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100% Schism / Chapter 15: Peace

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Chapter 15: Peace

In the sterile, boring white room, Autumn finally awoke from her six-month coma,

*Cough, Cough*, Gathering all her remaining strength, she asked in a quiet and innocent voice, "Where am I? I thought I was dead, what happened?"

A manly yet soothing voice replied, "There, there, no need to threat. You're completely fine, relax. Also, you might have noticed but there is another person in this room besides us, that's Johnny, our residential pervert."

"Wait, for real? Disgusting . . . HOLD UP!" Autumn replied confused and perplexed.

"HOLD UP!" Johnny shouted back as if it would cover the statement the doctor made.

"Why are you both shouting hold up, is this a new age thing that the kids are doing these days?"

"Doctor Henrick, with all due respect, Fuck you and your sense of humor."

"HOLD UP! Wait, I said that unconsciously, Johnny this stuff really does catch. I like it."

Despite trying to be serious, Autumn let out a little chuckle as she finally lets her guard down.

"That Doctor is smart, he knew that Autumn wasn't going to corporate with us. Nevertheless, acting childish made her lower her guard, scary." Johnny thought to himself, amazed by how witty his mentor was.

"Alright, that's enough."

Henrick glanced at Johnny signaling him to go get Paien. Even though he seems like a fool, Johnny is also very witty and instantly understood his mentor's intent.

"Excuse me, Mother Nature is calling."

"Hey, there are some extra diapers inside the locker room, don't forget it."

"Ha-Ha, nice joke." He sarcastically replied and left the room.

As soon as he left, the atmosphere inside spontaneously changed from light-hearted conversation to a full-on interrogation.

"Listen up Autumn, I'll be frank with you, if not for the Dragena's technology, there's no doubt in my mind that you were going to die.

"I understand, I'll comply." She lowered her head as if she was ashamed of herself while giving in to Henrick's authority.

"Good, here's a quick summary of what happened since you were out, you were out for six months. Captain Koldok regularly came in to check up on you, but ultimately had to revoke your involvement with the B-K. This is because we predict that the Syncros may attack at any time."

The moment he finished the summary, two well-built men entered the room. Captain Koldok and First lieutenant Paien, even though she was in a weakened state, Autumn instinctively saluted her superior whom she looks up too.

"At ease Autumn, I'm delighted to see that your recovery is completed. Sadly we have questions, Paien if you may."

"Sergeant Autumn, as you've heard from Doctor Henrick, you are no longer part of the Black Knights. Luckily we are willing to put you back on duty if you tell us how you were defeated."

"I'm sorry Gemei, but you're a demon whom I can't forgive." She apologized as if she was betraying someone precious and told them everything.

"Thanks for your collaboration Autumn, after going through the required B-K training, you'll be back on duty. Also if I may ask, do you have a recruit in mind?"

"Yes I have one and I hate him."

"Come on Paien, seems like everything is clear."

Soon after, they left and Autumn was lost inside her mind.

"Gemei, I hate you. Why can't I relinquish this feeling of affection towards you, who are you really?"

"Paien, this guy who defeated Autumn seems interesting."

"He sure does seem interesting."

Trees around the Ashford's house started to scream and moan as the wind began to pick up in intensity. The sun feeling tired decided to go rest as evening drew near. In the study, Gemei was passed out in a puddle of blood which had begun to dry up. *Drip, drip, drop.* The monotonous sound of water dripping made itself apparent from across the toilet and into the room. Constantly hearing this torturous sound echoing around the house for the past hour, finally broke his short yet deep slumber.

"My head, it hurts, its as if someone is pricking my brain from the inside with a fork. What happened anyway?" After asking himself the question. A soft, innocent yet piercing voice answered,

"You're a monster, don't you remember what you've done?"

Just like clockwork, the mental breakdown began once again, he stood there, alone, crying and breathing furiously.


After fifteen minutes of being mentally abused, he finally made up his mind, and whilst giving up announced his resolve.

"Fine, you win, I don't have anything else to live for, I've killed the people most dear to me. I guess it's time to end it all, what a better place to end it all than where it all began."

Concurrently, at the Dragena headquarters, Autumn was getting clearance to leave.

"Finally, I'm out of this boring white, alcohol smelling room. I guess I'll head to the academy to see what's going on with where I nearly got killed."

The fated moment of the hour finally came, the walk from home to the academy was a long and agonizing one.

"My head is pounding, the voices won't stop, my heart is racing as if someone stepped on the accelerator and never stopped. The only thing keeping me from giving up is a dim light of hope called redemption, that sadly was just wishful thinking. Redemption, forgiveness, and atonement is just a façade for a guy like me, killing my own family and not feel anything nor be able to mourn their deaths, what am I?"

"Drowning myself in despair and self-pity, I somehow managed to reach the school. It was already sundown, being here felt like a horror movie, but I didn't care."

Finally reaching the place which was going to hopefully be his resting place, while climbing the stairs which led to the classroom where everything changed, all the fond memories he experienced flooded his mind and all the voices became silent. "A moment's peace." The last stairway was here. The moment he glanced up, red hair, a quick glimpse of his former lover.

"Autumn! No, probably just a hallucination."

The following minutes flew by like the wind, the classroom was insight. Entering the class, just the atmosphere of the place was as heavy as it was dark. While taking in the dark aura inside, he was desperately touching the wall beside him to find a light switch. *Click.* Everything in the room was different, from the paint to the chairs and the desks were changed. He was completely and utterly dumbfounded, it felt so new and unreal as if someone had erased whatever took place. But then, he saw it, the memorial, two pictures, Autumn and Sophie.

"May your soul attain true peace and happiness." Tears began to flow once again,

"Damned eyes, I can never control my tears."

The longer he stared at the memorial, the angrier he became. Then it was decided, the cutter which started it all was going to end it all and this melancholic story called his life. Facing away from the pictures, he placed the fully drawn blade stained with blood against his neck. Internally, all the voices began to grow louder.

"Finally, he's killing himself."

"Die you monster."

"This is for the best."

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"Waste of air and space."

Out of nowhere, the same innocent yet piercing voice of a little girl could be heard against the cacophony of his trail of thoughts.

"So, you're going to end it all. Shame on you, Mei would be so disheartened if he were here, protecting you for all these years was for nothing."

"STOP IT, little girl, I know I'm wrong, but I can't take it anymore, goodbye."

Finally, the final moment was here, while pressing the blade against his neck, he counted internally, "Three…Two…One." The moment is he said one, "Slash!" He slit his neck instantly without any second thoughts. He slowly felt light-headed, the blood was spraying out, soon after fell to his knees.

"It's finally ending, I'm relieved, goodbye all the voices."

"Bam!" The door was kicked open, in that instant, everything slowed down. It was Autumn, she was alive and as pretty as ever.

"Damn that felt nice." Exiting the toilet, she noticed that the light inside the classroom was turned on.

"It can't be Gemei, can it?" She sprinted across the hallway and kicked the door open. It was him, he slit his own throat.

"Gemei, Nooo!" Her heart felt heavy and began to beat painfully, she rushed to his side and held him in her arms.

Trying to muster the little strength he had, he spoke slowly in a soft voice.

"Autumn, you're alive, I'm so happy, and I'm very sor.." Before he could apologize and end his sentence, she completely cut him and spoke,

"Stop it, save your strength. No need to be sor.." And again, this time he cut her sentence short and demanded,

"Please let me speak, I'm so sorry for what I've done, this is goodbye, I wish I'd have had more time with you, I love yo…" Those were the last words which came out of his mouth. His body became numb as the life was sucked out of him. "GEMEI! NOOOOO!"

. . . . . They say everyone is born equal but different, what about the extraordinary people who hold inhuman abilities? Equal they say, what a joke, no one is equal, however, there is one thing that binds us together despite our disparities, we all have this gift called;

Life. . . .

Frostysyrup Frostysyrup

It ended, finally, I'm done. Phew, this is only part of Schism. One day, probably in the far away future, I'll continue this story which i wrote when I was in a dark place in life.

Goodbye for now!

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