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Gamble - Same Day On Loop, It's Been Thousands Of Years - Chapter 26 by Mekka Pakka full book limited free

Chapter 26: Gamble

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The development of casinos was considered a heated topic by many. On one end of the spectrum, many thought that running such an establishment would inevitably result in tragedies, like entire families falling apart overnight. On the other end, some thought that casinos were a lucrative source of tax revenue. 

For this reason, the answer was often ambiguous when it came to this topic, and in the end, the consensus was this.

They would restrict entry to the casino based on the patron's status. Folks with regular backgrounds could never access Riverside Club's magnificent casino while there were little to no requirements for those with strong family backgrounds.

This was one of the reasons why Huang Xudong was brave enough to open his casino smack in the middle of the city. In many other areas, this would have been considered to be unlawful. 

No one could remember how long had Ye Xiaoyu been here. Huang Xudong had spent immense effort on this business of his so that people who were exhausted could rest and recuperate here. Ye Xiaoyu was one of them.

His luck had been amazing today. Before long, the chips in front of him piled up, symbolizing his great harvest.

As he glanced at the people around whose luck paled in comparison to his, Ye Xiaoyu flashed a cheeky grin and said, "You guys have fun. I'll go and get everyone drinks."

Soon, a sensually-dressed and beautiful waitress came over with a trayful of drinks.

"It's on my tab today. Everyone, just order as you please."

As Ye Xiaoyu held his glass up, for some reason, he staggered and accidentally spilled the contents of his drink onto a passerby.

Ye Xiaoyu was dumbstruck, shocked at something like this happening. If the man had been one of the few uncles Ye Xiaoyu was acquainted with, he could easily apologize and make it up to them. Too bad this passerby was a stranger.

Seeing how the man's clothes weren't overly fancy, Ye Xiaoyu grew a little more confident and said, "Hey, watch where you're walking."

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The passerby was stunned by Ye Xiaoyu's words, evidently startled by how Ye Xiaoyu was placing the blame on him instead. "You splashed wine on me and blame me for not watching where I was going?"

The man was obviously irked by Ye Xiaoyu's bratty attitude.

Behaving pompously, Ye Xiaoyu simply grabbed some chips and threw them at the man. "These chips are enough to buy at least a hundred pieces of the shirt you're wearing. Take it and scram."

"Try saying that again."

The man was clearly not a pushover. Their conflict was noticed by a security guard so the man was quickly escorted away to get a change of clothes. As they continued their quarrel, Ye Xiaoyu proposed to settle the score by the dice. 

Many people were aware of how lucky Ye Xiaoyu had been today, so upon hearing that he was going to make it a bet, they came crowding over to watch to show unfold. When the man was done changing into clean clothes, both of them went over to the gambling table to start their bet.

Riverside Club was very strict against cheaters. Ye Xiaoyu was skillful at the game so he had no reason to be afraid of being exposed as a cheater.

Meanwhile, the man who got caught up in the incident earlier was irritated with Ye Xiaoyu so he swore to teach Ye Xiaoyu a lesson.

Under the scrutiny of many people around, the game began. Ye Xiaoyu wasn't the least bit flustered. His luck was over to the roof today and his skills were quite remarkable, so for him, this bet was definitely in the bag.

The man across the table began to show some difference in their strength.

At first, Ye Xiaoyu had the upper hand. But after a few rounds of winning, things began to change as the man across the table suddenly took back everything he lost.

Ye Xiaoyu was mildly baffled by this but he didn't take it to heart.

"Prepubescent brat, what a declaration."

When Ye Xiaoyu heard this comment from the man across, he flared up in anger, evidently not expecting the man to say such a thing about him.

"Just you wait."

Ever since Riverside Club went into business, there weren't many who managed to cause a scene there. The security guards had stepped up earlier to advise both of them to stop, so that was considered the first-round of mediation. No matter how reckless Ye Xiaoyu got, he still had to show the owner of the casino some respect.

And thus, he rubbed his hands together and resumed the battle.

Both men experienced wins and losses during their game, but by the end of their bet, the man across the table seemed to have been struck by extreme luck. In a short amount of time, he managed to win all of the chips over.

The man smirked at Ye Xiaoyu. "Brat, are you still game? Don't be so arrogant. You look like you've barely hit puberty, so it's best you stop coming to such a place. Otherwise, you might end up having to sell your *ss here one day since it doesn't look like you can stand."

When Ye Xiaoyu heard this he was seething with fury. "Bring it on. Let me add some more chips."


In his angered state, Ye Xiaoyu immediately came back with quite a mountain of chips. He glared icily at the man and said, "Let's continue."

The two men seemed to have decided to go all out. Quite a few people were watching on. Both of them seemed to be taking turns as Ye Xiaoyu wasn't the only one to obtain more chips, as the man across the table had requested for an extra batch of chips twice.

Soon, the value of the chips on this table had reached an astonishing amount.

Even the person who was in charge of exchanging the chips began to feel hesitant. When he saw Ye Xiaoyu approaching the desk more frequently, he advised in a slightly trembling voice, "Young Master Ye… You've exchanged a lot today. If you continue exchanging, it would be hard for us to report this to President Ye."

"What's there to be afraid of? If anything happens, I'll take responsibility. Go ahead."

Seeing how stubborn Ye Xiaoyu was, the man at the counter remained reluctant, but in the end, he still exchanged a new batch of chips for Ye Xiaoyu.

As the sum continued to increase, even Huang Xudong showed up frowning. He was evidently conflicted by Ye Xiaoyu's behavior. However, he could say nothing but try to advise him with a smile, "Young Master Ye, it's better if you don't get more chips."

Ye Xiaoyu had been reluctant to give in. Seeing how firm Huang Xudong was, he didn't know what to say, but still, the determination remained in his eyes.

"Don't stop me. I know what I'm doing." Ye Xiaoyu was getting annoyed by how the casino staff was trying to stop him. But since Huang Xudong was here, he dared not lash out. He only repeated himself.

Huang Xudong stared helplessly at him. "Have you calculated how much you lost?"

Dumbstruck, Ye Xiaoyu immediately tabulated to find that he had lost more than a hundred million. He didn't have that much money. "I'll write you an IOU note. What is your name?"

"Ye Yang."

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