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Brooklyn nine-nine - Rwbyverse - Chapter 4 by Connor_Storer full book limited free

Chapter 4: Brooklyn nine-nine

No one pov

"Okay this next universe you are all detectives and there is no aura or semblances in this universe"Rex explained.

"That sounds boring" ruby said.

"Yeah why can't we see one with action again" yang complained.

"Let's just start it" Rex said.

Weiss is leaning against Ruby's  desk.

Weiss: Hey, you heard anything about the new Captain?

Ruby: Uh, no, and I don't care. I just wish Captain port never left, he was the best.

Weiss: He was terrible. You just liked him 'cause he let you do anything you wanted.

"Yep that sound like port" yang said with everyone agreeing.

"What do you mean by that" Oscar asked.

"Well in classes he always talked about himself" ruby explained to Oscar.

We see a flashback of Ruby and Blake on their chairs in an open space inside the precicnt. They have fire extinguishers in hand and it's pretty clear on what they want to accomplish. Everyone is around them, anticipated for the outcomes while clapping and cheering along.

Ruby: On your marks, get set...

The Captain's officer doors open and in comes who we presume is Captain port. Everyone stops.

"That looks fun and cool can we try it" ruby asked.

"Yeah/no" yang and Weiss said at the same time.

"Come on ice queen it looks fun" yang said.

"Fine but you have to clean up any mess from it" Weiss said.

Port: What the hell's going on around here?

Ruby: Fire extinguisher roller chair derby?

Port: Okay.

He goes back into his office, closing the door behind him.

Ruby: And go!

They shoot the extinguishers which projects them through the precinct, however it isn't as fast and powerful as a rocket launcher, however they do get pretty far.

"Wow we go quite far" ruby said.

"It does look fun" Blake said.

Ruby: Yeah!

We now get back from the flashback, where Weiss is looking at Ruby with disappointment.

Ruby: What's your point?

She sighs.

Weiss: If I'm ever gonna make Captain, I need a good mentor. I need my rabbi.

"Weiss looks so disappointed with ruby I guess you haven't changed much in this universe". yang said.

"Yeah looks like it but I'm not as bad as when we first meet" Weiss said.

"So Weiss is trying to be a captain I think his universe" Blake said.

Ruby: Sorry, dude. But this new guy's gonna be another washed-up pencil pusher who's only concerned with She imitates a robot. Following every rule in the patrol guide. Meep morp zeep. Robot Captain Engage.

Ozpin: Is that what you think?

We now see a man behind Ruby, who is staring her down. He has the new Captain uniform on, and seems to be the new Captain, Ozpin.

"I do have to easy that is a good robot voice" Weiss said.

"Ohh you be busted ruby" yang said.

"So Oz is the new captain" Qrow said taking a drink from his flask.

Ruby: He-hey! New Captain alert. She stands up. You must be the new C.O. I'm Detective Ruby Rose. Great to meet you.

Ozpin: Now don't let me interrupt. You were describing what kind of person I'm gonna be. I'd like you to finish.

Ruby: That's not necessary.  stares at him, and Ruby is sort of intimidated. Or I could recap very quickly, sure. Um, let's see. I think I said some joke about being a washed-up pencil pusher.

"You look so nervous and scared" yang said laughing at her sister misfortune.

"Yang shut up" ruby said while pouting at yang

Ozpin: Now do the robot voice.

Ruby: Which-

Ozpin: The robot voice you were doing when you implied I'm a rule-following robot. I wanna hear it again.

Ruby looks around the room where everyone is watching the scene happen. Weiss seems rather proud in the moment, as if she's enjoying the scene.

"Weiss looks so proud at what happening to ruby" Blake said with a slight chuckle.

"Not you too blake" ruby said.

Some people was laughing at Ruby others where slightly smile or completely stone face.

Ruby: Softy, slowly and without any enthusiasm.Meep morp zarp. Robot.

Ozpin: That's a terrible robot voice.

Ruby: Yep.

Ozpin: The next time I see you, I'd like you to be wearing a necktie.

Holt starts to leave.

Ruby: Oh, actually, the last Captain didn't care if we wore ties.

"Ruby your just digging a bigger hole for your self"Weiss said.

Ozpin: Stopping just before he enters his new office. Well, your new Captain does. And more importantly, he cares that you follow his direct orders. He then turns to the rest of the detectives and officers in the precinct. Everyone, I'm your new commanding officer, Captain Ozpin.

Weiss: Speech!

Ozpin: That was my speech.

Weiss: Short and sweet.

"Weiss your such a Kiss ass in this universe" yang said.

"What no I'm not" Weiss said denying it.

"No you are definitely being a kiss ass Weiss" Nora said.

Ozpin: Sergeant Ren, a word. He points to Ren.

Ren: Yes, sir.

They leave.

Weiss: I love that guy.

Ruby: Same!

Yang: He's so suave. Does anyone get a little bit of a gay vibe? Everyone is quiet. No? Okay. She leaves too.

Captain Ozpin places his name template on the desk, sitting down on his seat as he talks to Ren.

"Wow Ren your a sergeant in this universe" jaune said happily to his friend.

"Yeah looks like it" ren said simply while smiling.

"Ruby really loves Ozpin in this universe" yang said still teasing her sister.

"Wait is Ozpin gay in this universe and why do I have a short part" yang said curious and annoyed.

"I'm not going to tell you" rex said.

Ozpin: Sergeant, you were in the 1-8 with me. Though you were significantly...

Ren: Fatter, sir. They called me "Terry Titties." Because I had large, uh...

Ozpin: Titties, yes. I remember. I never liked that nickname. Though to be fair, it was accurate. What's this I hear about you being on administrative leave?

"Wait Ren in this world was fat" jaune asked confused.

"Yes Ren was fat but he work out to get rid of his fat" Rex said.

Ren: A year ago, my wife and I had twin baby girls. He shows Ozpin his wallet with the photos of his kids. Cagney and Lacey.

Ozpin: They have adorable chubby cheeks.

Ren: Ever since, I kinda got scared of getting hurt. Lost my edge. There was an incident in a department store.

"Okay who does Ren marry in this universe I'll break there legs" Nora said.

"Well the one he married and had children with is you Nora" Rex explained

"Oh okay no one getting there leg broken then" Nora said while sitting back down.

"They look adorable and cute" Weiss and ruby said.

"Wait what does Ren mean by lost his edge" jaune said

"You see just keep watching" Rex said.

We are now in a flashback to where Ruby and Ren are holding guns in a department store, trying to hide from perps it seems.

Ruby: Hey, man, you okay? You look a little jumpy.

Ren: I'm fine. I'm fine.

He hears knocking and starts to scream, coming out of his hiding spot and starts shooting in front of him. We see that he is only shooting a mannequin, but apparently he still doesn't realise because Ren continues to shoot. The mannequin falls down on the ground after the excessive amount of bullet wounds.

"Damn Ren your really jumpy" jaune said.

"Well he has the right to be he scared he might get killed and he had baby twins and wants to there for them" tai said.

Ruby: I think he's dead.

We are back in Ozpin's office.

Ren: And I'm still not right.

Ozpin: Standing up and heading to his office window, looking over the precinct. Tell me about your Detective squad.

Ren: Um... Well, Scully, Hitchcock, and Daniels. We see a group of three talking amongst themselves. Two of them are Norm Scully and Michael Hitchcock. The other is Daniels, however we do not ever see her again except for this scene. We still do not know if she is even alive. They're pretty much worthless, but they make good coffee.

"Wow Ren really blunt there but hey they make good coffee" yang said.

Ozpin: Copy that.

Ren: Now the good ones. Blake belladonna.

We see a woman on her desk, browsing online. The internet seems to be slow since she tapped the TV with her hand once. Then again. Then multiple times in a row. Tough, smart, hard to read, and really scary.

"Wow Ren perfect description of Blake expect the really scary part" yang said.

Flashback time. It is Christmas, and we see Hitchcock at the printer when Blake comes in.

Blake: Tell me who has me for Secret Santa.

HITCHCOCK: No! That takes all the fun out of it.

Hitchcock is smiling, but Blake is far from happy. She glares at him while Hitchcock pales.

HITCHCOCK: It's Scully. He got you a scarf. I'll make him return it.

Blake: Yes, you will.

Back to the present.

"Damn okay I see why people are scared of Blake in this universe" yang said.

"Yeah different from our Blake" ruby said.

Ren: Jaune arc.

We cut to Jaune at his desk, with multiple files in hand, and a phone rested against his ear and shoulder.

Ren: He's a grinder. Not the most brilliant Detective, but he works harder than anyone else. He's not physically... gifted.

"Wow Ren thanks for the compliment" jaune said.

"What does he mean by not physically gifted" ruby asked curious.

"Keep watching" Rex said.

Flashback to Jaune in the staff kitchen, ready to eat a muffin only to drop it on the floor.

Jaune: Oh, man! My muffin. He goes to pick it up, but his head hits the counter instead. Ahh! Oh, my head! He looks to the muffin which he accidentally stepped on. My muffin, my head! And I stepped on the- On my muffin! And my head and my muffin.

"Oh dust jaune that was hilarious" yang said laughing.

"Why just why" jaune said.

While people laughed at what jaune had done and just said.

"It fine jaune I bet your a great detective" Pyrrha said

"Thanks Pyrrha" jaune said.

Back to the present.

Ren: Weiss schnee.

We cut to Weiss at her desk. A ball of elastics in hand, and her face scrunched up, concentrated.

Ren: She's got seven brothers, so she's always trying to prove she's tough.

"Wow what seven brothers poor Weiss" jaune said knowing what it like to live with seven sibling that are the opposite gender.

"Wait seven brother that a lot and that means winter isn't my sister in this universe" Weiss said upset.

"Yes winter in this universe isn't your sister" Rex said.

Flashback to Weiss pouring hot sauce over her hotdog in the staff room.

SCULLY: Careful. That stuff's pretty hot.

She puts down her sandwich, staring at Scully.

Weiss: Oh, is it? Hmm? She puts more sauce on her sandwich, until the top is filled with sauce. She goes to eat it, some sauce dripping onto her hand. Her face starts to scrunch up, and she's gagging, spitting the food right out. Scully doesn't even bat an eye.

"Wow Weiss i guess you really heated up" yang said proudly of her pun. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Everyone groaned at yang while she and tai laughed at the terrible pun.

Back to the present. We see the camera zoom in on Ruby at her desk. She and Weiss  have close desks, and we can see that in the frame.

Ren: She and Rose have some big bet over who gets more arrests this year. Ever since the bet, their numbers have gone way up.

"Ohh a bet what did we bet" ruby asked curious.

"Okay I tell you ruby you bet your car  while Weiss agreed if you won she had to go on a date with that you have complete control of all night and can make her do anything for example have Weiss listen to yangs awful puns all night during the date" Rex explained.

"Hey my puns aren't awful there comedy gold" yang said offended.

Ozpin : Tell me about Rose.

Rubu now has an action figure in hand of a police man, and is examining it. In the light, out of the light, everywhere.

Ren: ruby rose is my best Detective. she likes putting away bad guys and she loves solving puzzles. The only puzzle she hasn't solved is how to grow up.

Ozpin: That was very well put.

Ren: I've talked a lot about Ruby in my departmentally mandated therapy sessions.

"Yeah I'm the best detective I don't need to go up ren" ruby said happily and annoyed at what Ren said.

"Woah go sis" yang said.

"You do need to grow up ruby" Weiss said.

"Wow Ren goes to therapy and talks about ruby in the session" jaune said shocked.

"I have to say one thing you all need therapy after what you have seen" Rex said.

"Yeah but we don't have time for it" ruby said with others agreeing.

"Well after the war all of you get therapy you all need it" rex said.

Ozpin: Look, you know my history. You know how important this is to me. This precinct is doing fine, but I wanna make it the best one in Brooklyn. And I need your help.

Ren: Absolutely, sir. They shake hands. Where do we start?

The camera cuts to just outside the glass where Ruby is dancing up to Weiss  desk.

Ruby: Whispering and singing to her dancing. What is happening?

Ozpin: We start with her.

"Why do they have to start with me" ruby said pouting.

"Well you act childish while at work and didn't listen to Ozpin  when he said about the ties" Weiss said.

"Okay what did you think of it" Rex asked.

"The best moments for me where ruby and jaune" yang said.

"Yeah it was fun to see the fire extinguisher roller chair derby" Blake said.

"Okay let's get on to the next universe" Rex said.

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