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25.65% Science/Magic / Chapter 118: [Positive-Negative Energy Conversion]

[Positive-Negative Energy Conversion] - Science/Magic - Chapter 118 by Aidka full book limited free

Chapter 118: [Positive-Negative Energy Conversion]

Bloed was not sure if this could be considered good or back luck. Just a few days ago, he was lamenting that he did not have clues to follow about the devourers; and suddenly, a new clue appears.

Bloed never expected that a slaver he decided to kill without thinking too much would be connected to that feared race.

However, now was not the time to think about that.

"Regina!" Bloed bellowed and jumped away. One second later, a tentacle hit the place where he was just now.

Regina understood Bloed's intention and kicked the floor. Her body leaned forward and rushed towards the devourer-fused man. Then, she slashed upwards!

But contrary to her expectations, her attacks failed.

Instead, the energy blades seemed to dissipate when they touched the man's body!

Regina's expression changed. Without hesitation, he jumped back while evading the attacks of the tentacles. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'This is…'

"Energy Devour!" Bloed cursed under his breath. To prove his theory, he turned the energy gun into blaster mode, shooting a super-condensed energy bullet.

But just like with Regina's blade, the bullet quickly dissipated before reaching the devourer-fused man. Only one-tenth of the bullet power managed to reach the enemy, but it was useless in front of the devourer-fused man's defenses.


Cursing his luck, Bloed jumped aside and evaded a punch coming towards him.

"DIe diE dIE dIe!" The devourer-fused man shouted crazily. His body moved quickly through the room, using the walls and the roof as springboards.

Even now, his energy fluctuations continued climbing crazily, only stopping when they reached the peak of B-Rank!

With a twisted smile, he extended his arm and thrust it towards Bloed.

Bloed snorted and rolled aside. He then dissipated the gun and focused only on his saber.

At the same time, he used his mind to command Leto.

In an instant, Leto turned into tens of chains and spikes. The chains and spikes filled the room and chased after the abomination closely.

But the creature did not seem to be bothered by that. It continued attacking the group of three while evading the chains. And even when the chains touched it, it used its strong body to break them and continue the chase.

"What in the hell is that!?" Liu Ying asked with a look of disgust.

"The Blight!" Bloed replied. "Liu Ying! Try to not use your mana externally or this creature will absorb it!"

Liu Ying's face turned pale, but she did not allow herself to be paralyzed by fear. She moved nimbly through the room avoiding the abomination's attacks while at the same time holding her mana carefully to not have it absorbed.

But the fact that she could not use her mana freely put her on a disadvantage. Countless tentacles pierced towards her, blocking all her routes of escape.


An energy blade appeared, cutting each tentacle cleanly.

Regina grunted. "Do you think your little tricks can stop my attacks? I'm a Valkyrie. My raison d'être is to kill insects like you!"

With these words, her blades lit up and cut towards the abomination.

"AAAAhggggaAAAhhhgaGGhggG!!!" The abomination roared in an intelligible voice. Its tentacles formed a shield in front of it to stop the blades. At the same time, it tried to devour the energy of Regina's blades.

But suddenly, the energy on Regina's blades changed. It became incredibly berserk and destructive, burning through the tentacles of the creature and piercing towards its chest!

"EEEAakkkkEEkKk!!!" The abomination roared in pain. It jumped aside and hurriedly moved away while looking at Regina with a frightened expression.

The fact that it did not manage to absorb her energy frightened it. It felt as though Regina's energy was poison for its body.

And in fact, it was worse than poison.

As weapons of war designed to fight the devourers, each Valkyrie was designed with a way to counter the devourers' energy absorption.

Regina's was called [Positive-Negative Energy Conversion]. She could turn her psychic energy into negative energy, and once that energy was absorbed by the devourer but before it could digest it, she would turn her energy back into positive energy, using it to attract the recently-absorbed energy in the devourer's body and destroy it from the inside.

It was a skill very compatible with her ESP ability, and therefore very suitable for her. With this, any devourer trying to absorb her energy was basically courting death!

The devourer-fused man crouched down. Its cut appendages twisted on the ground, but Regina used her blades to cut them into bits and burning them to dust.

"Dirty creature, die!" Regina called out and rushed towards the devourer.

The devourer cried again. Recognizing the danger, it jumped away and kicked a wall, rushing towards a window.

But a metallic wall rose in the middle of its path. Then, the wall turned into chains that tried to restrict its body.

The devourer growled. Its tentacles clashed against the chains, devouring the energy on them. Then, it pulled its arm back and threw a punch!


Astonishingly, its punch broke through the metallic wall!

A shadow appeared at that moment. Using the wall as cover, Bloed appeared suddenly beside the devourer and slashed with his saber, cutting through several of the devourer tentacles!

It was [Molecular Disintegration]! In front of an attack that could cut energy itself, not even a devourer could devour it!

Once more, the devourer growled in pain. This time, it opted for jumping up. It planned to destroy the roof to escape!

But the group was not planning to give it that opportunity. With a silver flash of light, Regina appeared above it, brandishing her two energy blades crisscrossedly.

Out of options, the devourer-fused man could only sacrifice its remaining tentacles in exchange for its life. Then, it jumped towards the only remaining place where it could escape.

In Liu Ying's direction.

Liu Ying did not panic. Instead, she drew her punch back and circulated her mana through her body.

Behind her, a dark knight materialized. The knight mimicked its master's movements and drew its arm back too.



A punch filled with shocking destructive force met the devourer, creating a powerful destructive shockwave that blew away part of the building!

*SCREEEEEECHHHHH!!!* The devourer screamed in pain. Its already injured body was unable of enduring Liu Ying's punch and flew away, crashing against a wall!

Liu Ying staggered several steps back. Her body wobbled weakly at the edge of collapse, and the aspect behind her disappeared.

Meanwhile, Bloed and Regina walked towards the devourer and looked at it.

Materializing two energy spears on her back, Regina used them to impale the devourer-fused man, finally killing it.

But as soon as the man was killed, something strange happened.

The body of the man dried up at visible speed, quickly turning into a desiccated corpse.

"This is…" Bloed frowned.

Unfortunately, he did not have time to think about the strange situation.

"Master, someone is coming. Liu Ying's attack attracted too much attention."

Bloed nodded. "Let's go. We are done here." He then walked towards Liu Ying and help her up.

Pressing the device on his chest, Bloed's figure blended with the surroundings. Regina and Liu Ying followed after him.

When people finally arrived at the scene, they couldn't find anything besides several bodies gruesomely killed.

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