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80% Sage's Cultivation: Mage in Cultivation World / Chapter 24: Mass Massacre [2]

Mass Massacre [2] - Sage's Cultivation: Mage in Cultivation World - Chapter 24 by yohananmikhael full book limited free

Chapter 24: Mass Massacre [2]

The heinous aura persists, terrifying the bandits who damage their cultivation and die as a result of it. Even if there are ones who can contain themselves, they can't live more than 3 seconds and still die in the end.

Their deaths are just food for Lucas. The energy he can get from the destruction of their bodies benefits him, even if it was just a chunk. As no one knows who he is, they are only sure that he came from the city.

"Why… is a powerful… monster coming from… that city…?"

"This isn't… what our leader said…"

"Please… leader… kill this monster…"

Each of the Warrior and Master stages coughed blood and died in an instance. Within their anguish, they couldn't even construct three sentences.

Pressure keeps on killing the weaker cultivators. Not only was the pressure coming from the cultivation base of both individuals, but it was also coming from the two cultivation base pools of Lucas.

Since Lucas had 2 pools that needed cultivation, his pressure was almost equal to that of Felicity, who was at the Emperor stage. Both pressures should not stack since they are two different bases. However, since it was coming from Lucas, who has both energy pools inside him, the pressure stacked up, and it could even rival the Emperor stage of Felicity.

'How can he keep up with this pressure?! He did not only raise his cultivation base to Master stage in an instance, but he also made it appear stronger!' Felicity cried while she was contending with Lucas' pressure.

However, she could not receive such a defeat in this performance. Thus, she added the pressure she made since it was merely a breath of pressure from her.

The extra pressure Felicity made took Lucas' attention. He just smirked, looking at Felicity, who was having a contest with him. However, it was not in the case of Lucas. He merely thought that Felicity was enjoying what they were doing.

'Well… look who was this reluctant earlier.' 

Continuing with the pressure rampage, the leaves from the nearby trees disappear from being brushed by the pressure. Trees became bald the moment Felicity added more pressure from her body.

Lucas finally pays heed to a powerful cultivator that has arrived. With a smirk on his face, he approached slowly, making the cultivator cough up blood.

The commander of the bandits couldn't believe what he was witnessing.

Why does a General Spirit Realm like him suffer from pressure coming from a Master stage? This isn't reasonable.

The commander lifted his chest and endured the pressure coming to him. Even worse, he noticed an Emperor Spirit Realm cultivator behind the young man who was emitting the Master stage pressure.

"This isn't right!" he hissed before thinking of what he should do.

He felt fear, something he hadn't felt in such a long time of existence. He couldn't manage to escape. If he does, then everything was futile then.

"I can't swallow this humiliation! The Red Moon Castle won't meet their doom on this day!" he exclaimed before turning his back.

However, before he could take a step, Lucas appeared in front of him like a ghost. The commander could just cry inwardly after witnessing it.

This isn't right! How could a Master stage cultivator move like this!

The commander gathered all his energy just to move his fist and send it to Lucas. But it was futile. Lucas just easily caught it, as if it wasn't even a fist but a rock thrown at him.

Lucas smirked before lifting his palm, "You can be my source of energy. I rarely do this method of raising my energy, so be sure to feel honored with this." Lucas said before swaying his palm at the face of the commander.

A loud slap echoed, removing the head of the commander from its body. The head flew a few meters before coming to a stop, and the body fell to the ground in an instant.

In the next few seconds, dense spiritual energy comes out of the body, approaching Lucas's body as he absorbs it.

Finally, Lucas cultivated a few minutes to regulate his body. He was still flying in the air near the branch where the commander came from. Soon, he finally reached the peak of the Master stage. Both of his cultivation base pools reached their apex, rendering his theory of reaching the General stage null and void.

"So, it was like this, huh? I guess I was wrong. Then let's end this since their leader is finally dead." he mumbled.

From afar, Felicity was just speechless at what she saw. 

Was Lucas always this cruel? However, she didn't dislike it. Even more, she liked that part since it shows a true cultivator attitude.

"The strong will eat the weak," Felicity muttered to herself, then followed Lucas to the southern side, where others were crowding.


On the southern side.

Everyone was clueless about what had happened to their commander. Since they felt a strong urge of pressure coming from the western side, they could only think that a fight had started.

Their eyes were filled with admiration when they felt the pressure. They thought it was coming from their commander.

"Good Lord! The leader was really the strongest cultivator in the eastern region! But, why would he need to use that pressure to kill weaklings?"

"Maybe a cultivator that could rival him managed to reinforce this city?"

"That's impossible, they don't know that we were here earlier!"

They disputed the positive and negative remarks. There they were fighting for the pride of their commander, while others were just being practical about everything.

The noise continued to emerge, resounding across the whole side of the forest. Thus, making Lucas's ears hurt from the piercing noise coming from different mouths.

"Can you at least stop with your mouth? It's too noisy, you know."

Everyone staggered backward when they heard a loud utterance from a flying human figure. They were more surprised when they didn't feel the presence of that person.

Who is he?!

Everyone was filled with agitation. As they saw the superior cultivation base that could even rival their commander's — peak of the Master Spirit Realm.

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"Nothing important for you to know. Let's finish this in an instance, shall we?"

Balls of light appeared in front of them suddenly, confusing what the purpose of the light was. 

However, they were not bothered by it. They were more concerned about the presence of their commander. Why can't they feel the pressure anymore?

"Oh… that pressure? It wasn't coming from him. It was coming from me. So… the reason why you can't also feel his presence since he's already dead." Lucas revealed nonchalantly.

Without making the bandits react to what he said, Lucas launched the balls of light and killed everyone in the forest.

Corpses filled the whole forest. The blood splattered the ground. And the trees were painted with the fear of the corpse, leaving their faces scared from what they heard from Lucas.

Lucas smirked when he saw the wave of corpses. How can he clean this up? It's obviously plenty.

"Ah… I'll just let Arthur clean it. Forget about it," he said before going back to Felicity's side.

"Are you done?" she asked.

"Yep. Now we can just leave everything to Arthur," he said.

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