for a fascinating sight, and I must say, this place is definitely bigger and has more businesses than depicted in the books. I quickly made my way across the street to Gringotts. Now you might be wondering what he's doing here. It's actually pretty simple. He wanted to go into his father's safe, check his status and, if possible, withdraw the money for the new wand he was planning to buy. I know in the books Hagrid's family is described as quite poor, but I know from Hagrid's memories that his father had a vault at Gringotts. Also, his father left him an acromantula egg before he died, which I think is not a cheap material that can be obtained easily. That's why I came to Gringotts first. After climbing the stairs of the large marble building, a goblin guard stood guard on both sides of the door. I walked quickly, passed through the first door and came to the second door. This door was made of silver and had these iconic sentences written on it:


Come in, stranger, but be careful, don't get carried away and don't get carried away by your ambitions. Let's say the desire to turn the corner without breaking a sweat will kill you. If you are going to do something that is not yours, forget it, come to your senses and then control yourself. If you try to steal it, think again. Instead of freckled gold you will find other things.


He walked quickly and approached the box office. After waiting in line for a while, the teller said he wanted to withdraw money from his father's safe.


"Do you have your father's key with you?"


"Here you go" I said and gave him the key.


The goblin examined the key for a moment and then handed it back to me.


"Okay, Gornuk will take you to your vault." he said, pointing to a goblin standing off to the side.


He followed Gornuk towards a door leading out of the corridor. When they reached the black stone corridor, Gornuk whistled, and immediately a carriage began to screech on the tracks. After getting in the car, the car moved quickly. As he walked through the maze-like corridors, Gornuk occasionally pulled the lever at his side to change direction. If there were any road signs, Rubeus noticed none. Finally, they stopped in front of a cash register. Gornuk got out of the car and asked me to pass the gas lamp. I followed right behind and the door of safe number 1025, my father's safe, was standing in front of me.


After Gornuk asked for my key, I quickly took it out of my pocket and gave it to him.

 Gornuk unlocked the door. The large iron gate swung open. Even though a large amount of money wasn't waiting for me inside, at least there was enough money to meet my needs. There were many small piles, each apparently containing mixed coins.

I found a scroll in front of the piles of money.

When I read what was written in it, I was filled with a warm feeling and laughed out loud.

It was a letter from my father.

Dear Rube


Don't give your money to those greedy goblins to make them count the money in the safe. There are a total of 2100 galleons in the safe. The annual expense of an ordinary Hogwarts student is around 200 galleons.

Get up to 250 galleons from the vault each year. This will be enough. Keep the remaining money until you graduate from Hogwarts. He will help you. Don't worry about the rental fee of the safe, 6 years' rent has been paid in advance.

 your loving father


To be honest, I didn't expect my father to be so thoughtful. After all, this man gifted his 13-year-old son the egg of a xxxxx-rated magical beast known to feed on human flesh, and then slept with a giant before he died. These are not exactly the characteristics of a thoughtful and sane person. Thoughtfully, I took 100 galleons from the pile. I was hoping this would be enough to buy a new wand or fix the problem with my wand. After quickly exiting the cash register, I exited the bank. To be honest, I was walking as fast as I could without running. Although a few people around me looked at me curiously, no one paid much attention and eventually I came across that famous dusty shop.


 The perfect wand makers of the Zeytin people, B.C. from 382


After opening the door, I entered quietly. As he looked around, suddenly Garrick Ollivender revealed himself from the shadows ahead. It appeared so suddenly that I jumped slightly. I'm sure it was a pretty funny sight for a kid my size to jump slightly in place. When I looked at Mr. Ollivender's face, I saw a slight smile. I guess it seems true that the guy in some fanfictions has a habit of scaring his customers.

"Hello Mr Hagrid, I remember the day you got your first wand. If I remember correctly it was a pear and a unicorn tail, 60 centimeters thick and hard, one of the longest wands I have ever made. I hope it serves you well."

I answered with slight hesitation.

"Good day, Mr. Ollinder. That's exactly why I came. My wand was working very well until this summer. However, it has not been working properly for the last week or two. "I couldn't even cast spells that I used to do with ease."

Ollivander nodded thoughtfully and walked slowly towards me.

"Give me your wand, Mr. Hagrid. I can't tell what's in your jacket." He reached out to grab my wand.

I quickly pulled the wand from my coat pocket and handed it to Ollivander. He examined the wand thoughtfully and cast a simple spell that caused flowers to appear from the tip of the wand. Then he brought the wand close to his ears as if he were listening to her. After standing like that for a while, he nodded as if he understood what was happening and started talking.

"Well, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your wand. It looks more like you've lost ownership of it. As I always say, Mr. Hagrid, the wand chooses its owner, not the other way around. It's probably a case of your wand no longer recognizing you as its master after an incident you had earlier this summer. Frankly speaking, this "It's a very rare event." "The only thing to do in such a situation is to buy a new wand." "Let's start trying if you want."


My voice came out a little louder than I wanted because I was talking excitedly.

"Of course, Mr. Ollivender, we can start right away."

Ollivender went to the back and returned a few minutes later with several wand boxes in his arms.

After opening one of the wand boxes, he gave me the wand he took from it.

"Ebony and dragon heart wire, 40 cm"

After taking the wand in my hand, I pointed it at the ground and waved it quickly. A fireball from the wand quickly reached the ground and nearly set the shop on fire. Ollivender extinguished the fire with his timely aguamenti spell, quickly took the wand from my hand and handed me a new wand.

"Pine and unicorn hair, 18 inches."

This time, a little more afraid, I took the wand and shook it slightly. Thank God nothing happened. Mr. Ollivender took this wand from my hands and quickly handed me a new wand.

"Chestnut and pine wood with phoenix tail feathers, 50 centimeters."

This time, even I felt the change when I held the wand in my hand. I felt my magic flowing smoothly into the wand and me becoming one with it. I knew this before I shook it. I waved the wand and a gentle wind blew around us. Olivender nodded in agreement.

"We found the wand we were looking for here. It's a very interesting choice, I must say; the pine tree tends to favor people who are quirky, mysterious, and quick to adapt to new types of magic, while the phoenix feather boasts of offering the user a wide range of spells."


"Thank you, Mr. Ollivander. "I wonder how much I should pay?"


"60 galleons, Mr. Hagrid."


I asked Ollivender as I took the money out of my pocket.


"I remember my first staff was only 7 galleons. "I wonder why this wand is so expensive?"


"Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic always sponsor all wizards' first wands and fix the price at 7 gallons, regardless of size and core. Second wands, however, have no such sponsorship. Therefore, they are much more expensive."


Shaking my head, I handed over the 60 galleons I had finished counting to Ollivender. I said good day and walked out of the shop, leaving my wand in my jacket. I went to Flourish and Blotts to purchase a few books I was planning on purchasing. After browsing through the book shelves for a while, I couldn't find the books I was looking for and turned to the clerk to ask.


"Excuse me? Do you have any books on mindset?"


"No sir, books on this subject are not published in large quantities because they are purchased very rarely. There are second-hand second-hand bookstores down the street if you prefer. You can look there."


After thanking the officer, I quickly left and headed towards the second-hand bookstore on the side of the street near the return road. After entering the second-hand bookstore, I quickly walked towards the cash register opposite the store's entrance door. After giving a simple nod to the owner, I spoke.

"Hello, do you have a book on occlumancy?"


The shop owner said, "There must be one around here," then went to the back and took a book from the shelf. "Here you go, 35 galleons."


"Why are they so expensive? Even first-hand books cost 5-10 gallons at most."


"Books in this field of magic are very rare. There are also notes in the margins of this book left by the person from whom I bought the book. This person later made a name for himself as a great master of mentality. In short, take it or leave it, there is no bargaining," he said.


After some thought, I decided to buy the book. There are wizards in this world who can read people's minds, and one of them is waiting for me at the school I will go to. Even the possibility of someone seeing memories from my past life scares me. After counting the money, I paid the bookstore and left. On the way back, I bought a 1 gallon bottle of herpes powder from a travel agency in Diagon Alley, there was no left at home. That's why I got on the speeding bus. After dusting the floor, I went to the cracked boiler bar to quickly return home since I had nothing else to do. After greeting Edmure, I returned home using his Fireplace.


July 15, 1942


I woke up at 7:00am after the alarm spell shook the bed and started beeping like crazy. After standing up and stretching, I changed my clothes. I went for a run in the forest next to the cabin, as has been my routine since the day I went to Diagon Alley. After a 30-minute run, I went down to the basement of the hut and headed to the sports area I had prepared for myself. I started various sports training. It's not too complicated as I don't have any gym equipment at the moment. Push-ups, sit-ups, etc. exercises. There are several reasons why I do this.

A strong physical body and mobility will be very important in duels in the future, and I know from the books that Hagrid has a very strong body even without special training due to his half-giant nature. I want to maximize this advantage.Also, in many fantasy books and fiction that I remember, there was a theory that a strong body could cause stronger magic, and I wanted to try my luck.

 And if you don't mind me being abnormally tall, I can safely say that judging by the results I've achieved in this one week, many witches will be very happy to see my body.


After 1 hour of fitness training, I went to the bathroom and took a shower. While checking myself in the bathroom, I noticed that my beard had grown back. And I started shaving. Man, I guess it's because I'm half-giant, but I don't understand how a 13-year-old boy's beard grows so fast. In my old life, I always made sure to walk around with a clean face. It's mostly stubble, but in my new life, if I don't shave my beard for two days, it grows almost 1 centimeter and this turns into a nightmare for me.

The same goes for my hair. Thanks to the beard cutting spell and hair straightening spell I saw in a book I found at home, I can achieve a slightly stylish look, otherwise I would be walking around like a broom. It is not possible for a normal person to grow this much hair and beard.


After finishing my personal cleaning and care, I went to the kitchen to have breakfast. After frying some eggs and potatoes for myself in the combined kitchen and living room, I went into the living room and started eating my meal. At the same time, I was thinking about my plans for next year. Life is very boring without television, telephone and internet. As far as I remember, in the original timeline, I would have been expelled from school and my wand broken for the crime Tom Riddle charged me with. Actually, I had no plans to allow this. My plans for next year were:

 1 Go to Hogwarts. Even though I didn't want to go to a school with a basilisk roaming the halls, I had no choice.

 2 If possible, prevent Mytrle Warren or another student from dying, and avoid getting caught by Tom Riddle while doing so, or even capture him if possible.

 3 Learn as many spells as possible.

 4 Drop divination as an elective and take arithmancy and ancient runes instead.

 Yes, I know it's not that detailed and complex, but there's not much I can do right now. I could go try and kill Tom Riddle.

There are a few reasons why I don't do this. First of all, I have almost no information about Tom Riddle's whereabouts, other than the fact that he is in an orphanage in London. Secondly, from what I remember from the books, he is a dangerous wizard who was deeply immersed in the dark arts even when he was in school, and I'm just a physically strong 13-year-old boy who can't do much more than that. 1st and 2nd year spells. and third, I am an ordinary college student from the 21st century. So I can't go and kill someone like I kill someone every day.


 It was 9.30am after I finished my breakfast. While I was spending some time cleaning and spending time at home, I noticed that it was 11:00 and I went out to the garden to start my daily meditation session. The first step to occlumancy was to meditate to clear your mind. In the first days when I started meditating, perhaps thanks to my ability to call the voice of nature, I discovered that it was easier to clear my mind outside, in an environment intertwined with natural life, compared to a closed area at home. Almost no one lives around our house, and there is a western forest nearby, so it is quite easy to meditate quietly. I've been meditating for a week. I can say that I have made very good progress in clearing my mind. Now I can easily clear my mind in 15 minutes. When I started meditating, I remembered the information about enlightenment and legitimacy in the book 'Mysteries of the Mind: Secrets of the Mindset' that I bought.

Occlumency has seven built-in layers. While the first stage revolves around clearing the mind to ensure clarity of mind, the second stage is organizing the mind. These two layers are critical for an avid Zihinbend practitioner, and any mistake or error will result in the entire Zihinbend practice being wasted and, in extreme cases, making it easier for a reading expert to access the mind and extract information. There is no solution other than destroying its development and rebuilding it.

The third stage is the first line of defense and involves developing the mind's ability to detect intrusions. Detection does not mean having the ability to repel attack. The ability to detect Legitimacy attacks does not necessarily have to be developed through repeated Legitimacy attacks and can be developed through the individual's self-awareness and understanding of the mind. Developing the ability to detect intrusions through the second approach allows the individual to develop a passive skill that is less tiring and requires less stress on the mind.

The fourth and fifth tiers are extensions of the third tier; The fourth stage is to create stronger defenses, and the fifth stage is to create more abstract but stronger and effective defenses. During these two stages, a person can alter their memories and create false memories, but these false memories can be easily detected by a skilled legitimist.

The sixth stage revolves around the formation of the mind by combining all the previous stages efficiently and effectively. This layered and unifying structuring of the mind is considered the highest level that few can master. At this stage, the person can create false memories that are inseparable from the real ones and show them to an enemy who occupies his mind, making him believe that he has succeeded. This stage is also necessary to resist powerful honesty potions such as veriteserum. Otherwise, a sufficient dose of veriserum can penetrate any layer of obstruction.

The seventh stage is the strengthening of the mind. Complete mastery of the mind results in the individual being able to control emotions at a high level, increased reflexes, increased processing power of the mind and much more. The possibilities for a seventh-level cultivator may be practically endless, but this is a very dangerous endeavor because the damage it could do to one's own mind would be irreparable.

Legitimacy, unlike tacitness, is divided into 6 levels. The first stage is a dominant subconscious skill that occurs in most spells, reading body language, reading facial expressions, and generally applying perceptual analysis. Once you become a practitioner of Legillimency, it enhances this innate skill.

The second stage is the perception of emotions. Emotions are much more difficult to control than thoughts and memories because they are biologically encoded within us because we are emotional and social creatures who are dependent on the expression of these emotions in society, be it a tribe or a community. for survival and cooperation. A second-level mage should be able to limit the leakage of emotions, and a second-level vigilante will have difficulty understanding those emotions.

The third stage revolves around active intervention in the mind. It involves holding on to the mind and initially involves the wand, eye contact, and magic. A truly skilled law enforcement officer is capable of intruding on the mind without any of these three. The most effective way to enter another person's mind is to follow the emotional signals into the mind you are intruding into and use it as a gateway.

The fourth and fifth layers reflect its equivalence in Mindbend; here the fourth layer revolves around the development of Mindset attacks that can break through the mind's solid defenses. It can be accomplished by brute force or by finding exploitable holes in the defense. The fifth stage involves the development of passive Literacy, which can exploit weaknesses in other minds without being noticed.

The sixth stage involves deep understanding of the mind and then applying this knowledge for use in other minds. It involves the manipulation of emotions and thoughts to create desired effects. A skilled sixth tier vigilante will have the ability to evoke fear or joy through manipulations of the mind. Just as a calming potion can be used to calm people down, sixth degree Dexterity can also be used to calm people down.

This book provides only occlusion training. Since the 5th layer of Occlumancy and beyond is largely left to the individual's own creativity and skill, training is only provided until the end of the 4th layer.

The expert legilimens were truly terrible. I also suspect that the existence of the 7th stage, which is not mentioned in the book, was most likely deliberately concealed by the Ministry of Magic so as not to cause panic. As I continue to think, I clear my mind and retreat deeper into the feeling of peace and tranquility that meditation brings.After 2 hours of meditation, I found myself heading towards the basement where I would perform magic. Last week I discovered that spell casting is more productive after meditation. So I set my working hours as magic after meditation.

Last week I reviewed 2nd class spells. I managed to do it all verbally and proficiently, at least at a basic level. I'll be starting non-verbal spells later this week. I decided to start with one of the simplest spells. Lumos is a simple spell that creates a small light at the tip of the wand. I tried to cast a spell by chanting lumos in my mind while doing the wand movements, but nothing happened. In frustration, I tried again and again and half an hour later, nothing happened. Now I understand why people find wordless and wandless magic so difficult. It was incredibly difficult. Last week I managed to cast every spell with ease, but the non-verbal spell was incredibly difficult. Merlin knows how difficult wandless magic is. I continued to work with these thoughts.

At 17:00 in the evening, I took a break from working and went to the kitchen to eat. I immediately prepared something practical and ate it. Then I went to my room to read a book and fell asleep after reading until late at night.


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