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100% Sammyboy's Erotica / Chapter 14: Tricia - Her First Experience

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Chapter 14: Tricia - Her First Experience

Although every single chapter was written in my own style, avid readers can, and should feel the difference in each chapter. The different mood, style, and even concept as I share these stories. This is because all these stories happened in various part of my life, learning different things, experiencing different kinds of sex at different places, with different girls.

However, while I do not regret being part of all that, I grew up conservative, and I always believed in sticking to exclusivity. I never touched a different girl while I was with one.

By nature, I have been very gentle, very caring, as the girls I met mostly virgin, or inexperienced. But as time passes, I began to change as I became better, experienced... the type of girls I meet also began to change.

I may have displayed how rough I can be very often, but I always fall back into my original passionate yet gentle style all the time...

Things with Tricia has changed dramatically ever since our little event at the cinema. She has since revealed her horny side to her, and constantly pester me to meet her. Almost every time we meet, will end up with blowjobs, sexual cuddles, and petting in my car. However, she always refused entry to her house, which I find out later, because it was a mess.

At the time of this story, I was teaching at a international school in Singapore. Right after class, I would drive home... or rather, drive to her place's parking lot. We would meet up, play games together, cuddle to sleep, and... more... all in my car.

Thinking it's just gonna be the same thing, I met her again.

As soon as I picked her up, we drove to our usual quiet spot in the carpark. As if rehearsed, we both quickly moved to the backseat. Once there, we both took off our footwear, and got comfortable.

I slowly moved my lips to hers, and instead of a kiss, I softly rubbed our lips together, barely touching, and each time I do it, a pleasant electric-like zap connected our lips. The warmth of her lips, her flushed face, travels to mine, and to my entire body. The pleasure felt like it even reached my soul.

Before I know it, Tricia has hugged me tight and pushed in for a kiss, and her tongue invaded into my mouth. The aggressive side of her takes over. The invading tongue kept exploring inside my mouth, and around my own tongue, and her dominating suction on my mouth made me feel like she was trying to suck the soul out of me.

Tricia claims to be new at this, I can't help but be impressed as she had expressed great innate talent. At the beginning, she looked cute and clumsy, but now she has brought meaning to the word 'Seductress'.

I slowly closed my eyes, heightening other senses, and sensitively feel her eye lashes softly rubbing me occasionally as we continue to kiss passionately, and feel her hands slowly explore my body and hugged my head tightly to keep the kiss going.

The sky, the earth, the pool, the wind, they slowly disappear from my senses. The flowing water, the dancing trees, the heat from the sun... slowly disappeared from my senses. All I can hear are the beautiful moans from the two of us, the sounds of passion, and all I could feel, her touches, and the heat from her body.

Returning her passion, I slowly hugged her, taking a break from the kiss. As I turned towards her neck, I noticed the redness from her flushed face has reached her neck. The pinkish red adds a beautiful charm, and makes me stare at her neck and collarbone for a whole minute while we hugged.

It's funny how I never understood the fetishes some people had, over thighs, butts, boobs, sure, but over neck, collarbone, arms, and feet? I never understood! But with this girl, I began to understand. The alluring charms of a girl's perfect body parts can and will turn you on so much, once you learn to admire and appreciate it.

Tricia began spreading her legs a little, and her hands slowly explored towards my already rock hard member. She then rubbed and occasionally grabbed it like how she did in the cinema previously.

In response, I slowly caressed her legs, ever so slowly up to her thighs, and then her inner thighs. Then, as soon as she thought I would do things slowly, at the speed of light, I quickly undid her bra, took it off, then explored under her shirt before she could even say no!

It revealed a perfect pair. Cute. Perky. Adorable. Like a pair of rabbits waiting for me to give them love, I had then realized all that talk about D cups, E cups, whatever cups, had been a pure waste of time! Such beautiful treasure that every girl has, shouldn't be gauged by sizes! How foolish us men have been!

Full of admiration and appreciation, I hugged her, kissed her boobs, and before long, we were kissing again while we continued to tease and rub each other. To which, I found out she wasn't wearing panties. Her exposed lower body was soaked, or even flooding when I found my way there.

I slowly got atop her tiny body, took my spear out, slowly began to invade the castle of this (pillow) princess. Without a word, Tricia compliments my actions by opening her legs even wider, and gently used her hands and helped guiding my spear in the castle gates.

Without discussion, without prior agreement, I had taken her virginity under her moans. We had become one.

"Does it hurt? You okay?"

There's my usual question when I felt like she might be in pain.

"Nuh-uh, it's okay."

Surprisingly, she claims it doesn't hurt, even though it was her first time.

Some girls are born to accept it without feeling the tear or pain, but to take my rough, hard, and thick spear so easily, surprises both of us.

The sensitive, fragile, and very delicate castle gates handled the forceful, brutal, and aggressive attack so well, it was as if the gates were built to handle such invasive attacks... Oh wait, it WAS meant to handle exactly this!!!

I continued my attacks looking at her, as blissful pleasure could clearly be seen on her face. Have I ever said that I truly enjoy this much better when I know I'm making the girl enjoy it too?

Most girls, including Tricia, has their own preferences. And boy, does Tricia love being choked. I slowly close in on her throat, and it seemed choking her makes her gates try to close on my spear, in turn, making me choke her even tighter!

Some girls like to talk during sex, but not with Tricia, we communicated with our body, our eyes, our actions, and I often found us looking at each other's eyes. This is different from what many girls do, shutting their eyes. However, even though we're not talking, I could hear our thoughts going crazy. Not just mine, hers too.

As soon as she got used to my spear, obviously I kicked it up a whole notch, and began pounding her hard, her cute little pair of rabbits bouncing around beneath my chest, and her hands grabbing my back, with occasional scratch each time I go harder/faster. On that note, when I got home to shower later that day, I noticed all the scratch marks she left me on my back!

Hugging me tight, digging her nails into my back, and staring into my eyes... I have never had a girl do it like this before. As if inspired by her actions, I slowly moved my hands back, and under her legs. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-erotica_18031597306153605/tricia---her-first-experience_49101173776508913">;s-erotica_18031597306153605/tricia---her-first-experience_49101173776508913</a> for visiting.

I grabbed her legs, pulled them up, and together, and then pushed it against her. This time, I will feel nothing but her squeezed pussy sandwiching my dick. Instead of groping her, my hands are now focused in keeping her in that compressed form, squashing and reaching ever so deeply inside her womb.

In this position, I leaned, placing my weight against her legs, and began to pound her non-stop, hard, fast, and powerful.

I can barely see her face above her legs, as we continue to stare into each other, muffled moans can be heard as she covers her mouth with her hands. "This cute petite girl will soon moan out loud!" I thought to myself.

"Sammmmm!!! I'm cumming...!"

As if I was the God of Predictions, just moments later she moaned, accompanied with the announcements of her climax. I ignore her, and continue to pound her silly, like a piece of meat, like a cum-dump.

"Nooooo! I'm going crazy! I'm cumming again!!!"

Oh trust me, if you were going crazy, you wouldn't be able to speak. I continue to pound her, as the sounds of my balls continue to hit her get even louder, she would moan even louder.

"Sa...m... ugh..."

I calmly continue, ignoring her as usual.


I could feel my orgasm getting close, each and every stroke, each and every moan.


She finally quietens, her tongue laying a little loose, and I start to see a little white. She must've blacked out.

I'm already close, so I slowed down to catch my breathe, and then tried to finish up.

"Oof... I'm close!"

As if hearing the keyword Tricia's been waiting for all this time, she regains consciousness, got up, and sucked me off.

Thinking she was unconscious, I didn't expect her to get up so quickly. Being caught unprepared, coupled with her being familiar with my weakness, I quickly came down her throat.


She continues to suck, her head going up and down on my 'spear', I became very sensitive and starts to squirm.

"W-wait, stop! I'm cumming!"

She looks up at me for a brief moment, and I thought I saw a devil's smile as she continue, forcing me to squirm like mad as I kept cumming hard, until she went down deep, embracing my sensitivity with her throat. I squirm around one last time, and then released the final load up her throat.

"Shit. You're evil."

"Just returning the favor. I think I blacked out for a moment."

"Sure did..."

"We gotta go."


"Anywhere but here."


"I think one of your neighbour saw us fucking. We have to go before security comes."

"SHIT, Sam! Why didn't you say something!"

"No can do, we were too close to stop."

I quickly got dressed, got in the front and drove us off, while Tricia continues to dilly-dally in the backseat, cleaning up, dressing up, and popping couple mints in her mouth.

"Does it really taste bad? Smell bad?"

"Well yeah! I mean, salty is fine, but the smell can get really strong. You wanna try?"

"Uh, hell no! I'll leave swallowing to you, haha!"

That was real fun, I sent her home, kissed her forehead, and agreed to meet her again sometime.

All I hope is that she enjoyed her first time, as with most girls should.

Moonfish Moonfish

Hey peeps! Been awhile, here's the next part to Tricia's story!

I did do a lot of carsex, in a way, I found that its the most exciting part because of the risky exhibitionist style, but also because it is very convenient, as compared to getting a room.

Leave some comments/reviews, even bad ones, so I know what I need to work on!

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