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Chapter 14 - RWBY Hentai - Chapter 14 by TerrelHayden full book limited free

Chapter 14: Chapter 14

Pyrrha listened to the teacher's lecture intently, taking in every word as the man spoke. Professor Jaune Arc was new to Beacon, yet he had quickly won Pyrrha's friendship. Not only was he from Signal, like her, but he was a renowned professor in their kingdom.

They were both plagued by their fame. Pyrrha was looked up to and seen as untouchable, held on a pedestal so high that her voice couldn't be heard by the 'common' people down below. The professor, on the other hand, was harassed almost every day by questions and controversy.

Professor Arc had made himself famous as a Hunter by single-handedly saving an entire town years ago. He then made himself infamous by speaking out against the Kingdom's politics, Atlas' militarized Hunters, and the use of Hunters-in-Training as child soldiers.

He was also a stalwart opponent towards the racism and prejudice faunus faced, and proud. He was unapologetic for his opinion, and that made him an enemy to many. The Schnee Dust Company, alone, had tried to paint him as an anWinchesterhist for years.

It left him distrusting and cold at times, yet Pyrrha had grown to know the kind man inside.

"Can anyone tell me about the Skirmish of Sapphire Falls?" Professor Arc asked, before pointing at a raised hand. "Yes, Weiss?"

"The skirmish was a short battle that took place between two platoons, one from Signal, the other from Vacuo. They came to blows when it was discovered that a known fugitive from Vacuo was hiding among the Signal military. The man was a terrorist, who had infiltrated the Vacuo military and sabotaged several operations in an attempt to weaken the kingdom's forces."

"Very good, Weiss. Perhaps you should be running the company, instead of the old windbag." Despite the insult towards her father, Weiss smiled. The heiress was clearly proud of the compliment, and she didn't seem perturbed by the shot taken at her father. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Pyrrha was just as proud of Weiss as the heiress was for herself. She knew how hard Weiss was working to improve herself, both as a person and a student. The heiress was smiling, proud of herself, as the teacher nodded his head.

"Please, continue."

"Yes, sir." Weiss continued to recite the history of the skirmish with amazing detail. Pyrrha did her best to pay attention to her classmate and friend, but found herself distracted as she found Professor Arc's dark-navy eyes focused on her..

He smiled at her, and she returned the gesture. He was an older man, but certainly not the oldest teacher at the school. Arc still had youth to him. The only real sign of his age was his hair, a subtle shade of grey that almost seemed white. Beyond that, he had the body of a man in his prime.

A body that was easy to admire, even under the white dress shirt he wore. The outfit was taut against his athletic frame, reminding everyone in the class that the professor was still a Hunter in mind, spirit, and body.

Class soon ended and everyone began to leave. Pyrrha did not follow. She told her teammates to go without her, and they obeyed without concern. The young woman smiled at Professor Arc.

"Another excellent lecture, Professor."

"Ah, Miss Nikos. Thank you. Glad to know you enjoyed it. If only all the students were as receptive as you," the professor sighed. "Can I help you?"

"Actually, I wanted to know if you needed any help." She walked towards the teacher as he picked up papers from each student's desk. She reached for a sheet at the same time as he did, and his hand fell on hers.

A familiar warmth traveled up Pyrrha's arm, and planted itself in her heart, making it race. Her cheeks turned hot, but she didn't move her hand. She glanced at her teacher. "Sorry…" Professor Arc lifted his hand from hers and she pulled back her fingers. "I-I just wanted to know if you need any help putting your things away."

Despite her flushed cheeks, the teacher kept a cool composure, smirking at her. "Trying to win extra credit points, Miss Nikos? Shame on you."

The two laughed, and Pyrrha felt her heart flutter. There was something so comforting about being talked to so casually by the famed Hunter. "You can just call me Pyrrha when we're alone, Professor Arc."

"Oh? I'll have to remember that in the future, my dear."

She smiled, her cheeks glowing at the pet name. She wasn't sure why she felt so funny around the teacher. They were just colleagues, friends at best. No matter what tabloids and gossiping teens said, their relationship was strictly platonic.

No matter how much she might have wanted the impossible, reality was set in stone.

"So, can I help you bring your stuff to your room?" she questioned.

"Heh. No, I think I have all of this, but I suppose there is something you can do to help me."

"Anything," she declared, all too eager to prove herself to the older man. She told herself it was simply a drive to prove herself as a good student, but that was just a mask to hide the truth.

"Good." He smirked at her, his white teeth gleaming. "I have to ask first, though. Pyrrha, do you trust me?"

"Wholeheartedly," she answered, with a nod.

"And you know I only want the best for you."

"Of course." She stepped closer, standing in front of the teacher. Nothing stood between the two as the Professor dropped his collected papers onto a nearby desk.

"Good. You know, Pyrrha, you have always been my favorite student." She blushed at that remark, brushing scarlet locks from her eyes. "But there's always been one thing that's always bothered me about you."

"What?" Her eyes widened, and Pyrrha wondered just what she had done wrong. "I'm sorry, Professor! Just tell me what the problem has been, and I'll fix it."

"I know, you will, Pyrrha." His hand fell on her shoulder, and gave it a comforting squeeze. They smiled at one another, before he closed the gap between them. His lips fell on hers, and Pyrrha's eyes widened again as her cheeks burned a bright red.

The kiss was firm and strong, and it left her paralyzed. Arc' hands stroked her body, his fingers falling on her shoulders as he kissed her. His lips nibbled and sucked on her bottom lip, parting just so he could kiss her again and again.

Pyrrha wanted to say she fought back with tooth and nail, but she just couldn't muster up the strength and will. She couldn't run, she couldn't fight, all she could do was stay frozen in place as his tongue slipped between her lips. Her teacher's tongue pried open her mouth, and slithered into her.

She pulled back, finally finding the strength to push him away. Her hands were on his chest as she panted, her heart racing. "S-stop! What are you doing?!" She tried to turn away, but his hands moved from her shoulders to her back, wrapping her in his tight embrace and pressing their bodies together.

Pyrrha could feel her breasts pushed against his chest, and she blushed as she realized the only thing keeping their naked skin from touching were a few layers of thin fabric.

"Tease," the professor growled, his voice hot on her skin. "That's your great sin, Pyrrha Nikos. You're a little cocktease. Don't think I haven't noticed. The way you bend in front of me, flashing your lacy panties. The way you stretch around me, showing off your breasts. You've been teasing me with your body for months."

"No!" She screamed. That couldn't have been true, yet Pyrrha could already feel doubt worming its way into her mind. Had she acted that way? Had she tried to seduce her own teacher?

Even now, Pyrrha couldn't deny how handsome Professor Arc was. Her hands were on his chest, keeping them apart, yet it also damned her. She could feel his strong, muscular figure through his clothes. He was incredibly strong, yet she barely fought him. She just kept them apart as he smirked at her.

"Really? You're going to deny it? You always were a bad liar, Pyrrha." He chuckled, his voice lowering as he stared intensely at her.

She didn't say anything at first. She pushed at his chest again, but Arc was a Hunter in his prime. He was much stronger than her. Her attempts to escape were pitiful, and it only made him chuckle more.

"I won't make you do anything you don't want to, but that's the thing. I know you want to," he whispered. "I've lost track of how many times I've caught you staring, or how many times you've desperately sought my attention, like right now."

"That's- I never!" She shook her head, trying to deny the accusations. Then he released her, and she nearly fell forward. Pyrrha had gotten so used to pushing against Arc that with him suddenly gone, she found herself stumbling to the ground.

He caught her arm, and effortlessly helped her onto her feet. He looked into her eyes as her face still burned a deep crimson.

"When you're done denying your urges, come to my room. We'll finish this." He pulled her hand to his lips and kissed it, before pulling away.

"I-I won't… I-" He didn't care for her denial, and he simply began walking to the door.

"Oh, and by the way? Don't tell anyone about what happened here. If you do, I'll mention your leader's little secret, and he'll be expelled. I'll see you soon, Pyrrha."

His words shocked Pyrrha, but not because of the clear threat he was making. Her eyes were wide with horror and shock, because she hadn't even considered telling someone about what Arc had done to her.

Pyrrha didn't tell anyone. Of course she couldn't, Cardin would lose his place in Beacon, he'd be outcasted and humiliated! She couldn't do that to her friend! To the person she had fallen in love with…

Not that anything had ever come of her feelings for him… They'd been friends for over two years, attended Beacon together, fought together, and suffered together. Yet he never noticed how she felt about him. No, his time outside of Beacon was dedicated to Ruby, or Weiss, but never her.

Never his own partner. Never his mentor.

Pyrrha shook her head. Her thoughts had clearly gone on a tangent. She didn't understand why her thoughts had gone so astray, but she tried to regain her focus..

The reality was that she really hadn't told anyone about what Arc had done. If she had, the professor's life would have been ruined. She couldn't do that to a man she respected.

No! What was she thinking!? He had forced a kiss on her! She wasn't supposed to feel bad for him. She was supposed to explain why a relationship between them was unethical and impossible. She came here to help him see the error of his ways. She knew that if she could just talk to him, Professor Arc would agree with her.

She took the doorknob in hand and twisted it, stepping inside. She didn't even bother to knock. This was no time to be polite. She was going to mWinchesterh in there and set things straight!

"Profess-" Pyrrha came to a stop. There was no one in the room. Just the sound of a shower running behind a closed door. "Oh." She blinked, glancing around the dark room as she wondered what she was going to do now.

There was no way she was going to walk into the bathroom and talk to him! He would no doubt be naked, and… She'd just wait. Pyrrha walked over to Arc's large bed, and sat down on it.

She waited a few agonizing minutes, before the shower finally turned off. She could hear the older man walking around the bathroom, before the door opened. Her professor stood there with a towel wrapped around his lower half, and water still dripping from his bare chest and ashy locks as he smirked at Pyrrha.

"Pyrrha? Wow, you are eager. I actually thought you'd last a day without me. Clearly, I was wrong." He walked forward, and the Huntress-in-training wanted to shoot down the idea that she needed him, but her mind was distracted by his body.

The crimson-haired woman swallowed down saliva as her emerald eyes took in every detail of his smooth, firm chest. He was incredibly well built. Not bulky, but clearly muscular. The water clung to his skin, making him almost glow with a divine light as he walked towards her.

"I didn't-"

"And you even changed for me. I always did love this outfit on you." Pyrrha's cheeks were consumed by embarrassment. It traveled down her neck, and she quivered under his predatory gaze.

It was true, she had changed out of her school uniform, but it wasn't for him! She wore her Huntress outfit because it helped her feel confident, and strong! The fact that he had complimented how she looked in the bronze outfit was merely a coincidence. The memories she had of his eyes on her bosom were the farthest thing from her mind…

"God, I love this outfit. Look at yourself." He lifted his hand and placed it on her chest, squeezing her large breasts through the cloth. "What a slut. Walking around with your breasts hanging out."

She crumbled before him. Her confidence turned to ash against his voice, and her legs trembled, knocking against one another. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out but a whimper. Pyrrha looked to the ground, only for Arc's fingers to catch her chin. He made her look at him, and his blue eyes gleamed with desire.

"Kiss me."

"I…" She didn't obey, but she didn't reject him either. She just stared into ocean-like eyes, admiring the way they gleamed in the light. Her heart was pounding louder and louder as he sneered.

For a moment, fear penetrated her soul. Had she disappointed him? Then he kissed her again, and she was swept away in a flood of ecstacy. It felt like she was knocked off of her feet and floating on a current of euphoria, carried away by it.

Arc dragged his tongue against her lips, and she gave him entry without a moment of hesitation. His tongue pushed into her mouth and wrestled with hers, but it was another fated loss for the young woman. She just couldn't match his raw power and skill, and her tongue was dominated by his.

As they kissed, Arc's hands traveled along her body. A hand slowly traveled under her short skirt, feeling her round ass. He dug his fingers into her naked flesh as he pulled out of the kiss. A single trail of saliva dangled between them, before falling onto Pyrrha's breasts.

"No panties? You really are a slut."

Pyrrha had no excuse for that. There really was no reason for why she took off her panties before coming here, other than it would make it easier for him to fuck her. That realization made her body trembled, and wet juices gushed from her cunt as she shook in his hands.

"N-no," she moaned. "I'm… I didn't…"

"Then tell me why you came here, Pyrrha, and don't lie." She became putty in his hands. One hand on her tit, groping and squeezing it, and the other on her ass, plunging his fingers into the tender flesh. "If you lie, I'll throw you out and you'll never see me again."

As he leaned his head down to assault her small neck with kisses and bites, Pyrrha was lost in a trance. Some small voice in her mind told her that it would be good to never see him again. Yet her mind ached at the thought of never seeing the teacher again. She couldn't bare the thought...

The question repeated in Pyrrha's mind again and again. Why was she here? There had been a reason, right? A real reason, beyond just how good his fingers felt on her skin, or the jolt of pleasure she felt as his lips nibbled on her neck. His teeth dragged along her pale skin, and her body became a quivering mass of desire and lust.

Professor Arc was right, she realized. She really had been teasing him all these months. She wanted him. It was painful to admit, humiliating even, but the pain of not having him touch her was so much worse.

No, not just touch her. Pyrrha knew what she really wanted, she just didn't have the words… She was still a girl. She needed to be made a woman.

"I… I came here for you," she confessed.

"For me? Why?" Of course he'd make her say it. He pulled away so he could look into the eyes of the woman he was making. So he could see her pupils shift in color and form into two pink hearts, filled to the brim with love for him.

"Because I… I want you to…" She broke down the dam that held back her feelings, and allowed the depraved, cardinal truth to come out. "I want you to fuck me!"

Arc didn't say anything immediately. He just closed his eyes and savored the moment. The sound of Pyrrha's innocence shattering like glass as she finally admitted the truth. He opened his eyes and kissed Pyrrha, and this time she returned the passion. The two held each other, stroking the other's naked skin as his towel fell to the ground.

"On the bed," he growled. Short, harsh, and commanding. She obeyed without hesitation.

She tried to remove her skirt, her fingers fumbling blindly as her eyes were locked with his. She couldn't take her gaze off of his, and he laughed at how desperate she was.

"Leave your clothes on. I love the way you fill them out." She blushed, beaming at his approval. "My, you are beautiful." He loved the way she looked.

Pyrrha laid out, sprawled on the bed as her heart-filled eyes stared at him. Her arms rested above her as she opened up her legs for her man. She licked her lips, panting. It felt good to let go of her inhibition. It felt amazing to finally be herself around the man she loved. She would feel even better when his penis was inside of her.

"It's all yours," she moaned.

"Good girl."

Her eyes finally broke away from his sapphire gaze, and she marveled at the cock that hung between her legs. It was hard and throbbing, standing erect for her. Drool slipped over her lip as she burned the image of the cock into her mind. She never wanted to forget this.

Arc got onto the bed and took her ankles in each of his hand. She helped spread her legs, her limber and flexible body helping immensely to expose her moist cunt. She nodded her head, silently pleading for him to do it, and he obeyed. With one swift thrust, he slammed his cock into the famed warrior's pussy, robbing her of her virginity.

Her mouth stretched open, just like her pussy's walls, as she released a silent scream into the room. She trembled under his touch, cumming as soon as his cock plunged into her. The walls of her once virgin cunt stretched to withstand his girth. Her nails gripped the sheets as she struggled to catch her breath.

Both parties felt mindnumbing pleasure as their bodies pressed together. Arc moved like a piston, picking up speed with every ramming thrust into Pyrrha's pure body. The redhead felt a pain the first few thrusts, but with every thrust came a flood of ecstasy. Soon whatever pain she felt was buried under a growing mountain of pleasure.

Pyrrha didn't mind. She didn't get to become as good of a fighter as she was without some pain. This was no different. How could she be a good lover for her Master Arc if she couldn't take a little pain?

Her heart skipped a beat. Did she refer to her teacher as her master? How silly of her…

"A good slut tells her man how much she loves him."

"Y-yes, Master!" Oops, she did it again. "I love you, Master! I love the way you fuck me! I love your cock! Please, h-harder! I want to be your perfect woman!" He grinned, teeth gleaming as he continued to pound Pyrrha's body harder and faster.

"The mighty Pyrrha Nikos….. Such a whore. Who's whore, though?"

Just like class. She was the student, and he was the teacher, and she answered his question. "Yours! I'm your whore! Your slutty whore!"

"Heh. I give you an A on your dirty talk. Now, let's examine your pussy." He placed his hand on Pyrrha's stomach, and slowly moved down. She trembled under his touch, and he chuckled as he felt the outline of his cock protruding from just her toned stomach. "How does it feel, Pyrrha?"

"A-amazing. I-I've never felt this good before." And she meant it. Every thrust, every slap of his balls against her ass was like a lightning bolt to her brain.

"I'm going to cum soon," he moaned, pressing his cock into her once more. "Where do you want it? All over your face? On your clothes? In your mouth? Or maybe you want it inside of you?"

His words made her thrash and shiver. She dug her fingers into the sheets of the bed, her eyes rolling into her skull. "I-inside." There were a dozen reasons for why she shouldn't, but there was one big reason for she wanted his cum gushing into her.

She was a dirty, dirty slut.

"Inside? Alright then. Inside it is." He released her ankles and took hold of her hips, using them to better fuck Pyrra's into madness. Every few moments he'd take his fingers and press them against her clit, rubbing it. Every stroke of his fingers against her clit was like fireworks going off in her brain.

He rammed into her a few more times, enjoying the symphony of her screams, before pushing into her one last time. Her pussy squeezed tighter and tighter, becoming the perfect tunnel for Arc's cum to reach her womb. Her eyes rolled into her skull once again as her tongue hung out of her mouth. Her back Winchesterhed, and her toes curled, and her body became his as she writhed with pleasure. She came with him, feeling the geyser of his sperm pour into her waiting womb.

It was the single greatest moment of Pyrrha's life. She came, and she came hard to the heavenly sensation. When the euphoric rush finally left her, she laid on the bed limp and fatigued. The sensation of his cum swirling inside of her relaxed her racing heart as Arc admired his work.

He had done it. He had Pyrrha Nikos. She was his now…

But victory was about to get only sweeter.

The distinct sound of Pyrrha's scroll ringing awoke the student from her blissful trance. It was coming from her pocket. The hearts in her eyes faded for a moment as she glanced at her pocket, then at her master. He scowled at the incessant ringing, before smiling.

"Answer it."


"You heard me. Answer the phone, Pyrrha, or would you prefer I answer it for you?"

"N-no! I-I can answer it…" Pyrrha took the scroll out of her pocket, her eyes widening as she saw Cardin's name on the screen. Why was he calling her? Why now?

"Answer it, Pyrrha."

"Y-yes, Master." Pyrrha sealed her fate with the push of a button, closing her eyes as Cardin's voice greeted her. She cringed at his greeting. His voice was so nasally. Had it always sounded so annoying?

"Hey, Pyrrha! Where are you?"

"Oh, I-I'm with Professor Arc." Not a total lie. "Why? Did you need something?" Please say no, please say no…

"Well, no, but I just wanted to hang out with you. Maybe do some training together."

Pyrrha had to stop herself from rolling her eyes at the suggestion. Why would she want to teach Cardin how to fight when she could be learning how to fuck with her man? The young woman seWinchesterhed for the nicest way to reject Cardin, only to gasp. She was suddenly being moved by Arc.

She was lifted off of the bed as he laid down, leaving her sitting on his lap, his cock still pushed deep inside of her. She couldn't stop the moan from flowing out of her mouth, perfectly clear for Cardin to hear.

"Pyrrha? Are you okay? What are you doing?"

"J-just training!" She quickly replied. "P-Professor Arc is teaching me some moves…" She hit the mute button, and did her best to glare down at her teacher. It failed to look intimidating, due to how red her neck and face were, and how even the slightest thrust made her quiver and moan. "S-stop, please! He might hear! J-just let me hang up and-"

"No." Her finger froze, as if she was under a spell. The idea of disobeying her master was impossible to even consider, and her eyes widened as he spoke to her. "If you want to be my perfect woman, Pyrrha, you're going to have to learn how to be a bit more naughty. Do you think you can do that?"

She struggled to reply, but right as she was about to say something, Arc moved his hips, grinding his still hard cock inside of her. She shuddered as it rubbed against the cum-coated walls of her womanhood, drool slowly trickling down her chin.

"Unmute Cardin, or I'm letting everyone know about his dirty secret, and he'll be thrown out of Beacon."

Well, that settled it, didn't it? Pyrrha had to obey her master. There was nothing she could do against a direct order. She tried not to let her master see how happy she was to no longer have a choice, and obeyed his command. She tapped on her scroll and brought the device to her head. She held it between her ear and shoulder as her fingers fell on Arc's chest, tracing his chest as he squeezed her hips.

He picked her up, and brought her back down on his cock. With his own strength, he began to plow Pyrrha's pussy a second time. It felt amazing, and Pyrrha's mind and will continued to melt under the pleasurable assault.


"Pyrrha? Are you okay?!" She bit her lower lip, trying to contain her moans, but every thrust caused her to cry out again.

"Y-yes! P-Professor Arc is just being h-hard on me!" Arc snorted, holding back a laugh as Pyrrha beamed down at the man, tears building in the corners of her emerald eyes. "So hard… H-he's really trying to pound this lesson into me."

"Damn it, I don't know what's wrong with him. He doesn't have to be such a dick…" Pyrrha and Arc fought back their laughter as the crimson-haired woman began to lift her body up and down, doing her best to move in sync with her real partner.

"H-he means well. It's nice," she moaned. "Training with a real man." She emphasized those last few words, digging her gloved fingers into the teacher's chest as she bounced on his shaft. She was grinning, unable to stop herself from enjoying the sadistic urges she never even knew she had. Her hips rotated, carrying her Master into wilder and wilder pleasures.

Arc brought that out of her. He made her into his naughty, little girl, and she loved it.

"W-what?" Cardin was clearly shocked by the remark. Pyrrha almost wanted to repeat herself, but Arc's pounding was making it hard to think. He must have loved what she had said, because his efforts to fuck her mad had redoubled.

Screw what Pyrrha thought earlier. This was the greatest pleasure the young woman had ever felt, yet she knew it would only pale in comparison to the future she and Arc would make for themselves.

She continued to bounce on his girthy cock, her breasts bouncing out of her top with every few thrusts. Her body glistened with sweat, hair disheveled and clinging to her body. She needed to train more with her teacher. She was already getting tired! She wouldn't allow it! Pyrrha kept trying to match her teacher's rapid pounding.

"J-Cardin. I really need to go," she shuddered, jolts of pleasure shooting into her mind with every pounding thrust. Cum leaked from her cock-filled pussy, falling onto his crotch as she imagined herself overflowing with the divine sperm. "Professor Arc's coming, and I need to meet him!"

"O-oh. Alright. I'll see you later then, Pyr-" She didn't even bother ending the call. Pyrrha let the scroll fall to the ground, no longer caring about it or whoever was on the other line. All that mattered was her master, and his perfect cock pumping her full of more of his cum.

"Master!" She screamed as his cock throbbed inside of her, and a gushing current of white seed filled her body. Her mouth hung open as her eyes shined with bright, pink hearts again. Her emerald eyes rolled into her skull again as she trembled on his body, nails digging inside of him.

Her fate was sealed. Gone was the Pyrrha that loved Cardin. What replaced her was a beautiful woman, with a desire to sin, and a need for her Master's cum.

When the high of her climax began to fade, Pyrrha fell forward and gently pressed her lips against her teacher's. Green eyes met blue as she smiled, contently.

"Thank you, Master… I… I love you," she whispered, before falling asleep with his sperm swimming in her womb.

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