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8.33% Schaffe Fallout / Chapter 1: The Mysterious Woman

The Mysterious Woman - Schaffe Fallout - Chapter 1 by SinisterEvilPro full book limited free

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Woman

(8 years later)

it all starts when a girl wearing a hood and sunglasses was running from a mutant dog chasing her. She then trips and falls to the ground. She then grabs her revolver out and aims at the dog and fines it jammed and says, "dammit." The Dog then jumps for an attack but then out of nowhere it get shot in the head. The Girl then sees were the bullet came from were she see Schaffe who has change in last 8 years he was more muscular body and he was wearing an eye patch on his left eye were a scar was. Schaffe then says, "are you alright ma'am." She then gets up and says, "Thanks but I have to keep going now." Schaffe then asks, "you want a lift." he then point back with his thumb to a jeep. She then says, "sure why not." She then goes and get the passenger side and Schaffe gets into the driver side and starts to drive to Albany. Schaffe then asks, "so what your name miss?" the girl the was silent for a moment and says, "It Jess how about you." Schaffe then says, "Schaffe...Schaffe Deathclaw they call me around here." Jess then says, "Deathclaw why they call you that." Schaffe then says, "well its because I raise Deathclaws on my off time even tame wild ones too." Jess then seems impressed by that. Schaffe then says, "so where are you heading to Jess?" Jess then says, "I'm trying to leave New York I don't want to talk about it for personal reasons." Schaffe then says, "okay then you need a job I also run a gun laundering store called Excalibur." Jess then thinks about it and says, "well sure I guess I could use some caps to help me out to get out of here." Schaffe then says, "well then it settled then I'm sure the guys are going to like this. They then make into the city of Albany in a district were people still live in they make it the Times Union Center to the Garage. Schaffe then gets a device out his pocket which was a PitBoyPortable a small device which was a computer that was built to fit in your pocket. He then says, "hey open the door dickhead." The Garage door then opens up and they head in they then park on the side.

They would see a man wearing a green sun hat, Smoking a cigarette and in a green mechanic jumpsuit. He comes over and says, "hey boss how was the ride Boss." Schaffe then says, "The Jeep need more work I hear rattling but you probably did that so can work on more." The man then says, "I see." The man then see Jess get out of the jeep and says, "so who the girl." Schaffe then says, "this is Jess, Jess this is Ian Smokeroach the Cigarette fiend around here and he is also one third owner of Excalibur store." Jess then says, "why is he called a Cigarette Fiend." Ian then says, "well I smoke a lot of cigs probably more then I eat food and I love eating." Ian then toss a Cigarette butt on the floor that was in his mouth and puts another in his mouth and lights it. Jess then says, "alright then." Schaffe then says, "well I'm going to show her around the place." Ian then says, "Alright Boss I'm just going to do what I do best." Schaffe then says, "what see how long it takes to finish a pack of smokes." Ian then says, "you know me best Boss." Ian then goes to his hammick and lays on it. Jess then says, "he seems simple minded." Schaffe then says, "you have no idea."

Schaffe then brings Jess in to the Arena this part is were they keep there inventory there they see a super mutant on a terminal. Schaffe then says, "that's Johnny we keep him here he a doctors don't mind he not very talkative one." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He then takes her to the store part which is was the entrance. They then see a Ghoul in a combat suit there at the register. The Ghoul then says, "well well look at what the fucking meatbag brought home." Schaffe then says, "hey we have a lady here." The Ghoul then says, "oh sorry miss Meatbag." he then walks away to a door. Schaffe then says, "love you too." Alan then opens the door and yells, "Fuck Off!" and slams the door. Schaffe then says, "his name Alan he might act all tough but he a big softy under his burnt crispy skin."

Schaffe then brings her to the Parking lot area were there was a giant wall surrounding it. Jess then says, "what this place." Schaffe then says, "well this were we keep the deathclaws. He then shows her inside his deathclaws from adults from little deathclaws. She then says, "wow I thought you were joking about that." Schaffe then says, "no I was telling truth but then again you just can't flat out say you take care and raise deathclaws now." she watches them go about but then sees one head towards them. She then says, "is there a glass wall I don't see." Schaffe then says, "no they come rip us apart if they wanted too." the deathclaw then starts charging at her. She then tries to block herself but then the deathclaw then licks her. Jess then says, "what." Schaffe then says, "raised them remember I let kids ride them for few caps as well." Jess then says, "that's amazing usual these are most terrifying creatures in the waste." Schaffe then says, "there like dogs they don't bite hand that feeds them." but then Jess feels a little nudge on her thigh and sees it's a Young Deathclaw with no left arm he starts to wag his tail. Schaffe then says, "I think he like you his name is Rex he was the runt of the litter and was born without his right and can't grow right." She then pets him on the head he then rubs his head on her leg. Schaffe then looks at the time and says, "well its time for dinner let's go meet everyone at the table."

They then head inside to the kitchen were they see both Alan and Ian at table yelling at each other over a car. Schaffe then says, "what is it this time a car that one you want to work on." Alan then says, "you called it." Schaffe then sees a plate with ten steaks on it and starts eating. Jess then sits down. Ian then says, "doesn't it get hot wearing that Jess." Jess then says, "oh I have embracing face I don't like it that much." Ian then says, "really I thought Alan was the only ugly one." Alan then says, "any words on the boy." Schaffe then stops eating and says, "he almost done his job he should be showing up any day now." Ian then says, "he does one hell of a job with big jobs like that." Alan then says, "he gutsy little bastard alright." Jess then was to ask but then she watched Schaffe devour all ten steaks on his plate like nothing. Jess then says, "is that normal." Ian then says, "he can eat whole cow and still want more to us it pretty normal so how you like the place." Jess then says, "it's alright it a circus around here is it." Schaffe then says, "yes it is were all freaks here." Jess then says, "well I'm tired I think I want to go to bed early."

Schaffe then shows her to the living area they live in and give her the empty room. Schaffe then says, "good night Jess." Jess then enters her room and closes the door and locks it. She would then take her glasses showing her bright yellow eyes and then put her hood down showing her silver hair and says, "they must never know that I'm a Psychic."

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