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Clan Moon Devil - Samsara Online - Chapter 5 by XIETIAN full book limited free

Chapter 5: Clan Moon Devil

After running for a few minutes and making sure that the old man from the potion store was no longer chasing him, Xie Feng finally stopped his steps.

Xie Feng shook his head helplessly at the situation and with no other option he decided to go and pick up another mission for now.

Xie Feng headed for the sturdy old man in the center of the square. On the miniature map, this old man was called the Guardian of the village.

This means that this was the NPC in charge of teleporting the players out of the beginner's village once they reached level 10.

Xie Feng went to the Guardian and greeted him politely:

"Good afternoon Mr. Guardian. I wonder if you need help or maybe something has been bothering you."

Because NPCs are basically human beings with different personalities and behaviors due to the advanced AI used to create them, Xie Feng believes that having better behavior along with his 20 points of charm will be good.


Favorable impression of the Guardian +10

The village guardian looked at Xie Feng and smiled politely:

"What a handsome and educated young man, I'm sure you have many female admirers. Since you are offering me your help, I will have to bother you".

Xie Feng continued to listen to the old man honestly.

"For 1000 years the peace that reigned over the Adastreia Continent has been broken. The Goddess of Creation was hurt by an unknown being with a terrifying force and the Moon Devil clan that was silent after being suppressed by the Goddess of Creation and the 5 heroes in the past finally started to move. With the Goddess of Creation wounded and the three of the five heroes dead, the Adastreia Continent began to enter an era full of war and death."

(A/N: Continent Adastreia is equivalent to the Chinese battle zone.}

The guardian paused for a moment and sighed:

"Because of the Moon Devil clan, the monsters began to become more aggressive and active than in the past and with the Goddess of Creation missing, everything got even worse. Young man from another world, a few days ago I was wounded by wild wolves and even though I killed several of them, my anger was not yet quelled. Bring me 50 wolf fangs and I will reward you."


[ The village guardian wants you to give him 50 wolf fangs to quell his anger.

Reward: 20 copper coins / 5 small red potions / 5 medium blue potions / Experience

Mission Grade: Common

Mission time limit: None

Accept? ]

"Don't worry guardian, I'll give you those wolf fangs." -Xie Feng agreed, confirming the mission.

The village guardian smiled and said politely:

"Remember that wolves are level 5, so you are currently too weak to fight them. You should raise your level a little first before going to challenge them."

Xie Feng simply smiled and said nothing. After saying goodbye to the old man, Xie Feng started running towards the exit of the village.


When Xie Feng left the beginner's village he was faced with a complicated situation.

As he expected, most of the beginner players were already crowding around the beginner's village. There is no doubt that this region is an active area of lower level monsters that is also suitable for leveling up to beginners of level 0. But at first sight, except for the bustle caused by the multitude of players, there was no trace of any monster.

As he continued to advance, Xie Feng finally saw a monster.

With a bright flash of white light, a tiny creature appeared near a group of several players.

Xie Feng used the basic skill that the system gives to all players, 'Inspect' on the small monster and a window of information appeared in front of his eyes:

[Harmless Rabbit]

Level: 1

HP: 35

Note: A small creature that likes to eat carrots. Although they never take the initiative to attack, if provoked they will use their carrot to strike.



The creature's information had barely been processed for a split second by Xie Feng when a rain of attacks and magic spells fell on the rabbit.

The little rabbit that had just appeared didn't even get a chance to taste its carrot when it was killed.

Seeing the rabbit skin lying on the ground, Xie Feng couldn't help but give a military salute and say:


After greeting the fallen man, Xie Feng went further into the forest. As he passed a couple of players, the men gave him jealous looks while the girls whispered to each other.

Xie Feng ignored all of this and continued to advance.

Xie Feng did not wish to be surrounded by many people. Although it may not seem so because of his generally relaxed and playful attitude, that personality of his is reserved for himself and Xie Yao.

In front of everyone else, Xie Feng never acts the same way.

Because Xie Feng did not want to be surrounded by so many people, Xie Feng headed north of the map.

On the way he encountered level 2 and level 3 monsters. As he advanced, the number of players he encountered decreased constantly.

At this time, Xie Feng was in the territory of level 3 monsters and the number of people was practically zero. Since the Samsara Online server just opened for the first time only about 20 minutes ago, the level of 100% of the players is probably still 0.

Only talented people in real life would dare to go deeper into the forest, since the bonuses granted by the initial novice equipment would not be enough to challenge higher level monsters.

Xie Feng looked around and counted the number of players. In total, he could only see 4 people on the same map as him.

Xie Feng used to inspect again on one of the sheep:

[Wild Sheep]

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Level: 3

HP: 80

Note: Don't be fooled by the sheep! Due to the dark mana released by an unknown object in possession of the Moon Devil clan, the previously harmless sheep became wild.

Skills: Charge: Lower its head with horns and run towards the enemy. Due to its size, the wild sheep's attack usually hits between the legs. Men receive 50% extra damage.

When the information about the wild sheep appeared in Xie Feng's mind, his face turned pale and he unconsciously carried a hand to his crotch.

Xie Feng, who was preparing to kill wild sheep, obediently turned and left that place ruled by the devil.

Only now did Xie Feng understand why the 4 players he saw previously were women and he had not seen any male players here.


Second and last chapter today.

See you tomorrow!


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I hope you like the chapter!

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